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Interview with the Redhead Gang – Noisy Crumb’s Girl Power Weeks

Yep, indeed, two red-haired power girls form the indie singer-songwriter duo Redhead Gang from Regensburg, Bavaria. As students at Regensburg Musical College and blessed with an amazing talent for heart-warming, unique melodies, they are up and away to sing themselves in the hearts of every listener who crosses their path.
I personally first saw them performing in a limestone cave (!) and immediately got caught by the pure harmonic atmosphere, which is enfolding their concerts, whether dancy or melancholic ;) Thus, I am so happy they gave me this interview! Those ladies are an excellent example that real music power does not necessarily have to be loud…

Noisy Crumb Interview - Redhead Gang

How did you originally get together as a band?
We met at a local bar named the "Art Club". There was an Open Stage where many musicians came together every week. We really enjoyed making Music together and so we started the "Redhead Gang".

What can fans expect from your album “Settled On Clouds” resp. from your live gigs?
They can expect a wide range of feelings and stories out of life, realized with acoustic guitars and polyphonic melodies. On our album you can expect a lot of love - and especially broken-heart-songs because they were written at a time when both of us had to deal with break ups.
As musicians we come in terms with such issues by songwriting. But we also pose questions about life in general, such as: “Where can hope be found?“, "What is it like to be free like a bird?" and „What happens to people when they are lonely?“

What are the inspirations for your songs’ lyrics?
Everything from various impressions to daily life experiences, and most important: being honest all the time.

Being two girls with – I personally have the impression – both equally great singer-songwriter talent, would you say you have more catfights within the band than others? And how do you handle them?
We honestly don't think that we have more catfights than others. Of course we need to compromise here and there but as tricky as the situation may seem, we always find a way to get together in the end. Also, we mostly write our songs separately so one of us presents a new song to the other to create polyphonic melodies and to work on it together. But, in cases of doubt, we always consider the wishes of the songwriter.

Interview - Redhead Gang

Keeping in mind your busy touring calendar from this year, would you say it’s more important for regional indie bands to go touring around to spread the word about your band – or is it more important to release new albums and songs (and maybe spread them online in the same amount of time you would use for touring)?
Our motto is to keep the balance – as both aspects indeed are equally important. We personally enjoy playing gigs more because they get you in direct contact with the audience and no gig is like the other. Also it is very important for our live-experience and for catching new listeners and, in this way, new buyers for our album.
Spending time in the studio is just as important. It always is a very intense and interesting experience and especially a lot of fun when it comes to experimenting with our songs. We love adding five-part choirs and strings to the one or other song, for example.

What was the greatest gig you ever played and why?
In the summer of 2013 we played at Christopher Street Day in Regensburg. This was an amazing concert, not just because of the huge crowd, but also due to the open-minded atmosphere – it just felt great!

What are your musical plans for the Christmas season and for 2016?
Right now we are very focused on our exams at the Music College in Regensburg but we are indeed planning a winter special which we are extremely excited about. We are up to release a winter song that we wrote, maybe even before Christmas.
For 2016, we currently are planning on playing a live living room concert in Munich which will be recorded and videotaped. We are really looking forward to that as this will be a gig with a whole band combo. Right now, we can’t tell when exactly it’ll take place, but we will definitely going spread the word on our Facebook page. It will probably go down at a friend’s apartment in Munich. Apart from that, there – of course! – will be new songs in 2016!

You can find more info about the Redhead Gang on their Facebook page and listen to (and download!) their songs from Bandcamp. By the way, my favourite right now is "Vogelfrei", a quite dancy song in Bavarian dialect! Thanks for the interview, girls :)    

Redhead Gang from Bavaria

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Interview with May Swan – Noisy Crumb’s Girl Power Weeks

Great voice, amazing stage performance and a lot of hard work – in our interview, enchanting May Swan, who is a professional (and very busy) singer from Augsburg, told me what it takes to make her gigs so highly coveted. Get yourself ready for glamorous musical girl power at its finest ;-)

Noisy Crumb interview with May Swan

May, how did you originally get to the music business?
Music has always been an important part in my life - since I am able to speak, actually! In the age of 9 I started my "musical career" as drummer in a traditional Bavarian marching band. But after a view years I realized, that nothing could keep up with my passion for singing. I began to sing in different churches. It was a really modern style of worship music, for example inspired by "Hillsong". At the age of 16 I thought about visiting a musical-school - but my parents were urging me towards a “proper” education. That’s why I started my apprenticeship as a graphic designer.
After a few years working in this job, I wanted to give the music more space in my life. I found a new job as marketing manager with the great opportunity to work only 4 days at week. This enabled me to visit the "Downtown Music Institute" in Augsburg, where I studied "popluar music". After the year of education I still wanted more. For one year I was singing in a band named "Triple Talk", which was an acoustic-combo combined with a string quartet. During this time I learned a lot about arrangements and voicing. After my time with Triple Talk I searched for a new band project and eventually became acquainted to my actually band-partner (and in the meantime also life partner) Holm.
Holm is working in the music business since almost 20 years. He encouraged me to built a more professional musical career - and so I started singing at weddings. I never expected such a great feedback – these performances really became a fast-selling item. Within just one year I learned a lot of new songs and worked at my performance. Now I’m in the "wedding business" since 3 years and I’m absolutely enjoying it.

As the perfectionist you are in your performances, what are you doing to “get better each day”? Any related tips you would like to pass on to other musicians?
To me, being a professional singer means to work continuously on the voice. You can compare it with bodybuilding - you have to train your voice like muscles.  I do engage with different voicing techniques, and also, I always try to keep my body fit. Apart from this, I also engage with acting and stage presence. I think I will never reach this point to say "Now everything what I´m doing is perfect" - but I think this is the key for being really successful.

