Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Musical Sci-Fi Weeks – Part 1

Songs in and about Sci-Fi Movies

Yey, great film, great story, great effects! And what about the music? Really when it comes to the movies, good rocking music is such an important factor for me. I am not just talking about the film music itself but also about radio songs used in movies – this surely can quite a “style clash” sometimes, but for me it actually makes the difference between a good and a top movie ;-) Being quite into Sci-Fi, I decided to dedicate this and the next blog post to songs in and about my most favourite “space movies” – Here. We. Go.

Star Trek

One thing that totally got me in the Star Trek Movie from 2009 was the scene when little James Tiberius steals a classical car (well, as the film is set in 2233, yep I would say it’s an utmost classical car!) to go for a joyride in the country side. And what would be the ultimate fitting “classical” song for this? Right! He chooses “Beastie Boys - Sabotage” from the playlist and then gets into a car chase with the police. Awesome! It really is a brilliant scene and believe it or not, whenever I hear this song, it makes me think of a very certain spaceship….

Also, there is of course tons of fan-songs and musical parodies of Star Trek out there! The one I find best is from Warp 11 “It's Dead Jim” – lol I guess the title say it all! Warp 11 is actually a punk rock band from the US. They entirely play their own songs, but the lyrics are all about Star Trek. Other songs by then have such sophisticated titles as “Suck My Spock Some More” or “I Don't Want To Got To Heaven As Long As The Have Vulcans In Hell”. Hillarious! Bring it on guys!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ok this film is full of 80’s music, as its main character Peter aka Star Lord (geez, really!) is listening to the charts' music mixtape his mother gave him for his walkman - shortly before her death - during all his adventures (well at least when he is out of jail ;-)). So this rather calm, relaxed and to us of course familiar soundtrack somehow clashes with the futuristic, intergalactic space-crime- and-chase-adventure-scenes we see on screen, which is totally stylish if you ask me! Remember the “style clash” I was talking about in the introduction? See for yourself and decide if you like it:

Apart from Redbone’s Come and Get your Love my absolute musical favourites from the film are

Logan’s Run

One of my absolute favourite Sci-Fi movies / books ever. And – keeping in mind the new technologies and effects it came up with (including some synthie-stuff!), which were then also used in Star Wars and some of the other “big ones” -  I also think, sometimes this is not getting the appreciation it actually deserves. I even watched the complete series “Logan’s Run” (even despite the horrible theme song!) recently and truly, there are a lot of parallels in it to newer series. Of course we also see some stuff in there with is clearly reminding you of 2001 A Space Odyssey or even the classic  Star Trek series (some of the cast and scenery are actually the same) – so I think it’s give and take as with all great movies. Being as influential as Logan’s Run just is, of course some bands wrote songs about it and these are two I would highly recommend: Henning Ohlenbusch - Logan's Run - geez, isn't he right??

And if you like it a bit more Garage Rock: Bad Astronaut - Logan's Run:

Also I’d like to mention the two popular songs Kasabian - Shoot the Runner and Delorentos – Sanctuary, which are not 100% about Logan’s Run, but I wish they were ;-)

Until next time! Watch out for Star Wars, 2001 A Space Odyssey and more in Part 2 of my Musical Sci-Fi Weeks.

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