Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Musical Sci-Fi weeks – Part 2

Songs in and about Sci-Fi Movies

Welcome to the second part of my musical Sci-Fi journey, which takes us back to the 30’s, the 60’s and also good auld 2010 :-)

Music in and about Sci-Fi movies

Star Wars

I’ve not overcome the fact, yet, that “Darth Vader’s Theme” is actually a swing song from the 30’s – Al Bowlly’s My Woman - well at least heavily inspired by it. For all who have not seen it here, check it out below:

Isn’t this amazing? Also, we see the same theme in a complete different set – the 1997 pop-style one hit wonder by White Town called “Your woman”:

So – does Star Wars now makes you thing of the swingin’ 30’s? Or of 90’s synthie pop? Or the other way round? Either or, it’s a great song!

And – same as for Star Trek – wow! There is really a lot of musical fan stuff in the web! I am really happy to have found Israel Curtis feat. Ryan Richardson - The Star Wars That I Used to Know. Why? Because 1) I totally agree with the lyrics – the first three movies were a great deal better then Episone 1 and the following CGI-junk and 2) I never really liked (nor probably understood) that music video Gotye made for his No 1 Hit back in 2012. And what do you most like about things you don’t like? When it’s parodied :-)

2001 – A Space Odyssey

Musical wise, what do you think of when you hear 2001 – A Space Odyssey? Probably classical - Strauss vs. Strauss? Or “new music” by György Ligeti (which would sound “unusual to most of us”)? Probably. But wouldn’t you also think of Pink Floyd? The long, cut-less and often mysterious seeming scenes, the somehow psycodelic 60s appeal that some of the scenes are conveying…. Just think of the PINK chairs at the Space Station, where Dr FLOYD is talking to other scientists … haha got ya! And then of course the Time Travel of Dave Bowman – the 26 mins scene, which can perfectly be synced with Pnk Floyd’s “Echoes” from “The Dark Side of the Moon” – well what a coincidence, what a similarity! After all, Pink Floyd apparently wanted to distribute the music for 2001, but Kubrik said no.
Would that movie have been better then? Well, decide for yourself – here it is: the perfect Krubrik-Floyd-Match:

Tron – Legacy

I just recently watched this newest sequel of Tron (one of the first ground breaking movies with regards to computer animation and the usage of Backlit Animation) and have to say that its music really struck me. And then, at the “End of Line Club” scene, I saw the club DJs and realized why: “gosh, that is so Daft Punk!” Oh yes, it is! Of course it is. They do not only make this guest appearance, but even better: they composed the whole soundtrack of the movie! Yey, that is why it sounds so awesome! And after their – for me quite disappointing, almost slumberous – most recent album Random Access Memories from 2013, discovering this so undtrack from 2010 actually was like discovering a new in-old-manner-rocking Daft Punk album.
Enjoy this scene from the movie and you’ll see what I mean:

BTW: I really like that after this scene we get a fight scene which is ended by “The Dude in his dressing gown” entering the club and trying to save the day with what looks like magical powers stolen from Gandalf…. Actually from this point of view, it’s really quite funny, don’t you think?

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