Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Rock 'n' Roll New Year's Resolution

What a year, huh? Just getting to know and quoting the movie "The Room" was worth it ;-) But I am not a big fan of sentimental year's review's, still less, as my 30th Bday is coming up! What I really like though is making New Year's resolutions, as I think they give you a great perspective in how to realise your dreams - so this is what I am gonna do! And as you know me, there always needs to be some good rock'n'roll in it ;-)

So here we go:

Gigs - 2015 will be my personal festival year - so many great bands are coming to rock the city. Alt-J, Royal Blood, Ian Anderson, Buffalo Sunn - to only name a few. And just to think of all the great acts I'll discover when I am over in Ireland again! And Kasabian. Oh yes. They were so totally awesome when I saw them here back in November so I promised myself to see them in 2015 again - no matter where I have to travel. Have you ever seen thm live? If not - go go go! They put so much energy and dedication to their shows so that you can have an unforgettable "party with the rock stars".

Our new Indie label - Last year Alex discovered his passion - and more important his talent! - for making electronic music. We've come a long way and so far we have 9 songs almost ready to go. He did most of the "plunking" and I also created some elements and gave some help with the arrangements. Therefore I really hope we can open our own Indie label next year and...

Publish an album - As his workroom has turned into something that looks like the core of HAL9000 over the last couple of months - with lights blinking and screens, keys, buttons and pitch wheels everywhere - why not take all this equipment and record our first album? I am totally in for this and hope that all works out :) As I said, 9 songs are almost perfectly done already.... 

People - just get on with them! - One lesson I learned - once again! - this year is, that it doesn't matter how much time you spend with a person - true friendship and care is not always adequate to the time spent together and the perception of this can vary very very much depending on what person you talk to. I don't want to hassle any love-bird-relationships here! I just want to point out: there are some people you happen to see quite rarely - maybe just every couple of months - and still the time you then spend together is freakin' awesome and in the end you have the feeling that "we truly went through a lot together"! You are tuned-in and therefore don't need a lot of planning - just be spontanious and off you go!Then there is the other kind - you haven't seen them for longer then a year - for you it seems nothing is more important then to have an unfogettable couple of hours / days with them as well. However need a lot of planning with them -months and weeks and in the end you find out that they are too busy and it won't work our anyway - no spontaneity, no spirit of frinedship whatsoever. You think. You though they would want to spend time with you as urgently as yourself, but instead you find out that you are not as important as you should be to them. Apparently. Guys, of course you don't get your time paid back and of course just syaing yes to an invitation is the best way of reducing the waste-of-time so many of us have to fight with daily. But don't  be angry with the people around you, don't stress yorself and don't be angry if other people need more planning for a simple meet-up than you do. Better get on with people as they are as this truly makes a real friend , don't you think? I've decided to take such situations just as they are and not to stress myself out about everyting "not-rocking" in 2015. Why? Because this is the most useless waste-of-time you can ever face in a new year.

Have a rocking 2015 everyone!