May Swan - Honey & Soul interview

 You are touring and gigging as a professional singer – sometimes in the solo spotlight, in a duo combo and sometimes with a whole band. Which of these setups is your favourite and why?
I'm really enjoying it to sing while Holm is playing the guitar - it's simple but has this special magic ;-) But I also enjoy singing with the band and filling the songs with different voicing. When people book me as a solo singer, I'm working with high professional instrumentals. It's not the same like an "all-live" performance but it's always good for a singer to be independent in this business.
I would imagine that performing on events like weddings, etc., involves meeting even special expectations of clients and playing a lot of covers. Would you sometimes say you are more a service contractor than a music artist? And would being one be better than the other?
From my side I'm trying to combine the best of both. To me, being a service contractor means to be reliable. I try my best to make each wedding day more beautiful with beautiful music. The other side is my "artist soul". Of course there are days when you are not in a perfect mood - but I would say artists who are playing only their own stuff are in the same situation. They also have to fulfill a roll from the moment on they are starting to play for money. An artist always needs someone to listen to and appreciate his or her music. Thus, in a way every artist adapts himself to a target group - big one or small one doesn't matter then.
In the end for me it's an honor to accompany such special days, like weddings, and to make the people happy with different kind of music styles.

What do you prefer – studying songs, which you adore yourself and presenting a great cover version of it, or writing and singing your own pieces?
I love it singing covers. With my own songs I'm most of the time to critical to share it - and unfortunalety I have a really big time problem to create new songs. But everything in life has it's time. My dream is to create one day a German pop-soul album - and I will fulfill it one day.
How do you motivate yourself to perfectly sing cover songs which you actually don’t like yourself?
I motivate myself with the feeling that songs which are specially chosen from my customers having a special meaning for them. More than one time I started to like a song after we played it as band and after we saw the reaction of the people. Of course I also set some limits, for example I'm not singing songs with really bad meanings. Lyrics are really important for me- otherwise I couldn't sing it in a good way.

Noisy Crumb interview with May Swan

As you said, you are also working as a marketing manager: pencil pusher by day and music star by night – how is this mantra working out for you?
Very well, actually! The good thing is that my marketing job gives me a good foundation and security – thus, I don't have to take every singing job that is offered me. This gives me a high amount of freedom and keeps the music as my passion and not "as a job".

What are your plans for 2016? Any own projects, gigs, releases coming up?
In 2016 my focus lies also at performing and staging - I will not release own songs. I got the great opportunity to sing in a music show with also acting and dancing parts in the end of 2016 and the whole year 2017. I'm really looking forward to this new experience.

Thanks for the interview, May!
For you, my dear readers, I highly recommend checking out May’s work on her YouTube channel as well as on the Honey & Soul YouTube channel and on Facebook.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Take this, Hollwood - Noisy Crumb's Girl Power Weeks

Not only as an answer to the obviously horribly disappointing Jem movie which is going to hit the cinemas soon, but even more as a reflection of how much amazing musical girl-power is just around the corner on local gigs, I am really happy to announce my next interview series: the Girl Power Weeks!

I got lovely interviews with three fantastic bands from this, all representing different musical styles with so much soul and passion, that makes everyone realise, where it comes from: from the heart and not from a recod company contract.

In the upcoming weeks, I shall be very proud to present you May Swan, a professional singer and songwriter from Augsburg, the Readhead Gang, a two piece happy-melancholic-accoustic band from Regensburg, and Jane Doe, ask-kicking indie rock trio from Würzburg.

So stay tuned and check back soon!

Musical Girl Power Weeks

PS: That also was, what the original 80s series "Jem and the Holograms" actually stood for: adoing the masses by a true musical heart (and some magic ;-)), but certainly not by becoming someone, a major label wants you to be. Not by wearing clothes your would never wear, writing songs, you would never write and abandoning your friends for fame. Sure, this is how music stars are often born or, better said, "made" and its important for all those Wannabe-Hannah-Montanas out there to be aware of, but why did you have to screw up a lovely animated cult series for it? Why?

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Audio Bullys' Only Man - with a thousands allusions ;-)

How many allusions can you put in a music video? I think when UK alternative-electro-duo Audio Bullys were working on their video for their 2010 hit "Only Man" they were surely thinking "MANY!"
I actually discovered this gem of a music video just recently - shame on me for being so late on this one! But better late then never and, if you also have not seen it, yet, I highly recommend you do check this out right now.
It's not just about this amazing-funky-punky tune itself nor just the unusual idea of filming a music video from below through a glass floor or some of the "disturbing" images (like the band members being beaten up just "above" you) this video is presenting us - no. The true speciality about this video is clearly the fun you have counting and admiring all the allusions they've put into it in a very decent - hm - rubber look! Movies, artists, video games and brands of all kinds are mixed into their performance.

