Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Rock 'n' Roll New Year's Resolution

What a year, huh? Just getting to know and quoting the movie "The Room" was worth it ;-) But I am not a big fan of sentimental year's review's, still less, as my 30th Bday is coming up! What I really like though is making New Year's resolutions, as I think they give you a great perspective in how to realise your dreams - so this is what I am gonna do! And as you know me, there always needs to be some good rock'n'roll in it ;-)

So here we go:

Gigs - 2015 will be my personal festival year - so many great bands are coming to rock the city. Alt-J, Royal Blood, Ian Anderson, Buffalo Sunn - to only name a few. And just to think of all the great acts I'll discover when I am over in Ireland again! And Kasabian. Oh yes. They were so totally awesome when I saw them here back in November so I promised myself to see them in 2015 again - no matter where I have to travel. Have you ever seen thm live? If not - go go go! They put so much energy and dedication to their shows so that you can have an unforgettable "party with the rock stars".

Our new Indie label - Last year Alex discovered his passion - and more important his talent! - for making electronic music. We've come a long way and so far we have 9 songs almost ready to go. He did most of the "plunking" and I also created some elements and gave some help with the arrangements. Therefore I really hope we can open our own Indie label next year and...

Publish an album - As his workroom has turned into something that looks like the core of HAL9000 over the last couple of months - with lights blinking and screens, keys, buttons and pitch wheels everywhere - why not take all this equipment and record our first album? I am totally in for this and hope that all works out :) As I said, 9 songs are almost perfectly done already.... 

People - just get on with them! - One lesson I learned - once again! - this year is, that it doesn't matter how much time you spend with a person - true friendship and care is not always adequate to the time spent together and the perception of this can vary very very much depending on what person you talk to. I don't want to hassle any love-bird-relationships here! I just want to point out: there are some people you happen to see quite rarely - maybe just every couple of months - and still the time you then spend together is freakin' awesome and in the end you have the feeling that "we truly went through a lot together"! You are tuned-in and therefore don't need a lot of planning - just be spontanious and off you go!Then there is the other kind - you haven't seen them for longer then a year - for you it seems nothing is more important then to have an unfogettable couple of hours / days with them as well. However need a lot of planning with them -months and weeks and in the end you find out that they are too busy and it won't work our anyway - no spontaneity, no spirit of frinedship whatsoever. You think. You though they would want to spend time with you as urgently as yourself, but instead you find out that you are not as important as you should be to them. Apparently. Guys, of course you don't get your time paid back and of course just syaing yes to an invitation is the best way of reducing the waste-of-time so many of us have to fight with daily. But don't  be angry with the people around you, don't stress yorself and don't be angry if other people need more planning for a simple meet-up than you do. Better get on with people as they are as this truly makes a real friend , don't you think? I've decided to take such situations just as they are and not to stress myself out about everyting "not-rocking" in 2015. Why? Because this is the most useless waste-of-time you can ever face in a new year.

Have a rocking 2015 everyone!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Riot Tapes - Single Release "Cardinal Rules" - OUT NOW :-)

Riot Tapes make heartfelt indie pop that packs a punch.  - Yep, I can totally agree on that! 
And last weekend they released their high-rocking debut single Cardinal Rules. I highly recommend you give a listen to this nice piece! I particularly like the awesome intro which get's you going from the first beat.
Formed in 2009 by Colorado native Chris O’Brien and Dubliner Elaine Doyle this leftfield electro-pop act are destined for big things. They became a four piece when Dave Ivers and Marty Canavan joined the ranks. The first single from this exciting new partnership is the alt-pop gem Cardinal Rules. "We are extremely excited to sign with Reekus and to get our music into the hands of as many people as possible." says Elaine.
And yes, she is right! I am so looking forward to hearing this song not only in the radio but also in all those clubs with stylish parties all over Europe :-)

Check out the video below and buy their single here

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Three Days of November Ireland – Soundtrack

Spending three days and nights in Dublin over this year’s Halloween weekend made me remember once again how truly musical genius these happy folks over there really are and: how mild and sunny the in my opinion “saddest” month of the year can be! 
Despite shopping, partying, drinking and watching the hilarious Dara O’ Briain on stage I had some great discussions about the curiosities of the music scene, like the Bowie/Jagger music video of “Dancing In The Streets” not being a joke, Gallagher’s band Beady Eye splitting up just two weeks ago and nobody really knowing why or why the self-appointed “biggest Irish QOTSA-fan” doesn’t know their song “Auto Pilot”.
Well, it just was an awesome time from first to last and - as I unfortunately can’t share all these experiences here – I would like to share my personal “Three Days of November” Soundtrack with you. I hope yor like it and am curious about your take on it! What songs would be on your personal November playlist? Let me know in the comments' field!

