Monday, 23 November 2015

Take this, Hollwood - Noisy Crumb's Girl Power Weeks

Not only as an answer to the obviously horribly disappointing Jem movie which is going to hit the cinemas soon, but even more as a reflection of how much amazing musical girl-power is just around the corner on local gigs, I am really happy to announce my next interview series: the Girl Power Weeks!

I got lovely interviews with three fantastic bands from this, all representing different musical styles with so much soul and passion, that makes everyone realise, where it comes from: from the heart and not from a recod company contract.

In the upcoming weeks, I shall be very proud to present you May Swan, a professional singer and songwriter from Augsburg, the Readhead Gang, a two piece happy-melancholic-accoustic band from Regensburg, and Jane Doe, ask-kicking indie rock trio from Würzburg.

So stay tuned and check back soon!

Musical Girl Power Weeks

PS: That also was, what the original 80s series "Jem and the Holograms" actually stood for: adoing the masses by a true musical heart (and some magic ;-)), but certainly not by becoming someone, a major label wants you to be. Not by wearing clothes your would never wear, writing songs, you would never write and abandoning your friends for fame. Sure, this is how music stars are often born or, better said, "made" and its important for all those Wannabe-Hannah-Montanas out there to be aware of, but why did you have to screw up a lovely animated cult series for it? Why?

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