Really guys, well done! Here are the ones I could count, but I am sure I am still missing some ;-)

Roy Lichtenstein - Batman - MTV - Fight Club - BurgerKing - Kaws - Heinz - 50s Commercials ;-) - Blur's Coffee & TV - Coca Cola - IBM - Intel - m&m's - Matrix - Hot Wheels - 21 Jump Street - - David Hasslehoff's Burger! (cum on, give me that one!) - I Love New York - Lego - Back to the Future - Jaws - Nintendo - Tetris - Parra

Feel free to double-check and most of all - enjoy the performace!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

"Sunset & Starlit Sky Music" - Interview with Shaky Foundation from Würzburg

Nuremberg's famous Bardentreffen Festival is already some weeks ago, some tunes from there still sound in my ear - bright, clear and inspiring!
I am especially talking about the tracks from Würzburg's indie trio Shaky Foundation here - their psychedelic, spheric attitude of their music really got me ;-) - perfect for these late summer evenings with their early sunsets and cool breezes.
By the way, although it's definitely hard to describe their style in all its facets, they somehow remind me on the former German band Palestar, which were once even claimed to be the "one of the best German bands without a record contract"....
Thus I am really, really happy they had some time to answer my questions.
Here we go, guys - meet the lads from Shaky Foundation and go exploring your mind!

Band Shaky Foundation from Würzburg
How did you originally get together as a band?

Typical story: We went to school together some years ago. You have this teenage idea of having a band and sometime later you have your first gigs and from time to time you put more and more effort in it.

You describe your style as “sunset and starlit sky music” and you also claim your goal is not to sound like any other band. Quite ambitious! I am wondering though, don’t you have any musical influences at all?

Of course we do. Actually we have lots of influences. Once we started out we liked Indie bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, Foals or Yamon Yamon, but since then we listened to a lot of really different
stuff that influenced us. But we think that music is not copying anything that was already there, but making something different. So in our understanding of what music is saying that you want to sound like no other band is just what every band should have as their goal.

Your debut album is called “Psychonaut”? What can your fans expect from this – something  like a psycodelic  astronaut ;-) ?

We really liked the term because we thought it perfectly described ourselves and the process of writing the album. It just means that sometimes you don’t have to travel far for a new experience but you can easily travel anywhere in your mind instantly.

Shaky Foundation on Noisy Crumb
On the “first glimpse” you music  does not seem mainstream at all – however seeing you perform on stage and keeping in mind the recognition you earned in contests and radio shows so far, I think you are quite successfully reaching for a broader crowd. What would you say is your “secret of success” in terms of “shaking the crowds”?

It has never been our goal to reach the so called mainstream with our music, though we would like to reach everybody who could possibly like our music. And in our opinion there are quite a few people out there with an alternative taste of music. We think there is a difference between being mainstream and being ambitious. Participating at contests was just a thing, which you do as a really young musician if you don’t already know it better, but we’ve realized soon that this is not our cup of tea.

Would you be happy if you became successful in the “music mainstream” business one day?

We would enjoy playing in front of big crowds and everything as long  as we don’t have to change ourselves for anybody else.

A number of bands have a strong connection to their hometown – do you  have a special connection to Würzburg?

It’s rather a city that slows you down than speeds you up, which we enjoy. [Gosh guys, I sooo know what you mean!!]

Thanks a lot for these insights, guys! My dear readers, please make sure to check out Shaky Foundation live:
  • 15/09/15 Musterzimmer Duisburg
  • 10/10/15 JuZe Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale
  • 23/10/15 Jugendempfang Würzburg
  • 31/10/15 Kellerperle Würzburg
  • 6/11/15 Aloft Hotel München and more dates coming soon!
and find more info on their Website and Facebook! And here is one of my favourite tracks for you

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Off to Nürnberg - Bardentreffen Festival 2015

For the 40th time this year Nuremberg was hosting Germany's (and probably Europe's) most famous world music and street musician festival over the last weekend - The Bardentreffen 2015! And it was a thorough success with over 200,000 people visiting and hundresd of bands and solo artists from all over the world performing in the streets of Nuremberg and turning the city into a huge dancefloor for four days.

I myself had the pleasure to be there last Saturday and to catch some impressions for you :-)

The violin group from the Musikschule Mühldorf really rocked the place (just at the main entrance of the famous St Lawrence Church). They performed square dance songs as well as traditional Irish pieces so that , not just me, but also the crowd were absolutely amazed!

Musikschule Mühldorf

The lads from Master Mint were totally rocking one of the city's roofed shopping passages with their own minty fresh songs as well as some cover pieces - I think they were playing Lenny Kravitz' "Fly away" for over 10 mins and everyone was joining the singalong - yeah yeah yeah!

Master MintMaster Mint Band

Crosswind are a four German lovers of Irish music and their performance of the trad reels and jigs as well as the smooth ballads was just perfect. They were playing on one of the major stages of the festival and I can just highly recommend you give them a listen at the link above!

Nuremberg Bardentreffen FestivalCrosswind playing

Then there was Pfatze from Austia - a talented solo artist with a musical style which needs getting used to ;-) Well, yes, look at his "instrument" and I guess you get the picture! Anyhow, it was just funny seeing him perform! Definitely the funniest and rarest act I've seen that day and a pity I could not find him online.

Solo artist Pfatze
Another great band are Feel Free from Nuremberg - there arrangements of and passion for melodic rock were reflected you every tune they played - groovin'!

Feel Free rockNürnberg Bardentreffen
Feel Free performing
And for everyone who was in for some "blues and rolling rock" - as they call it ;-) - Ted's Roadhouse Gang was there to itch your dancing feet.

Ted's Roadhouse GangTed's Roadhouse Gang
The Italian solo singer-songwriter Giovanni Bassano could win the crowd with his lovely tunes.

Bardentreffen 2015Giovanni Bassano

And of course: the hen party (no, not a band!) - Bardentreffen is definitely a terrific place for hen and stag parties, but these girls were just THE coolest hen party on that day and were rocking the place all over :-)

Lovely girlsParty hens

Another accoustic blues, rock and folk band performing were enDANGERed Species from Nuremberg/New York.

