Saturday, 18 June 2016

Get Classy, Get Loud – A Soundtrack for all Peaky Blinders

Yeez, when I saw the first episode of the British series I was flattered from the first minute on – not just by the authentic atmosphere or by the great acting (Cillian Murphy!!), but even more by the brilliant music all this is perfectly enhanced with. The time set in England after the First World War does not at all clash with the rocky, punky soundtrack with tunes from today’s musical idols. Even more, this actually is the perfect combination to establish this amazing, sometimes self-ironic atmosphere throughout the whole series.

 The soundtrack is mainly influenced by bands like Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (who provide the theme song “Red Right Hand”, as well as several  background songs in each episode), The White Stripes or The Raconteurs (Jack White being a band member here as well).
Anyhow, loving this series and its music, I also put together a small soundtrack for it – adequate additions, if I may say so. Representing some more of my favourite bands and all carefully chosen to get you in the Peaky mood ;-) Actually, since I know the series, I already had pictures of the Peaky Blinders in my head, when listening  them.
So here we go, songs for drinking, loving, hating, looking cool, smoking cigarettes, polishing guns, rumbling around with style, mixing up towns, having power, losing power, getting dirty, getting clean and everything there is in between ;-)

Feeling Peaky already? Let me know your thoughts and thanks for tuning in!

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