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Interview with Colektivo früm Düsseldorf

Funk, Ska, Latin and a bit of German rap - sounds weird? No, it actually sounds fantastic! Well, at least if you refer to what Colektivo are making out of this colourful mixture. This ten (ten!) piece combo from Düsseldorf brings so much energy and fresh musical ideas to every live gigs and releases, you can't just stop your feet from dancing and grooving. Simply great fun to enjoy their live performances, just one example from a recent gig: in the middle of a song they suddenly stopped playing and screamed "Tetris!" and the crowd instantly began singing the Tetris Music A tune and dancing a Russian polka - hillariouis!

I am really happy they found some time to answer my questions - enjoy!

Noisy Crumb - Colektivo Interview

10 people on one stage – Colektivo, how did you originally get together as a band?
We formed the band out of something undefinable ..
It was kind of the basement-rehearsal-room-rap-and-some-friends-who-know-how-to-play-an-instrument-thing.  First, there were just two of us - Vino and Philip - and we managed to land a real  radio hit back in 2009: our song "Die schönste Stadt am Rhein" was on number one for the local radio charts several weeks :-) By the time some other musicians joined the band, during the years the quantity of members changed, but we definitely improved the quality!  

You describe your band philosophy as “the more the merrier” and you are actually activbely living this mantra. And despite a lot of people would say that too many cooks would spoil the broth, your songs and gigs all prove great musical harmony. What is your “secret”?
Sure, "the more the merrier" is our "mantra", still it would be too much to say say it is all about that. We develop our arrangements usually in a small group, everybody can contribute either when developing ideas or as soon as the idea gets on stage. As you say - it's a secret, so it'll stay a secret...  But seriously? It is Chocomel.

Colektivo Interview on Noisy Crumb

All of your members come from different backgrounds and contribute different musical styles to the band – Do you sometimes have to deal with “cat fights”?

No, usually we get along quite well, our diversity is a benefit for our musical input. In the past there have been some conflicts but during the time we learned how to make use out of them.

What can people expect from your live gigs?
Our live gigs are really live, so you never know what will actually happen. It may be that the rehearsals were perfect but the show is totally different in terms of playing. Every show is a surprise...

What was the best thing ever happening to you as a band so far?
The best thing ever happened to us were the really delicious hot dogs in the backstage at the last gig. Thanks to you guys ;-)

Hehe, ok, so what would you say was the biggest letdown then?
The worst thing that happened to us took place in Berlin. After our great gig, our brass section was asked to play the "Schneewalzer" for a family who celebrated a birthday at the venue. They offered an amount, so Jonas and the others quickly watched youtube vids to find out how to play the piece. They played it perfectly but when they were done, the family did not seem to remember what they offered.. Two of the sons even got aggressive and threatened us....

Any new releases, tours or projects coming up in 2015?
We recorded our new EP last March and hope to release it in August this year. Also we are on the line-up for some nice German festivals in August. For some further news make sure to check our facebook- or homepage!

Yes folks, this is what you definitely should do - get their tour dates and catch Colektivo at one of their live shows. Find more info on or Also check out their music video for their song "Reise im Kopf" (Travel in your mind):

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