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Skapunk + Brass instruments = Awesome! Interview with The Prosecution

"What happens if you combine punk-rock, ska and hardcore tunes with ... brass instruments?!"
Well, when you think of the skacore guys from "The Prosecution", I can assure you: "Awesome things are happening!"
The Bavarian eight piece gave me an insightful interview about how and why their music sounds so well-tuned and ass-kicking after all and what exactly makes their "Kind of Art" ;-)

The Prosecution Band

How did you get the idea of mixing the elements of a “classic” rock-band with brass instruments, like trumpet, trombone or sax?

Simon: Actually this was not an idea, it was just a lucky coincident. When founding the band we didn't think about any genre or instrumentation. It was all aimless at that point. The mixture of ska and punk appeared just step by step. In the beginning we happened to be a 5 piece band, all without brass instruments. As years went by we suddenly became an 8 piece band and got a brass section. We were just a bunch of good friends that were keen on playing music and jammed from time to time and now you can see what evolved out of it.

How did you guys originally get together as a band and were there any crew changes since then?

Simon: We were all 12 years old and best friends, knowing each other since kindergarden.
Music seemed to be an escape from our small town traditional influenced lives. We did not want to be members of a footballclub or take part in any church related activities, we just wanted to step on our skateboards or make some noise in our basements by turning our amps to fucking 10(!) and we were not alone with that idea so suddenly there were 8 of us. As time went by some expectations and views within the band changed and we had no choice but change the line-up a bit. Our guitarist Dennis and Andrew on trumpet were no founding members but now we couldn't go on without them and they own a big part of our hearts. Oh, last but not least there is Spanky on the bass. He`s in for one year now and makes a great job. One thing I also have to say to that point is, that the band is like a family, there are no "old" or "new" members 'cause everybody is a simlar part of it.

You call yourself “100% Skacore” – would you say this musical style was invented by you?

Simon: No way! The pioneers of that genre are the Mighty Mighty Bosstones that are big idols for us. Our interpretation of skacore is that beside of ska there are many other musical styles involved, not only punk-rock. we all are listening to different styles of music. The result of it happens to be our kind of skacore. Elements of punk, ska, hardcore, jazz, metal, reggae. You can find everything in it)

Looking back, what was the most memorable moment in your band history so far?

Simon: That is a very difficult question, because every member has own impressions and feelings with the band so far. In my mind the best moment I had was when Dicky of the The Mighty Mighty Bosstones said he would  sing on our album.We couldn't believe it till we had the track.
Moments that still give me goosebombs were our support shows for bands like NOFX and the Donots, that we all used to listen to when we were kids, or beeing backstage on a festival when suddenly Chris#2 from Anti Flag walks by and smiles directly into your face while you are taking a sip of beer almost paralysed. Of course, those people are no superhumans but you catch yourself thinking "holy crap, something that started as a little jamsession now leads to support shows with our favorite bands!".

Your lyrics brim over with political statements against extensive capitalism, the dulling of the society by the misuse of medial power, etc. Is music the most important political engagement for you or is anyone of you also active in politics in a different way?

Simon: Music is a great tool to present your own values and points of view to other people. It`s our weapon of choice to tell how we feel and give our view related to different subjects the right space. Nevertheless our mind is that you should be part of a certain movement, if you want things to change and if you are able to combine your music with that, that's even better.
Recently for example we appeled for a food donation for the local Tafel e.V. In front of one of our shows. We were quite happy to see so many visitors bringing food.
We have also good connetions to an human-rights organisation called Pro Asyl that is really important for us. During a festival we collected cans worth 2000 Euros and donated the sum to this organisation. Also we take part in petitions, demonstrations and play charity concerts.

What’s up for The Prosecution in 2014? What can your fans be expecting? Festivals, live gigs, new releases?
Simon: We are planning to play a lot of shows and festivals again this year. A gig we are really looking forward to is the Mighty Sounds Festival in the Czech Republic. Also there will be some surprises and news that we are going to announce within the next few weeks. It might look like we are not really busy right now and that we are recovering from the latest tour, but there are definately things going on in the band. The recording date for the next album is already set.

Thanks a lot for the interview, guys!

And for everyone curious about what The Prosecution sound like, check out my favourite song "Our Kind of Art" here (awesome video!) and another masterpiece called "Ironic Phases" just here:

For more info visit http://the-prosecution.com/website/ :-)

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