Bardentreffen 2015

Followed by another act on one of the main stages: Shaky Foundation from Würzburg. Wow, what a great synthie band! Their style can be described as indie dream pop with a lot of synths and a lot of soul. I was impressed by their talent which made them easily spark the masses - not with loads of funky colours and blingbling, but with their prowess! Highly recommended!

Live performance - Shaky FoundationShaky Foundation on stage

Guitar solo Shaky FoundationBardentreffenShaky Foundation from WürzburgShaky Foundation
In Kaiserstraße two more lovely accoustic acts were waiting for everone interested in quality music from truly musical souls :-) Leinwand were just brilliant and pure fun with their German thoughtful, sometimes even philosophic songs.

Leinwand band on Bardentreffen

Bardentreffen 2015 live acts

Lastly some of my good friends from My Perfect Mistake (you also know them from here) performed some of their own songs as well as cover songs as an accoustic trio on the festival. Punk rock songs in accoustic form?? Yes, it is possible! And you know what? This sounds surprisingly awesome!

MPM on Bardentreffen NürnbergMy Perfect Mistake - punk rock band

Accoustic tunes from My Perfect Mistake

Thanks for reading guys! Make sure to support the bands above with your likes, shares and comments and mostly with buying and listenig to their music :-)

Monday, 27 July 2015

Life's Soundtracks - 12 Songs To Bath In

Whether you’re lying in the summer grass, watching the clouds racking and dreaming yourself away or sitting in front of a camp fire with nothing else to do but forgetting about all your troubles, whether you’re coming home day full of stress and need to settle down your senses or you’re lovelorn and need to find yourself again – you can’t do without some certain songs: songs to “bath in”, as I call it.

Tunes you can wrap up your mind with, yes you could even say, music you become one with. That fill your ears with striking melodies, which encourage your dreams and good moods so smoothly, that you might not even realize it in the first place.

Noisy Crumb playlist - songs to bath in

I personally always have my special songs “on hand”, ready to kiss my ear whenever there is the need for it ;) And if you are not sure what I am blabbering about so enthusiastically, I made my top 12 list of these songs for you so you can give it a listen and feel, what I mean right now…

So first of all there is Alt-J. At least since last year, these guys have become an international household name and for me, most of their songs are made for getting lost in them. An exception is “Left Hand Free” of course, their exceptional radio-friendly cliché song ;-) “Tessellate” however must be on top of the list, simply as it was so hard for me just to decide which Alt-J song to go for here.

It’s followed by DCFC - I Will Possess Your Heart is like a 08:30 mins journey and their piano takes you through it. Back in 2008 when I lived in Ireland and the song came out it gave me real heart ache missing my sweetie at home but with same time also gave me the right medicine for it – actually this still works today ;-)

Further below you will find “Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Part II” performed by My Morning Jacket. Actually for me this is a very similar song to DCFC – released in the same time, I was wondering if the two bands had a brainstorming together about how to write the next big hit ;-) But, to name the – for me – most striking difference, My Morning Jacket has a great instrumental “Mininova” olo in this song, which always reminded me of Jean Michelle Jarre’s pieces.
Speaking of which, of course we have the grand master of electronic, psychedelic music on the playlist as well – "Oxygene Part II" is just my all-time favourite, but his music in general has the power to “take you away” on psychedelic wings.

And speaking of French electro guys, we can’t forget Air, also with a rather psychedelic and totally instrumental song: "Talisman" (to be found on this Life's Soundtrack as well).

Another great piano-filled song is "Wire to Wire" from Razorlight – great for drifting away but sometimes it also seems a bit short – maybe put it in your playlist twice!

Then, we have three tunes from movie soundtracks in the list: they created the right atmosphere in great movies and thus will also bring this atmosphere to your mind. "Grassman" is taken from the German inflammatory movie “Free Rainer”, for “Little Light of Love” the name says it all and it is the perfectly suiting theme song from the master piece The 5th Element and finally Fields of the Nephilim’s “Wail of Sumer” brings us to a rather downcast scene from the German “Schule”, a film where high-school graduates experience the last summer of their school live with all the corresponding ups and downs…

Finally we have Franz Ferdinand, Gorillaz and Jack White in there with three amazing songs. All perfect for relieving a lovelorn heart ache in good and bad times if you ask me! Any of them, I have to listen to completely and just can't tune them out when I hear these tunes. I hope you guys feel the same about them and I've put all of these songs in a lovely order here for you - enjoy :-)

What are your songs to bath in? Let me know your favourite ones!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Interview with Colektivo früm Düsseldorf

Funk, Ska, Latin and a bit of German rap - sounds weird? No, it actually sounds fantastic! Well, at least if you refer to what Colektivo are making out of this colourful mixture. This ten (ten!) piece combo from Düsseldorf brings so much energy and fresh musical ideas to every live gigs and releases, you can't just stop your feet from dancing and grooving. Simply great fun to enjoy their live performances, just one example from a recent gig: in the middle of a song they suddenly stopped playing and screamed "Tetris!" and the crowd instantly began singing the Tetris Music A tune and dancing a Russian polka - hillariouis!

I am really happy they found some time to answer my questions - enjoy!

Noisy Crumb - Colektivo Interview

10 people on one stage – Colektivo, how did you originally get together as a band?
We formed the band out of something undefinable ..
It was kind of the basement-rehearsal-room-rap-and-some-friends-who-know-how-to-play-an-instrument-thing.  First, there were just two of us - Vino and Philip - and we managed to land a real  radio hit back in 2009: our song "Die schönste Stadt am Rhein" was on number one for the local radio charts several weeks :-) By the time some other musicians joined the band, during the years the quantity of members changed, but we definitely improved the quality!  

