Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Genotype Series - Photography Hard Rock

Surely you know when some one says "You really look like your mum! (or dad :-))", you also know what fun it is to compare pictures of you parents in your age and see what kind of similarities you discover. Also maybe you probably know about this internet-trend of reconstructing pictures that were shot 30 years ago with the same people and at the same location but today. But how close can you really get in directly comparing family relatives to each other?

Steffen Kirschner alias Cherryinger, who is not only the rythm guitar player of My Perfect Mistake but also an excellent professional photo artist, is answering this question in his astonishing "Genotype" photo series.

Photographing two relatives in exactly the same light and surrounding definitely is exciting (and difficult) by itself. But taking one half of each face and putting it together as one gives you the real mind-blowing effect... but see for yourself! These are examples of twins, mother and sun, father and son, mother and daughter and sister and sister:
Mother & Son
Father and Son
Mother & Daughter

You can check out the whole series on and you can also order the book with the whole series on this website. Enjoy and thumbs up for this rocking photographic idea!!