Irish Soundtrack Three Days in November

Johnny Rayge – Cracks in the wood
Aw, this just makes you wanting to hit the road and take the world – as "it’s yours and you can just jump in"! There are not a lot of lyrics who express my life philosophy so to the point as this one. And especially when over in Ireland! For me this is a new must-have on every travel playlist ;-)

QOTSA – Auto Pilot
Awesome Track! Just awesome! See my comment above - this is why it is on this playlist ;-)
Listen here

One Republic – Love Runs Out
Yes they are commercial and mainstream, yes yes I know. But this doesn’t mean, they’re not making great music. To be honest I don’t like them too much, but this one really got me. I’d say this is one of my most favourite songs this year and this is why it was “in my ears” in Ireland as well – and it fit quite well!
Listen here

Coldplay – Green Eyes
Classic! Always reminds me of Ireland (God knows why) but also of my very special one back home. Listen to this when approaching Ireland on a plane – when the green lands shine on the ground!

Simon & Garfunkel  - Scarborough Fair
I bet you all know this song, but did you ever listen lot it? Carefully? And with full heart? It is such an amazing ballad and I love how they are singing two strophes at one time. I know this is not an Irish song, but still it always reminds me of a nice traditional Irish tune and it is perfect for a walk in the nature or at the seaside of Dublin Bay.

U2 – Ordinary Love
Well of course, speaking of an Ireland soundtrack, we need some U2 on it! Really love their single “Ordinary Love”, although others may say it is too commercial and has less punch then their former songs.

Skip the Use – Ghost
Get going, get jumpin’ – feel good song from Skip the Use – listen to this when strolling through the City – day or night doesn’t really matter ;-) Video is a bit creepy though.
Listen here

Ben l'Oncle Soul - Seven Nation Army
 “So this is the famous Whelans?” Yes it is and apart from great live gigs, they also have nice DJ sessions there with exquisite music that will kick you’re dancing a** ;-) This version of the world’s most famous White Stripes song is just one example.

Amy Winehouse – Valerie
Classic Club song in Dublin, if you ask me! This time we were Halloween-dancing to it in the Mercantile on Dame Street :-)

ZHU – Faded
I know this is normally is more like a Get-going-for-the-party-song, but this time in November it was more a hangover-morning-get-ready-for-the-day-song for me ;-) Anyway, great track!

Johnny Rayge – Airport
Another Johnny Rayge song – sorry I couldn’t find the link to it anymore. The name says it all! Great closure for a great trip!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Brunettes Shoot Blondes - the magical smart devices music video!

Now isn't that sweet? So sweetysweet! Treadmill were yesterday! (Sorry, OK GO!)
Today's video highlight is finally a useful idea what to do with all these smart phones, tablets and pcsstockpiled in every true digital native's house ;-)
Brunettes Shoot Blondes new and very interactive video - enjoy folks and share the luv!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Soundtrack for a rocking autumn :-)

The days are getting shorter, the leaves rot and the temperatres are starting to get frostier every day - and although probably all of wished for summer to stay a bit longer this year, autum is here, folks. Inevitably. And yes, you might be singing the autumn blues right now, but honestly - with so much good music having been released over the past months and so many great bands heavily touring the planet at the moment, I actually think there are plenty reasons to to rock 'n' roll right now.
After all, it's the last sun beams of autumn that tickle the most, right? So go out, enjoy a picnic in the colourful nature, drive into the golden sunsets of October, visit your friends and make the long nights to become your rocking day!

Here I've compiled my personal musical October-favourites for you - enjoy!

Kasabian - Eez-eh
Gosh, have you listened to their new album 48:13 already? If not: do it! One of the best albums of all times, if you ask me and Eez-eh is my absolute favourite tune from it. Ass-kicking and wild, yeah, shake it!
Listen here

Kaiser Chiefs - My Life
I somehow didn't like Kaiser Chiefs anymore since 2006 or so but with this single they jumped back on my radar - really love it!
Listen here

Buffalo Sunn - I Wanna Be In Love
great band from Dublin! Their debut album will be released this week - watch out for it! They sound like a mixture of Kasabian, BRMC and Dandy Wahols :-)
Listen here

Beck - Where It's At
Yep, this is so Beck. I think I actually just like it because of the genious line "That was a good drum break" - hillarious ;-)
Listen here