You describe your band philosophy as “the more the merrier” and you are actually activbely living this mantra. And despite a lot of people would say that too many cooks would spoil the broth, your songs and gigs all prove great musical harmony. What is your “secret”?
Sure, "the more the merrier" is our "mantra", still it would be too much to say say it is all about that. We develop our arrangements usually in a small group, everybody can contribute either when developing ideas or as soon as the idea gets on stage. As you say - it's a secret, so it'll stay a secret...  But seriously? It is Chocomel.

Colektivo Interview on Noisy Crumb

All of your members come from different backgrounds and contribute different musical styles to the band – Do you sometimes have to deal with “cat fights”?

No, usually we get along quite well, our diversity is a benefit for our musical input. In the past there have been some conflicts but during the time we learned how to make use out of them.

What can people expect from your live gigs?
Our live gigs are really live, so you never know what will actually happen. It may be that the rehearsals were perfect but the show is totally different in terms of playing. Every show is a surprise...

What was the best thing ever happening to you as a band so far?
The best thing ever happened to us were the really delicious hot dogs in the backstage at the last gig. Thanks to you guys ;-)

Hehe, ok, so what would you say was the biggest letdown then?
The worst thing that happened to us took place in Berlin. After our great gig, our brass section was asked to play the "Schneewalzer" for a family who celebrated a birthday at the venue. They offered an amount, so Jonas and the others quickly watched youtube vids to find out how to play the piece. They played it perfectly but when they were done, the family did not seem to remember what they offered.. Two of the sons even got aggressive and threatened us....

Any new releases, tours or projects coming up in 2015?
We recorded our new EP last March and hope to release it in August this year. Also we are on the line-up for some nice German festivals in August. For some further news make sure to check our facebook- or homepage!

Yes folks, this is what you definitely should do - get their tour dates and catch Colektivo at one of their live shows. Find more info on or Also check out their music video for their song "Reise im Kopf" (Travel in your mind):

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Test your musical knowledge - Rock the Quiz in June

Noisy Crumb - Rock the Quiz Part IV

Howdy everyone! Welcome back to my Musical Quiz Part 4 - the first post after my personal spring break ;-) Once again it's full with (fun) facts to know and great stories from the music industry.
Test, how well you know your bands from your bands ;-) This time you will find questions about most up-to-date stories as well as stories from the rock-star classics.

Sounds good? Good!! Then have fun with the quiz and don't forget challenging your friends!

Musical Quiz - test your knowledge!

  1. What do the Irish band "The Whereabouts" have in common with German band "AnnenMayKantereit"?

  2. Both bands are actually Dutch
    You wouldn't believe their (quite young) lead singers have such an impressive voice.
    Their drummers are actually twin brothers, who got seperated right after they were born.
    They used to play together as a rock'n'roll ensemble in a Berlin nightclub, where they both were discovered by indie music managers.

  3. Which of these bands cancelled their tour this year due to a broken leg?

  4. Foo Fighters
    Royal Blood
    Le Galaxie

  5. Which of these songs has never been on in a movie soundtrack?

  6. Fields of the Nephilim - Wail of Summer
    Marilyon Manson - Rock is Dead
    Dave & Sam - Hold on I'm Coming
    Donots - We're not gonna take it

  7. "I Wanna Be Your Man", the second single published by the Rolling Stones (and their first big hit) was written by whom?

  8. Norman Petty and Buddy Holly
    Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
    John Lennon and Paul McCartney
    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

  9. Which of these songs is a dialogue which the writer originally overheard in a record store?

  10. Monty Python - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
    Dire Straits - Money for Nothing
    Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
    White Stripes - Fell in Love with a Girl

The right answers will be published here in the next couple of days so make sure to check back here soon ;-)

UPDATE! Please find the right answeres of the quiz in my comment below :-)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

"My life has been a gig" - Interview with Johnny Rayge Part 2

Welcome everyone to part 2 of my lovely interview with Johnny Rayge, singer songwriter from Dublin and former singer of ITO and other Irish bands. His life is full of amazing musical stories and I am just so lucky that he's sharing them with me (and you!). Enjoy reading :-)

Singer songwriter Johnny Rayge from Dublin
 Johnny, Would you say that being a solo artist is better than being in a band? Why?

They're both wonderful and tough in their way. Yet they're both really very similar. My advice though to people who write prolifically and constantly, as I did myself, would be to play with everyone always, to have a vast network of friends to play with but not to get tied to a band, it is a different beast, and if you have the singularity to play alone, do it. For myself my music, or the music I wanted to make and play, with ITO for example, needed a band. VIGIL though was written to be playable on a guitar, piano, with a one piece or two or like my launch a 39 piece band :-)..... It was written and designed with that in mind. ITO's music relied upon all the instrumentation and complex arrangements. Solo some of the songs were unplayable.

What was the greatest thing happening to you in your musical career?

That's still to happen :-) but so far the launch of Vigil Friday 13th 2014 on a strawberry full moon in front of a sold out audience with a 9 piece band and 30 piece choir in one of Dublin's best venues was the highlight. And you will be happy to hear it was filmed with some of Ireland's best movie makers and will be released this year on DVD, in fact I just saw the finished DVD for the first time last night, and if I do say so myself, I was blown away....I love it.... Huge thanks to Aidan Mc Carthy and Tris Dalton.

