Saturday, 16 August 2014

Death In The Sickroom - Jangle Pop from Ireland

When I listen to Death In The Sickroom I get two toughts: One:  so this is the Irish answer to the early Beatles - well done, lads and Two: I bet every teenage and early-20s girl immediately falls in love these handsome lads.
Tonight is the latest single by Dublin four piece "jangle pop" (as they call their musical style) merchants. The video was directed and edited by Gansee Films. It strongly reminds me of that epic house party in Bray, but  this is a different story.
Death in the sick room

The lads formed in 2012 in Bluebell, Dublin. Tonight is the lead single from their forthcoming Brick To The Face EP, due out in August.
The NME said their track Brick To The Face ,“rings with all the bliss of a classic Johnny Marr guitar jangle, but with the blistering clout of Merchandise's 'Anxiety's Door' thrown in by the way of reinforcement”

Death In The Sickroom are:
Mark Heffernan- Guitar & Vocals
Eoghan Keane- Bass & Vocals

Devin Griffin- Guitar

Craig Dillon- Drums & Vocals

Som pretty cool stuff, huh? And here is the video of their latest single realease. Enjoy, folks, and let me know your comments :-)