Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Munich goes HAPPY!

Berlin, Hamburg, London, Dublin, Krakow, Valencia, Sydney, Poland, Malta ... everybody is awesomely happy these days - thanks to Pharrell Williams ;-)
And everyone is in for the new internet hype of happy video filming! No wonder: the videos are jolly, colourful and very dancy - who would not love join in?

Video filming - Happy - Pharrell Williams
So naturally, Munich is going for it as well. The International Friends Munich are prepering something really big! I got some pictures of their Making-Of this video and these just look great if you ask me. Creativity and colours! The video was filmed at world famous sites of the city, like the Olympic Park, Marienplatz, Königsplatz, the Isar "beaches" or Münchner Freiheit underground station. And as you also see on the pictures, the non-participants joined in as well.

The Munich video will go online in about 2 weeks and I- will keep you updated of course. Until then - enjoy these impressions of the Making-Of :-)

Happy Video Munich - Pharrell WilliamsHappy video filming Munich - Pharrell Williams
 Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams
 Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams 

Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams

Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams

Making of the Munich video version of Happy

making-of the Munich Happy video

Pharrell Williams in spiring the Munich International Friends
Making-of: Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams

Happy making of video Munich - Pharrell WilliamsHappy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams Munich Olympic Park - Making of Happy Video

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