And what was the biggest letdown?

Maybe playing for the head of Sony BMG having been supported on sax by Clarence from the e-street band, when I got so drunk that instead of playing Fall as my manager had expected I just made up a total joke song.... in fairness I was young and naive and let a huge career chance slip for my ideals, I am and was no man's monkey.... I have learned since then, doing what you love, the best you can, is never being a clown.... it is Being. It was the first and last time I ever stood in front of people to perform and didn't honour my songs. I had simply never experienced the reality of soulless corporate before.
So I can safely say it was the worst yet best thing that ever happened to my music.

Wow, what a story! So from then on, what was the weirdest or most remarkable place you ever played a gig?

I have played so so so many gigs it's really hard to imagine, my life has been a gig. The stories I could tell are wild, crazy, amazing and total rock and roll, and I jest you not. But one would be with the
Bedouin in Sinai when I travelled the middle east for two years alone after Uni, sitting, the only White English speaker amongst a tribe, hours and hours from civilisation.... with them clapping to the
glorious stars by a raging fire and singing my song Fall between roars of Allah Allah....

Noisy Crumb interview

Do you have any upcoming gigs, releases etc your fans should look out for in 2015?

Stay tuned to Johnny Rayge on facebook link.. like my page :-)

As I said the live DVD is coming and probably a fundit campaign to pay for it... one universal truth is all artists desperately need support and I'm no exception.

Ok, and most important: any tour dates planned in Europe?

A few plans in the pipeline, I had a great tour last year in Italy with Blindur and would hope to get out again, the day job which feeds keeps me pinned, but there'll be plenty of festivals and gigs.... stay
tuned to my page.... and lot's of love. x

Thanks so much, Johnny for your time and dedication! Very happy to see and hear more about you in the future ;-)

And for you, my dear readers, please check out Johnny's Facebook page and his videos on YouTube, like this lovely piece:

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Purposeful sleeplessness filled with great music - Interview with Johnny Rayge Part 1

I've been telling you about Johnny Rayge, one of my favourite singer-songwriters of all time, before in this blog. As for today's post, Johnny himself gave me an awesome, quite emotional interview with so many details and cool stories in it, I decided to make two parts out of it.

Thanks a million for this, Johnny! And for my dear readers: enjoy!

Johnny Rayge Interview with Noisy Crumb

Johnny, you released your debut album a just a few months back - What is your album inspired by? What can fans expect from it?

The album is called 'Vigil' which is derived from the latin 'Vigilia' meaning wakefulness; which is a period of purposeful sleeplessness, an occasion for devotional watching, or an observance.....
Life is the inspiration, both unseen and seen. It represents a journey, an emotional, spiritual transient journey. I tried to encapsulate the years from 2000 to 2014 when the album was released. In between I have played so much music, in many band, from The Marionettes to ITO, folk to funk, and it all meant something.... this is the essence of the album, that movement, that nostalgic melancholy, and these are the private songs I sang to myself alone until I was brave enough to leave self criticism behind and share them, play them, give them breath and let them live, beyond me.
Similarly the album mirrors relationships, and crucially was finished after my longest and deepest relationship ended: 7 years of love. That died, and I say died as the mourning was palpable and agony, in the year 2011, many many disturbed nights followed. Although as these things go maybe it was before, the seeds of end were sown when I left Ireland for my second Californian tour in 2010, where I wrote 'Uncharted Sea' overlooking Corona Del Mar while playing a baby grand; the album is a beginning and an end of things.
All these metaphoric interpretations are not exclusive but on the contrary wholly simultaneous. Light to light, the period of darkness between, call it 'life' to observe and recount, objectively, from a distance, yet deeply in tune, aware and connected to it.
Expect honesty, love, experience, melody and simple acoustic tunes side by side with mega epic alernative full band choruses.

Back in 2008 / 2009 I met you as singer (and songwriter) in Dublin’s five-piece band ITO. Why did the band break up and how come you did not start a new band afterwards but decided to “travel solo”?

Well not quite ;-) that's one of the reasons a band breaks up, ITO started as a three piece project for my songs in an attic in North Dublin on a rainy December night. Initially it was just myself and Jebediah Funkfield, a good friend from University, where we'd studied Philosophy and an amazing drummer called Steve Case from San Diego.
I have been writing songs and poetry all my life, and can still play my first song I wrote in Gaelic class (of course in English as any rebel child) from when I was thirteen. I have started several bands around my songs over the years: The Marionettes, The Fauves, The Wild Beasts and ITO, as well as newer ones like Red Velvit; ironically other bands since have had those names and become household  famous names, but I was there first :-)
ITO was a name that sprang up from a special place which I'd rather keep to myself, the band ended in 2010 on our Californian tour, how and why I'm not really sure, I guess it was providence, but someone in the band was too high to work with, that's the simple truth, others wanted to follow love; one for music, one for a woman and one for a place..... In the end of course ITO was a four piece anyway and had changed significantly, Steve Case still on drums but Conrado Pesinato,
from Brazil, on lead and Tak attack, from japan, on bass.... it was incredibly international and an incredible band. All are still creating waves in L.A.
About new bands, I actually have a few, but Johnny Rayge has always been there, that was always the one consistent thing with all, my projects. As an artist it has been tough to write thousands of songs and then each time a new project starts they are scraped and you move on. That killed me, because if you look at artists like Neil Young etc. they can play with all the musicians in the world but you still know their work. It had become really important for me to put all my music under one name, and now I will go back through my catalogue and begin to re-release all of my songs under the one name....
The confusion and dichotomy still continues though as my name Jonathan Armas Maximilian Mc Glinn is the name that has been consumed by J Rayge.... though I will always release my poetry and prose under Jonathan Armas Mc Glinn.

