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Life's Soundtracks - 12 Songs To Bath In

Whether you’re lying in the summer grass, watching the clouds racking and dreaming yourself away or sitting in front of a camp fire with nothing else to do but forgetting about all your troubles, whether you’re coming home day full of stress and need to settle down your senses or you’re lovelorn and need to find yourself again – you can’t do without some certain songs: songs to “bath in”, as I call it.

Tunes you can wrap up your mind with, yes you could even say, music you become one with. That fill your ears with striking melodies, which encourage your dreams and good moods so smoothly, that you might not even realize it in the first place.

Noisy Crumb playlist - songs to bath in

I personally always have my special songs “on hand”, ready to kiss my ear whenever there is the need for it ;) And if you are not sure what I am blabbering about so enthusiastically, I made my top 12 list of these songs for you so you can give it a listen and feel, what I mean right now…

So first of all there is Alt-J. At least since last year, these guys have become an international household name and for me, most of their songs are made for getting lost in them. An exception is “Left Hand Free” of course, their exceptional radio-friendly cliché song ;-) “Tessellate” however must be on top of the list, simply as it was so hard for me just to decide which Alt-J song to go for here.

It’s followed by DCFC - I Will Possess Your Heart is like a 08:30 mins journey and their piano takes you through it. Back in 2008 when I lived in Ireland and the song came out it gave me real heart ache missing my sweetie at home but with same time also gave me the right medicine for it – actually this still works today ;-)

Further below you will find “Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II” performed by My Morning Jacket. Actually for me this is a very similar song to DCFC – released in the same time, I was wondering if the two bands had a brainstorming together about how to write the next big hit ;-) But, to name the – for me – most striking difference, My Morning Jacket has a great instrumental “Mininova” olo in this song, which always reminded me of Jean Michelle Jarre’s pieces.
Speaking of which, of course we have the grand master of electronic, psychedelic music on the playlist as well – "Oxygene Part II" is just my all-time favourite, but his music in general has the power to “take you away” on psychedelic wings.

And speaking of French electro guys, we can’t forget Air, also with a rather psychedelic and totally instrumental song: "Talisman" (to be found on this Life's Soundtrack as well).

Another great piano-filled song is "Wire to Wire" from Razorlight – great for drifting away but sometimes it also seems a bit short – maybe put it in your playlist twice!

Then, we have three tunes from movie soundtracks in the list: they created the right atmosphere in great movies and thus will also bring this atmosphere to your mind. "Grassman" is taken from the German inflammatory movie “Free Rainer”, for “Little Light of Love” the name says it all and it is the perfectly suiting theme song from the master piece The 5th Element and finally Fields of the Nephilim’s “Wail of Sumer” brings us to a rather downcast scene from the German “Schule”, a film where high-school graduates experience the last summer of their school live with all the corresponding ups and downs…

Finally we have Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz and Jack White in there with three amazing songs. All perfect for relieving a lovelorn heart ache in good and bad times if you ask me! Any of them, I have to listen to completely and just can't tune them out when I hear these tunes. I hope you guys feel the same about them and I've put all of these songs in a lovely order here for you - enjoy :-)

What are your songs to bath in? Let me know your favourite ones!

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