Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Playlist Pearls #2: Beck - Dreams

Man, how he kept us waiting for that album. Actually, to date, I am still waiting for it – the new Beck album, already announced in the summer of 2015. His single “Dreams” was announced as the “appetizer” for this album, bringing Beck back to funky.

And, apropos of nothing, it also became one of the top summer hits of 2015. Well, not really out of nothing ;-) What a tune! Everything seems to be fitting here. It’s uplifting and high-class and – I believe within the first seconds – became one of my favourite songs of all times. I hope it gets you, too ;-)

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Welcome to Noisy Crumb‘s Playlist Pearls

Do you also have these songs on your playlists which you just can’t skip while they are playing? No matter how your mood is in that moment, you have to listen to the whole thing because it is just so amazing at each time? Yes, you do. And yes, I do, too. And this is why I am starting 2017 with this new series dedicated to those old and new beloved “Playlist Pearls” everyone owning a pair of headphones should know about.

In every short post I will present one song including its music video for you to jump right into it. As you can imagine, I have quite a number of Playlist Pearls on stock, so I also challenged myself to only write about one tune from each presented band.

And of course I try to not pick the too obvious ones, everyone knows, but also the ones that can be forgotten over time. There will be one-hit-wonders, chart toppers as well as rather unknown masterpieces. Local and global, famous and not-famous bands are here to be heard :-) So look forward to it!

Here. We.Go.

My Playlist Pearls #1: Dakota Moon – Another Day Goes By

As far as German radio goes (and back in 1998, when this song came out, German radio was all there was for me ;-)) this was a definite one-hit-wonder. What a shame! It’s a great band with lovely tunes. And this one will never start to gather dust for me. Even more, it’s such a mood-lifter and life-easer, a song I will always love to sing along and with great lyrics on top! See this former Noisy Crumb blog post for the lyrics and some more info and enjoy :-)