Where did the name Johnny Rayge come from then?

Well as a young boy playing rock and roll and loving poetry I was naturally enamoured with all my inspirations from Lennon to Young and Baudelaire through Yeats to Dylan..... Dylan Thomas that is..... and it is from Mr. Thomas that I derived my pen name, though as with all great tales it is not myself who may take credit..... a young pal of mine, B.K., when I was drinking and ranting and hopping on car bonnets, would always roar " Johnny bleeding rage!!!" so it kinda stuck, I added a 'y'..... why? you may ask..... and that is exactly why :-) I find it fun that the question and answer reflect one another. Rage is not an anger it is an expression of being, a passion, a desire to be, to play, to sing, to live: Do not go gently into that good night, old age should burn and rave at close of day.... Rage rage against the dying of the light......

Thanks again and stay tuned everyone for PART 2 of my interview with Johnny Rayge! In the meantime check out his music on and his video for the single "Not Without You"  :-)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Test your musical knowledge - Rock the Quiz in March

Noisy Crumb - Rock the Quiz Part III

Hi all,
welcome to my Musical Quiz Part 3! Test your musical knowledge and maybe learn new facts to impress your friends ;-)
This time it's not only about great band, musicians and songs, but also about comics and movies.
Have fun answering and feel free to challenge your friends! Good luck :-)

Test your musical knowledge with Noisy Crumb!

  1. One of the most popular songs of 3 Doors Down has a superhero as a protagonist. Which one is it?
  2. Batman

  3. The world's probably most famous milk carton can be seen in the music video of what song?
  4. The Rolling Stones - Brown Sugar
    Kelis - Milkshake
    Sascha - Cemical Reaction
    Blur - Coffee and TV

  5. Where is the drama taking place that The Raconteurs are singing about in one of their masterpiece songs?
  6. A gas station in South California
    A junk house in South Carolina
    A bus stop in South Dakota
    A bar in South Korea

  7. Famous musicians in legendary movies - which of these cameos did NOT happen?
  8. George Harrison in "Life of Brian"
    Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers in "The Big Lebowski"
    Jack White in "Ocean's Eleven"
    Meatloaf in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

  9. Where did the band Kasabian get their name from?
  10. From a Thai toilet sign
    From the villian in a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movie
    From a book about the mass murderer Charles Manson
    From a Tarzan comic book from 1985
The right answers will be published here in the next couple of days so make sure to check back here soon ;-)

UPDATE! Please find the right answeres of the quiz in my comment below :-)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Musical Sci-Fi weeks – Part 2

Songs in and about Sci-Fi Movies

Welcome to the second part of my musical Sci-Fi journey, which takes us back to the 30’s, the 60’s and also good auld 2010 :-)

Music in and about Sci-Fi movies

Star Wars

I’ve not overcome the fact, yet, that “Darth Vader’s Theme” is actually a swing song from the 30’s – Al Bowlly’s My Woman - well at least heavily inspired by it. For all who have not seen it here, check it out below:

Isn’t this amazing? Also, we see the same theme in a complete different set – the 1997 pop-style one hit wonder by White Town called “Your woman”:

So – does Star Wars now makes you thing of the swingin’ 30’s? Or of 90’s synthie pop? Or the other way round? Either or, it’s a great song!

And – same as for Star Trek – wow! There is really a lot of musical fan stuff in the web! I am really happy to have found Israel Curtis feat. Ryan Richardson - The Star Wars That I Used to Know. Why? Because 1) I totally agree with the lyrics – the first three movies were a great deal better then Episone 1 and the following CGI-junk and 2) I never really liked (nor probably understood) that music video Gotye made for his No 1 Hit back in 2012. And what do you most like about things you don’t like? When it’s parodied :-)

2001 – A Space Odyssey

Musical wise, what do you think of when you hear 2001 – A Space Odyssey? Probably classical - Strauss vs. Strauss? Or “new music” by György Ligeti (which would sound “unusual to most of us”)? Probably. But wouldn’t you also think of Pink Floyd? The long, cut-less and often mysterious seeming scenes, the somehow psycodelic 60s appeal that some of the scenes are conveying…. Just think of the PINK chairs at the Space Station, where Dr FLOYD is talking to other scientists … haha got ya! And then of course the Time Travel of Dave Bowman – the 26 mins scene, which can perfectly be synced with Pnk Floyd’s “Echoes” from “The Dark Side of the Moon” – well what a coincidence, what a similarity! After all, Pink Floyd apparently wanted to distribute the music for 2001, but Kubrik said no.
Would that movie have been better then? Well, decide for yourself – here it is: the perfect Krubrik-Floyd-Match:

Tron – Legacy

I just recently watched this newest sequel of Tron (one of the first ground breaking movies with regards to computer animation and the usage of Backlit Animation) and have to say that its music really struck me. And then, at the “End of Line Club” scene, I saw the club DJs and realized why: “gosh, that is so Daft Punk!” Oh yes, it is! Of course it is. They do not only make this guest appearance, but even better: they composed the whole soundtrack of the movie! Yey, that is why it sounds so awesome! And after their – for me quite disappointing, almost slumberous – most recent album Random Access Memories from 2013, discovering this so undtrack from 2010 actually was like discovering a new in-old-manner-rocking Daft Punk album.
Enjoy this scene from the movie and you’ll see what I mean:

BTW: I really like that after this scene we get a fight scene which is ended by “The Dude in his dressing gown” entering the club and trying to save the day with what looks like magical powers stolen from Gandalf…. Actually from this point of view, it’s really quite funny, don’t you think?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

My Musical Sci-Fi Weeks – Part 1

Songs in and about Sci-Fi Movies

Yey, great film, great story, great effects! And what about the music? Really when it comes to the movies, good rocking music is such an important factor for me. I am not just talking about the film music itself but also about radio songs used in movies – this surely can quite a “style clash” sometimes, but for me it actually makes the difference between a good and a top movie ;-) Being quite into Sci-Fi, I decided to dedicate this and the next blog post to songs in and about my most favourite “space movies” – Here. We. Go.

