Sunday, 11 January 2015

In your ears around the world - Interview with Riot Tapes from Dublin

A while ago I aleady told you some stuff about the new emergent Irish electro pop band Riot Tapes here. Now Chris O'Brien from the band gave me an interview for Noisy Crumb and told me some more rocking details about the band their recently released single "Cardinal Rules" and - most important - about their future plans to musically conquer the world :-)

Since when are you making music together and how did you originally get together as a band?

We have been a band about four years, more or less. We met online and immediately realised there was some pretty special potential.

How does it feel having your first single released just some weeks ago and listening to it on the radio?

It's an amazing feeling. We feel very lucky to have had such a great response and hope it continues into 2015.

What are the reactions of the crowd on your gigs like – is “Cardinal Rules” their favourite song already?

Yes and no. People know it's the single, yes. But we're really proud of our entire set and feel there's a lot more to the band than just that song, or any one song.  


Your new single is a tune to be played and celebrated in clubs all over the world, if you ask me – what are your plans for “getting it out there”?

First - that idea of Cardinal Rules being played in clubs around the world - it's makes me so excited to even consider that possibility. I'd really love nothing more than to walk into a random club in Germany or Japan or Johannesburg and hear it being played.
As for plans - it's getting a big proper national media push in Ireland starting in a few weeks. We'll be doing our best to support it with gigs anywhere they'll have us and hope to be doing a number of festival this summer. We also hope to be out in Asia and hopefully in Germany and the US at some point this year as well. Fingers crossed. 

What was the greatest thing ever happened to you guys as a band so far?  And what was the biggest letdown?

Hearing our song being played every day in national radio has to be a highlight. It's early days, but that's still a thrill. Getting signed to a label that actually supports musicians and try's to help bands make a career is also pretty huge.
The biggest letdown ... We had plans to go over to the UK last year and they fell through and that caused a few other problems as well. Pretty disappointing. Hopefully that'll change in 2015.

What should fans be expecting from Riot Tapes in 2015?

Touring, as much as possible. Two more singles at least and finally, FINALLY a debut record on the shelves. Hopefully we'll get to Germany and connect with a lot more music fans like yourself!

Thanks so much for the interview, Chris! As for you, my dear readers, make sure to check out their music and gigs  - a little preview is their video for "The Key" - enjoy :-)

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