Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Thank you for the music - Goodbye TXFM! Long live the Phantom!!

“Don’t be sad that it’s over - be happy that it happened!” – quite a true saying indeed! And today I was hearing this saying more often than ever before. From DJs. On the radio. Actually on THE radio station for good quality music, if you ask me. Dublin’s TXFM formally known as Phantom105.2 is going off air today, leaving me and the other listeners quite sad I would say ;-)

So I am dedicating this small blog post and playlist to the great people that made TXFM/Phantom what it was: the source for discovering great, handmade music, the smile on my face on a rainy day, the warm-up for Saturday-nights out, the companion for stressful as well as boring days during my studies and in work-life later on and last but not least THE soundtrack for my life in Ireland back in 2008.


Goodbye TXFM - Thanks to Elaine Doyle from Riot Tapes for the pic!

I got so much inspiration from this unique, refreshingly non-mainstream radio station: for blog posts, for playlists and for events (remember Phantom First Friday for instance??) – I am wondering if I can ever find a good “substitute” for if which is just as fun to listen to….?

Anyway, to celebrate (yes celebrate) the thouroghly great times, I had listening to your programmes I’ve put together a playlist of my top10 songs I encountered on TXFM/Phantom for the first time. And it goes without saying, they all made it to my collection afterwards! Most of them are actually from 2008, so call them outmoded, if you want to. I call them brilliant ;-) Here we go:

  1. dEUS – The Architect (“I won’t throw myself from the pier” – This song has a history in being able to encourage me where no one else could)
  2.  Hybrasil – God Bless the Devil (I was amazed to actually hear their tunes on the radio, as before I just knew them from smashing live gigs)
  3. Hot Chip – Over and Over (When I hear this for the first time, I thought they must be covering from Hybrasil ;-))
  4. Beck – Dreams (My No1 summer hit in 2015)
  5. Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Posses Your Heart (a song about missing one’s love – totally hit me after my first few months abroad – always go for the long version!)
  6. Jape – Floating (There are no words to describe it, just Jape.)
  7. Liam Lynch - United States of Whatever – (WTF, just WTF?)
  8. LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (a very true song ;-))
  9. Jack White – Love Interruption (master piece)
  10. Blossoms – Charlemagne (actually quite mainstream but it still brought me through some rough times)

Maybe you also share great memories connected to these? If so, please do share them in the comments!

Stay tuned!

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