Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Soundtrack for a rocking autumn :-)

The days are getting shorter, the leaves rot and the temperatres are starting to get frostier every day - and although probably all of wished for summer to stay a bit longer this year, autum is here, folks. Inevitably. And yes, you might be singing the autumn blues right now, but honestly - with so much good music having been released over the past months and so many great bands heavily touring the planet at the moment, I actually think there are plenty reasons to to rock 'n' roll right now.
After all, it's the last sun beams of autumn that tickle the most, right? So go out, enjoy a picnic in the colourful nature, drive into the golden sunsets of October, visit your friends and make the long nights to become your rocking day!

Here I've compiled my personal musical October-favourites for you - enjoy!

Kasabian - Eez-eh
Gosh, have you listened to their new album 48:13 already? If not: do it! One of the best albums of all times, if you ask me and Eez-eh is my absolute favourite tune from it. Ass-kicking and wild, yeah, shake it!
Listen here

Kaiser Chiefs - My Life
I somehow didn't like Kaiser Chiefs anymore since 2006 or so but with this single they jumped back on my radar - really love it!
Listen here

Buffalo Sunn - I Wanna Be In Love
great band from Dublin! Their debut album will be released this week - watch out for it! They sound like a mixture of Kasabian, BRMC and Dandy Wahols :-)
Listen here

Beck - Where It's At
Yep, this is so Beck. I think I actually just like it because of the genious line "That was a good drum break" - hillarious ;-)
Listen here

The Cure - Love Song 
For a long lovelorn evening... 
Listen here

Kongos - Come With Me
Underestimated band from South Africa - this song was actually released back in 2011, but became a hit in the US this year.
Listen here

John Grant - Black Belt
Fancy! Just fancy!
Listen here 

Zombies - She's Not There
Back to the 60s - very melodic, cool song, and also a bit melacolic - just like October itself!
Listen here

Beady Eye - Shine Alight
I am daring to say they are better then Oasis. Shine Alight is just one example of what I mean ;-)

Jack White - Love Interruption
Another Love song, awww! But listen carefully - the lyrics may shake you. Awesome song! And with a lot of classical instruments - short but neat!
Listen here

Alt-J - Ever Other Freckle
I can't help it, I am in love with these guys! 
Listen here

Arctic Monkeys - Arabella
Reminds me of autumn last year. Arabella is the best song their album AM, which was released in 2013 and in my opinion is thier best album so far.
Listen here

Autumn Soundtrack Rose

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