Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Audio Bullys' Only Man - with a thousands allusions ;-)

How many allusions can you put in a music video? I think when UK alternative-electro-duo Audio Bullys were working on their video for their 2010 hit "Only Man" they were surely thinking "MANY!"
I actually discovered this gem of a music video just recently - shame on me for being so late on this one! But better late then never and, if you also have not seen it, yet, I highly recommend you do check this out right now.
It's not just about this amazing-funky-punky tune itself nor just the unusual idea of filming a music video from below through a glass floor or some of the "disturbing" images (like the band members being beaten up just "above" you) this video is presenting us - no. The true speciality about this video is clearly the fun you have counting and admiring all the allusions they've put into it in a very decent - hm - rubber look! Movies, artists, video games and brands of all kinds are mixed into their performance.

Really guys, well done! Here are the ones I could count, but I am sure I am still missing some ;-)

Roy Lichtenstein - Batman - MTV - Fight Club - BurgerKing - Kaws - Heinz - 50s Commercials ;-) - Blur's Coffee & TV - Coca Cola - IBM - Intel - m&m's - Matrix - Hot Wheels - 21 Jump Street - - David Hasslehoff's Burger! (cum on, give me that one!) - I Love New York - Lego - Back to the Future - Jaws - Nintendo - Tetris - Parra

Feel free to double-check and most of all - enjoy the performace!