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Interview with the Redhead Gang – Noisy Crumb’s Girl Power Weeks

Yep, indeed, two red-haired power girls form the indie singer-songwriter duo Redhead Gang from Regensburg, Bavaria. As students at Regensburg Musical College and blessed with an amazing talent for heart-warming, unique melodies, they are up and away to sing themselves in the hearts of every listener who crosses their path.
I personally first saw them performing in a limestone cave (!) and immediately got caught by the pure harmonic atmosphere, which is enfolding their concerts, whether dancy or melancholic ;) Thus, I am so happy they gave me this interview! Those ladies are an excellent example that real music power does not necessarily have to be loud…

Noisy Crumb Interview - Redhead Gang

How did you originally get together as a band?
We met at a local bar named the "Art Club". There was an Open Stage where many musicians came together every week. We really enjoyed making Music together and so we started the "Redhead Gang".

What can fans expect from your album “Settled On Clouds” resp. from your live gigs?
They can expect a wide range of feelings and stories out of life, realized with acoustic guitars and polyphonic melodies. On our album you can expect a lot of love - and especially broken-heart-songs because they were written at a time when both of us had to deal with break ups.
As musicians we come in terms with such issues by songwriting. But we also pose questions about life in general, such as: “Where can hope be found?“, "What is it like to be free like a bird?" and „What happens to people when they are lonely?“

What are the inspirations for your songs’ lyrics?
Everything from various impressions to daily life experiences, and most important: being honest all the time.

Being two girls with – I personally have the impression – both equally great singer-songwriter talent, would you say you have more catfights within the band than others? And how do you handle them?
We honestly don't think that we have more catfights than others. Of course we need to compromise here and there but as tricky as the situation may seem, we always find a way to get together in the end. Also, we mostly write our songs separately so one of us presents a new song to the other to create polyphonic melodies and to work on it together. But, in cases of doubt, we always consider the wishes of the songwriter.

Interview - Redhead Gang

Keeping in mind your busy touring calendar from this year, would you say it’s more important for regional indie bands to go touring around to spread the word about your band – or is it more important to release new albums and songs (and maybe spread them online in the same amount of time you would use for touring)?
Our motto is to keep the balance – as both aspects indeed are equally important. We personally enjoy playing gigs more because they get you in direct contact with the audience and no gig is like the other. Also it is very important for our live-experience and for catching new listeners and, in this way, new buyers for our album.
Spending time in the studio is just as important. It always is a very intense and interesting experience and especially a lot of fun when it comes to experimenting with our songs. We love adding five-part choirs and strings to the one or other song, for example.

What was the greatest gig you ever played and why?
In the summer of 2013 we played at Christopher Street Day in Regensburg. This was an amazing concert, not just because of the huge crowd, but also due to the open-minded atmosphere – it just felt great!

What are your musical plans for the Christmas season and for 2016?
Right now we are very focused on our exams at the Music College in Regensburg but we are indeed planning a winter special which we are extremely excited about. We are up to release a winter song that we wrote, maybe even before Christmas.
For 2016, we currently are planning on playing a live living room concert in Munich which will be recorded and videotaped. We are really looking forward to that as this will be a gig with a whole band combo. Right now, we can’t tell when exactly it’ll take place, but we will definitely going spread the word on our Facebook page. It will probably go down at a friend’s apartment in Munich. Apart from that, there – of course! – will be new songs in 2016!

You can find more info about the Redhead Gang on their Facebook page and listen to (and download!) their songs from Bandcamp. By the way, my favourite right now is "Vogelfrei", a quite dancy song in Bavarian dialect! Thanks for the interview, girls :)    

Redhead Gang from Bavaria

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