Star Trek

One thing that totally got me in the Star Trek Movie from 2009 was the scene when little James Tiberius steals a classical car (well, as the film is set in 2233, yep I would say it’s an utmost classical car!) to go for a joyride in the country side. And what would be the ultimate fitting “classical” song for this? Right! He chooses “Beastie Boys - Sabotage” from the playlist and then gets into a car chase with the police. Awesome! It really is a brilliant scene and believe it or not, whenever I hear this song, it makes me think of a very certain spaceship….

Also, there is of course tons of fan-songs and musical parodies of Star Trek out there! The one I find best is from Warp 11 “It's Dead Jim” – lol I guess the title say it all! Warp 11 is actually a punk rock band from the US. They entirely play their own songs, but the lyrics are all about Star Trek. Other songs by then have such sophisticated titles as “Suck My Spock Some More” or “I Don't Want To Got To Heaven As Long As The Have Vulcans In Hell”. Hillarious! Bring it on guys!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ok this film is full of 80’s music, as its main character Peter aka Star Lord (geez, really!) is listening to the charts' music mixtape his mother gave him for his walkman - shortly before her death - during all his adventures (well at least when he is out of jail ;-)). So this rather calm, relaxed and to us of course familiar soundtrack somehow clashes with the futuristic, intergalactic space-crime- and-chase-adventure-scenes we see on screen, which is totally stylish if you ask me! Remember the “style clash” I was talking about in the introduction? See for yourself and decide if you like it:

Apart from Redbone’s Come and Get your Love my absolute musical favourites from the film are

Logan’s Run

One of my absolute favourite Sci-Fi movies / books ever. And – keeping in mind the new technologies and effects it came up with (including some synthie-stuff!), which were then also used in Star Wars and some of the other “big ones” -  I also think, sometimes this is not getting the appreciation it actually deserves. I even watched the complete series “Logan’s Run” (even despite the horrible theme song!) recently and truly, there are a lot of parallels in it to newer series. Of course we also see some stuff in there with is clearly reminding you of 2001 A Space Odyssey or even the classic  Star Trek series (some of the cast and scenery are actually the same) – so I think it’s give and take as with all great movies. Being as influential as Logan’s Run just is, of course some bands wrote songs about it and these are two I would highly recommend: Henning Ohlenbusch - Logan's Run - geez, isn't he right??

And if you like it a bit more Garage Rock: Bad Astronaut - Logan's Run:

Also I’d like to mention the two popular songs Kasabian - Shoot the Runner and Delorentos – Sanctuary, which are not 100% about Logan’s Run, but I wish they were ;-)

Until next time! Watch out for Star Wars, 2001 A Space Odyssey and more in Part 2 of my Musical Sci-Fi Weeks.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Riot Tapes and Buffalo Sunn live in Munich – The Irish Rock Tour

So here we were on a freezing evening at the Backstage in Munich which was the first gig of Buffalo Sunn’s / Riot Tapes’ Irish Rock Tour. And I tell you guys, these two bands have everything to warm you up on such a cold night!

I was really happy I went down there early to see Elaine Doyle from Riot Tapes (@EllyTapes on Twitter) on stage first (it was a solo acoustic performance, the rest of the band join in to the tour some days later). Man, what a voice and what passion she is putting into her performance! I actually did not “miss” the rest of the band that evening ;-)

Singer Elaine Doyle

Sure, Riot Tapes themselves play their songs in a rather electro-pop style, but the acoustic versions by Elaine are not less passionate and rocking in any way. My friends and the whole crowd were as impressed as myself!

Irish 5 piece Buffalo Sunn

After a short break finally the five lads from Buffalo Sunn took over the stage. They really are an awesome live band as well and gave a great performance, not only playing songs from their album “By The Ocean By The Sea”, but also from their upcoming releases. At one point the whole band left the stage except for Daniel, the lead singer, who gave a nice solo acoustic performance as well.

Concert in Munich with Buffalo Sunn

After “brushing up their make-up” (Daniel), the others returned and gathered around Daniel’s mic in a circle. Interesting you may think? Definitely! And brilliant, if you ask me – the band sang acoustic songs backed by Daniel’s guitar which resulted in a strong, effective, pervading performance. At the end of the gig the crowd was so impressed that they kept clapping for an encore. And apparently the band was impressed as well, stating it would be the first time they played an encore.

All in all a perfect evening! The next day the guys were heading for Berchtesgaden were their even was sold out! More of upcoming tour dates for both bands are:

10/02/2015 – Chemnitz, Subway to Peter
11/02/2015 – Hannover, Rocker
12/02/2015 – Hamburg, Rock Café
13/02/2015 – Berlin, Magnet

I highly recommend you catch them at one of these gigs – your surely won’t be disappointed. Also make sure to check out their tunes on Soundcloud here (Riot Tapes) and here (Buffalo Sunn).

Enjoy :-)