Tuesday, 21 January 2014

She has it all! Interview with singer/songwrtiter Deetrich from Ireland

When I heard her songs for the first time I just was amazed! Singer/Songwriter Dee Doyle a.k.a. ‘Deetrich’ from Ireland really knows how to enchant her audience with her beutiful, gentle voice and passionate tunes.
"With her gutsy voice she has an intoxicating style. With a sweet but very confident and crisp tone, she has it all!" - I think this quote from Irish Unsigned sums it up terrifically! So, folks, fasten your seat belts - here comes Deetrich ;-)

Singer / Songwriter Deetrich

Dee, you were a member of several Irish bands before includiung the well-known Kilkenny four-piece Dali. When did you decide to start your solo career as a singer/songwriter and what were the reasons?
Ever since I began writing songs I’ve wanted to record my own album.The opportunity presented itself with producer Leo Pearson in 2009 and I grabbed it with both hands.

“No job, no money” – was the title of your first release. Sounds like a personal experience. What inspires you to write inspiring texts – dreams or real life?
Sometimes real, sometimes dreams, sometimes mixture of the two without realising it! No job, no money now looking back was definitely a real experience although I didn’t realise it at the time. That tends to happen a lot, I think I’m not writing about myself and my own experiences and then it becomes so obvious to me what the song was about when I listen back. In general though I’m inspired mostly by other people and objects, I try not to write too much about how I’m feeling as that is so common in pop music but yes the odd time it slips out!

Looking back, what was the greatest episode in your singer/songwriter history?
It’s hard to choose as there has been lots of great moments in all of the bands I’ve played with. As a solo artist I guess the best buzz for me so far was playing on stage with John Martyn’s backing band singing two John Martyn covers. The band was out of this world and an experience I will never forget.

And what was the biggest letdown?
Ah there has been a few alright, it’s a given with the music industry, I’ve learned to only believe things when they are actually happening and that way you never get let down too badly when it doesn’t happen!

Any other outstanding story you'd like to tell?
Supporting ‘Donovan’ in Set Theatre in Kilkenny last summer was also pretty cool. It was a seated gig, the balcony and floor were completely full. I sang and played songs off my album ‘Tug of War’ acoustically, it was nerve racking, you could hear a pin drop during the songs. But again a great experience and an honour to have supported a such a widely known and acclaimed star.

What’s the story behind your band name? An allusion to the German name Dietrich?
It was a nickname and an obvious choice! The unique spelling makes it easy to find me on the internet. I learned that lesson after we called our first band ‘Dali’…no one could find our music

What are your plans for 2014? Any new releases?
Record album number two! I have the songs written, the band and I are just going through them at the moment and we’ll start with recording a live demo of the songs soon. I’m very excited about it, as I’m playing electric guitar again and I’ve upped the bpm’s to make for a more upbeat live performance.

Yey, best of luck with that and thanks a million for the interview!

And if you are curious now, what Dee's tunes sound like, check out this live performance of my favourite Deetrich-song "Happy" :-)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Miley Cyrus, a wrecking ball and me

There is this terrible terrible pop song playing in German radio stations since a few months now....

Well, you know German mainstream radio stations! Once they fall in love with a new pop song, it stays in their rotation for what seems like ages. Then they play it like every ten minutes until your ears start bleeding and suddenly (after the mentioned period of several months!) it vanished from the playlist and never gets played again. At least this is how it seems to me. Am I running off the track? Good! My day was terrible - music-wise. 

So, actually I wanted to tell you about this terrible song, right? When I asked my colleague today to turn it off (as I couldn't stand the singer's agonies any longer), she told me "Yey, this song is really unnerving. But do you know the mortally embarrassing music video that comes with it?"

No I didn't. Until just now - Miley Cyrus' master piece "Wrecking Ball". Geez, Miley, are you serious? Really? I guess this is another one for you then. Another scandal video maybe. Bad publicity for sure. But on the other hand pop stars need to be kept in the press, right?

In my opinion this video is really just embarrassing - starting from the "spit strings" in her mouth, the following hammer licking (get a boyfriend!) and climaxing in Miley riding a freakin wrecking ball without clothes?! Wow, girls can really be proud of such a role model flickering over the screens... But moreover I personally feel really embarrassed for her. And I was once again reminded of my disappointment regarding the mainstream music industry...

Just to hope that some boys might fancy this video anyway ;-) Ehm, yes, and sure I am posting it here!