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Off to Nürnberg - Bardentreffen Festival 2015

For the 40th time this year Nuremberg was hosting Germany's (and probably Europe's) most famous world music and street musician festival over the last weekend - The Bardentreffen 2015! And it was a thorough success with over 200,000 people visiting and hundresd of bands and solo artists from all over the world performing in the streets of Nuremberg and turning the city into a huge dancefloor for four days.

I myself had the pleasure to be there last Saturday and to catch some impressions for you :-)

The violin group from the Musikschule Mühldorf really rocked the place (just at the main entrance of the famous St Lawrence Church). They performed square dance songs as well as traditional Irish pieces so that , not just me, but also the crowd were absolutely amazed!

Musikschule Mühldorf

The lads from Master Mint were totally rocking one of the city's roofed shopping passages with their own minty fresh songs as well as some cover pieces - I think they were playing Lenny Kravitz' "Fly away" for over 10 mins and everyone was joining the singalong - yeah yeah yeah!

Master MintMaster Mint Band

Crosswind are a four German lovers of Irish music and their performance of the trad reels and jigs as well as the smooth ballads was just perfect. They were playing on one of the major stages of the festival and I can just highly recommend you give them a listen at the link above!

Nuremberg Bardentreffen FestivalCrosswind playing

Then there was Pfatze from Austia - a talented solo artist with a musical style which needs getting used to ;-) Well, yes, look at his "instrument" and I guess you get the picture! Anyhow, it was just funny seeing him perform! Definitely the funniest and rarest act I've seen that day and a pity I could not find him online.

Solo artist Pfatze
Another great band are Feel Free from Nuremberg - there arrangements of and passion for melodic rock were reflected you every tune they played - groovin'!

Feel Free rockNürnberg Bardentreffen
Feel Free performing
And for everyone who was in for some "blues and rolling rock" - as they call it ;-) - Ted's Roadhouse Gang was there to itch your dancing feet.

Ted's Roadhouse GangTed's Roadhouse Gang
The Italian solo singer-songwriter Giovanni Bassano could win the crowd with his lovely tunes.

Bardentreffen 2015Giovanni Bassano

And of course: the hen party (no, not a band!) - Bardentreffen is definitely a terrific place for hen and stag parties, but these girls were just THE coolest hen party on that day and were rocking the place all over :-)

Lovely girlsParty hens

Another accoustic blues, rock and folk band performing were enDANGERed Species from Nuremberg/New York.

Bardentreffen 2015

Followed by another act on one of the main stages: Shaky Foundation from Würzburg. Wow, what a great synthie band! Their style can be described as indie dream pop with a lot of synths and a lot of soul. I was impressed by their talent which made them easily spark the masses - not with loads of funky colours and blingbling, but with their prowess! Highly recommended!

Live performance - Shaky FoundationShaky Foundation on stage

Guitar solo Shaky FoundationBardentreffenShaky Foundation from WürzburgShaky Foundation
In Kaiserstraße two more lovely accoustic acts were waiting for everone interested in quality music from truly musical souls :-) Leinwand were just brilliant and pure fun with their German thoughtful, sometimes even philosophic songs.

Leinwand band on Bardentreffen

Bardentreffen 2015 live acts

Lastly some of my good friends from My Perfect Mistake (you also know them from here) performed some of their own songs as well as cover songs as an accoustic trio on the festival. Punk rock songs in accoustic form?? Yes, it is possible! And you know what? This sounds surprisingly awesome!

MPM on Bardentreffen NürnbergMy Perfect Mistake - punk rock band

Accoustic tunes from My Perfect Mistake

Thanks for reading guys! Make sure to support the bands above with your likes, shares and comments and mostly with buying and listenig to their music :-)

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