Wednesday, 2 September 2015

"Sunset & Starlit Sky Music" - Interview with Shaky Foundation from Würzburg

Nuremberg's famous Bardentreffen Festival is already some weeks ago, some tunes from there still sound in my ear - bright, clear and inspiring!
I am especially talking about the tracks from Würzburg's indie trio Shaky Foundation here - their psychedelic, spheric attitude of their music really got me ;-) - perfect for these late summer evenings with their early sunsets and cool breezes.
By the way, although it's definitely hard to describe their style in all its facets, they somehow remind me on the former German band Palestar, which were once even claimed to be the "one of the best German bands without a record contract"....
Thus I am really, really happy they had some time to answer my questions.
Here we go, guys - meet the lads from Shaky Foundation and go exploring your mind!

Band Shaky Foundation from Würzburg
How did you originally get together as a band?

Typical story: We went to school together some years ago. You have this teenage idea of having a band and sometime later you have your first gigs and from time to time you put more and more effort in it.

You describe your style as “sunset and starlit sky music” and you also claim your goal is not to sound like any other band. Quite ambitious! I am wondering though, don’t you have any musical influences at all?

Of course we do. Actually we have lots of influences. Once we started out we liked Indie bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals or Yamon Yamon, but since then we listened to a lot of really different
stuff that influenced us. But we think that music is not copying anything that was already there, but making something different. So in our understanding of what music is saying that you want to sound like no other band is just what every band should have as their goal.

Your debut album is called “Psychonaut”? What can your fans expect from this – something  like a psycodelic  astronaut ;-) ?

We really liked the term because we thought it perfectly described ourselves and the process of writing the album. It just means that sometimes you don’t have to travel far for a new experience but you can easily travel anywhere in your mind instantly.

Shaky Foundation on Noisy Crumb
On the “first glimpse” you music  does not seem mainstream at all – however seeing you perform on stage and keeping in mind the recognition you earned in contests and radio shows so far, I think you are quite successfully reaching for a broader crowd. What would you say is your “secret of success” in terms of “shaking the crowds”?

It has never been our goal to reach the so called mainstream with our music, though we would like to reach everybody who could possibly like our music. And in our opinion there are quite a few people out there with an alternative taste of music. We think there is a difference between being mainstream and being ambitious. Participating at contests was just a thing, which you do as a really young musician if you don’t already know it better, but we’ve realized soon that this is not our cup of tea.

Would you be happy if you became successful in the “music mainstream” business one day?

We would enjoy playing in front of big crowds and everything as long  as we don’t have to change ourselves for anybody else.

A number of bands have a strong connection to their hometown – do you  have a special connection to Würzburg?

It’s rather a city that slows you down than speeds you up, which we enjoy. [Gosh guys, I sooo know what you mean!!]

Thanks a lot for these insights, guys! My dear readers, please make sure to check out Shaky Foundation live:
  • 15/09/15 Musterzimmer Duisburg
  • 10/10/15 JuZe Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale
  • 23/10/15 Jugendempfang Würzburg
  • 31/10/15 Kellerperle Würzburg
  • 6/11/15 Aloft Hotel München and more dates coming soon!
and find more info on their Website and Facebook! And here is one of my favourite tracks for you