Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Three Days of November Ireland – Soundtrack

Spending three days and nights in Dublin over this year’s Halloween weekend made me remember once again how truly musical genius these happy folks over there really are and: how mild and sunny the in my opinion “saddest” month of the year can be! 
Despite shopping, partying, drinking and watching the hilarious Dara O’ Briain on stage I had some great discussions about the curiosities of the music scene, like the Bowie/Jagger music video of “Dancing In The Streets” not being a joke, Gallagher’s band Beady Eye splitting up just two weeks ago and nobody really knowing why or why the self-appointed “biggest Irish QOTSA-fan” doesn’t know their song “Auto Pilot”.
Well, it just was an awesome time from first to last and - as I unfortunately can’t share all these experiences here – I would like to share my personal “Three Days of November” Soundtrack with you. I hope yor like it and am curious about your take on it! What songs would be on your personal November playlist? Let me know in the comments' field!

Irish Soundtrack Three Days in November

Johnny Rayge – Cracks in the wood
Aw, this just makes you wanting to hit the road and take the world – as "it’s yours and you can just jump in"! There are not a lot of lyrics who express my life philosophy so to the point as this one. And especially when over in Ireland! For me this is a new must-have on every travel playlist ;-)

QOTSA – Auto Pilot
Awesome Track! Just awesome! See my comment above - this is why it is on this playlist ;-)
Listen here

One Republic – Love Runs Out
Yes they are commercial and mainstream, yes yes I know. But this doesn’t mean, they’re not making great music. To be honest I don’t like them too much, but this one really got me. I’d say this is one of my most favourite songs this year and this is why it was “in my ears” in Ireland as well – and it fit quite well!
Listen here

Coldplay – Green Eyes
Classic! Always reminds me of Ireland (God knows why) but also of my very special one back home. Listen to this when approaching Ireland on a plane – when the green lands shine on the ground!

Simon & Garfunkel  - Scarborough Fair
I bet you all know this song, but did you ever listen lot it? Carefully? And with full heart? It is such an amazing ballad and I love how they are singing two strophes at one time. I know this is not an Irish song, but still it always reminds me of a nice traditional Irish tune and it is perfect for a walk in the nature or at the seaside of Dublin Bay.

U2 – Ordinary Love
Well of course, speaking of an Ireland soundtrack, we need some U2 on it! Really love their single “Ordinary Love”, although others may say it is too commercial and has less punch then their former songs.

Skip the Use – Ghost
Get going, get jumpin’ – feel good song from Skip the Use – listen to this when strolling through the City – day or night doesn’t really matter ;-) Video is a bit creepy though.
Listen here

Ben l'Oncle Soul - Seven Nation Army
 “So this is the famous Whelans?” Yes it is and apart from great live gigs, they also have nice DJ sessions there with exquisite music that will kick you’re dancing a** ;-) This version of the world’s most famous White Stripes song is just one example.

Amy Winehouse – Valerie
Classic Club song in Dublin, if you ask me! This time we were Halloween-dancing to it in the Mercantile on Dame Street :-)

ZHU – Faded
I know this is normally is more like a Get-going-for-the-party-song, but this time in November it was more a hangover-morning-get-ready-for-the-day-song for me ;-) Anyway, great track!

Johnny Rayge – Airport
Another Johnny Rayge song – sorry I couldn’t find the link to it anymore. The name says it all! Great closure for a great trip!

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