Thursday, 9 January 2014

Miley Cyrus, a wrecking ball and me

There is this terrible terrible pop song playing in German radio stations since a few months now....

Well, you know German mainstream radio stations! Once they fall in love with a new pop song, it stays in their rotation for what seems like ages. Then they play it like every ten minutes until your ears start bleeding and suddenly (after the mentioned period of several months!) it vanished from the playlist and never gets played again. At least this is how it seems to me. Am I running off the track? Good! My day was terrible - music-wise. 

So, actually I wanted to tell you about this terrible song, right? When I asked my colleague today to turn it off (as I couldn't stand the singer's agonies any longer), she told me "Yey, this song is really unnerving. But do you know the mortally embarrassing music video that comes with it?"

No I didn't. Until just now - Miley Cyrus' master piece "Wrecking Ball". Geez, Miley, are you serious? Really? I guess this is another one for you then. Another scandal video maybe. Bad publicity for sure. But on the other hand pop stars need to be kept in the press, right?

In my opinion this video is really just embarrassing - starting from the "spit strings" in her mouth, the following hammer licking (get a boyfriend!) and climaxing in Miley riding a freakin wrecking ball without clothes?! Wow, girls can really be proud of such a role model flickering over the screens... But moreover I personally feel really embarrassed for her. And I was once again reminded of my disappointment regarding the mainstream music industry...

Just to hope that some boys might fancy this video anyway ;-) Ehm, yes, and sure I am posting it here!

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