Monday, 25 January 2016

A word about music critiques. And very hard work.

Just recently I found the post below on the Facebook page of Irish singer-songwriter Johnny Rayge/(whom you know from here). I read this and thought "Wow! What a brave and very true message to post! And really bolstering words for all those real artists out there". This is why I wanted to share it with you.
Johnny published a new music video recently - for his supersmooth tune "Parisian Skies". As for every honest artist, critiques are welcome, of course, but one of  those critics took it a bit to far. His Facebook post turned out to be a plain insult. Actually I personally felt offended by that, remembering all those virtuous music artists I promoted here and elsewhere knowing about their hard work and their deserved success which is based on JUST that. Sweeping this off with some easy-spoken nasry words is not just poor, but also very rude and disrespectful. I like to think about myself as a music critic as well, however I hope I never-ever have or will insult any musician like this :/
"Hi, it's actually really tough to post this one, as its a response to nastiness, and I think it's important. As an artist all my life I've worked hard to be honest as a worker in my crafts of music and words. The hours, huge time, the energy, opportunity costs, the actual monetary costs. I wrote, and then took many years and many recordings with many people to complete PARISIAN SKIES, a song that means a great deal to me. I then had to wait two more years to have finance, energy and time to produce a video, an original piece of art in another form for that work. Many people were involved in all processes. And I thank them.
Then artists have the toughest challenge, the courage to share their private souls, expose their work to a critical world, to be accepted, maybe loved, yet maybe equally, and it's part of life, rejected or disliked.
However I repost this for all to see
to show young and burgeoning artists how the pure meanness and begrudging hurtful insults of some should never force you to desist in your passion, your craft, your life and its work.
Many will try to hurt us, the sensitive souls who slave at the coalface of Art, we must not desist. Creation is flowing in my blood and is my life. Stand up, stare them in the face, smile, let them pass... Continue, and do what YOU can.
Love and peace to all who return it, and equally to those who do not. Find your way.
Hate eats the hater not the hated."

In this sense, plese keep in mind: sometimes, if you can't say anything friendly about someone else, it probably is better to say nothing at all. Anyhow, please do let me know your thoughts ;-)

PS: In case you are wondering - this is the video / song the whole fuzz was about. And I am really happy it already has more than 8,000 viewers on Facebook :-)

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