The Cure - Love Song 
For a long lovelorn evening... 
Listen here

Kongos - Come With Me
Underestimated band from South Africa - this song was actually released back in 2011, but became a hit in the US this year.
Listen here

John Grant - Black Belt
Fancy! Just fancy!
Listen here 

Zombies - She's Not There
Back to the 60s - very melodic, cool song, and also a bit melacolic - just like October itself!
Listen here

Beady Eye - Shine Alight
I am daring to say they are better then Oasis. Shine Alight is just one example of what I mean ;-)

Jack White - Love Interruption
Another Love song, awww! But listen carefully - the lyrics may shake you. Awesome song! And with a lot of classical instruments - short but neat!
Listen here

Alt-J - Ever Other Freckle
I can't help it, I am in love with these guys! 
Listen here

Arctic Monkeys - Arabella
Reminds me of autumn last year. Arabella is the best song their album AM, which was released in 2013 and in my opinion is thier best album so far.
Listen here

Autumn Soundtrack Rose

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Death In The Sickroom - Jangle Pop from Ireland

When I listen to Death In The Sickroom I get two toughts: One:  so this is the Irish answer to the early Beatles - well done, lads and Two: I bet every teenage and early-20s girl immediately falls in love these handsome lads.
Tonight is the latest single by Dublin four piece "jangle pop" (as they call their musical style) merchants. The video was directed and edited by Gansee Films. It strongly reminds me of that epic house party in Bray, but  this is a different story.
Death in the sick room

The lads formed in 2012 in Bluebell, Dublin. Tonight is the lead single from their forthcoming Brick To The Face EP, due out in August.
The NME said their track Brick To The Face ,“rings with all the bliss of a classic Johnny Marr guitar jangle, but with the blistering clout of Merchandise's 'Anxiety's Door' thrown in by the way of reinforcement”

Death In The Sickroom are:
Mark Heffernan- Guitar & Vocals
Eoghan Keane- Bass & Vocals

Devin Griffin- Guitar

Craig Dillon- Drums & Vocals

Som pretty cool stuff, huh? And here is the video of their latest single realease. Enjoy, folks, and let me know your comments :-)

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Johnny Rayge Debut Album Launch "Vigil"

Got  a great reason for visiting Dublin this summer for you guys! Following on from the successful launch of his single "Not Without You" in March, my good friend Johnny Rayge will release his debut album "Vigil" in The Button Factory on Friday, June 13th. You will definitely find some new alltime-favouite songs on this record, I can promise!

After years pursuing rock-and-roll grooves with his former band ITO - you know them from here - Johnny decided to take a more meditative approach in recording this album. The result is a collection of contemplative songs as complex as they are catchy, incorporating intricate harmonies and epic choruses to create songs that are "as dramatic as they are musical" (Independent Music Review Ireland)

Johnny says "it’s just about being honest with myself, living everyday like it’s the last and loving every moment of it. It sounds cliché but it’s not about arriving, it’s all about getting there; the relationships you build, the songs you sing; there’s a lot of love and loss, and we all go through it. This is just my way of dealing with it. I hope that this album, which is just honest, and these songs, will connect with some people and say to them what they say to me"

The album is being launched alongside a busy Summer for Johnny. As well as having several festival dates already lined up (including Glastonbury, Electric Picnic and Body & Soul)

Johnny has been a mainstay of the Dublin music scene since his previous band ITO first broke into the Irish music charts in 2006 with "Higher Than The Sun" but this album marks Johnny's first major release in seven years. The first single from the album, "Not Without You", has already received airplay on a number of radio stations.

On Friday, June 13th, Johnny will play the entire album live backed by an array of Dublin's finest musicians including Jebediah Funkfield, Chris O’Sullivan, Abel Benito, Noemie Chivas Baron and Sascha Herndl.

Curious what "Vigil" sounds like? Click here for buying the complete album!

Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Genotype Series - Photography Hard Rock

Surely you know when some one says "You really look like your mum! (or dad :-))", you also know what fun it is to compare pictures of you parents in your age and see what kind of similarities you discover. Also maybe you probably know about this internet-trend of reconstructing pictures that were shot 30 years ago with the same people and at the same location but today. But how close can you really get in directly comparing family relatives to each other?

Steffen Kirschner alias Cherryinger, who is not only the rythm guitar player of My Perfect Mistake but also an excellent professional photo artist, is answering this question in his astonishing "Genotype" photo series.

Photographing two relatives in exactly the same light and surrounding definitely is exciting (and difficult) by itself. But taking one half of each face and putting it together as one gives you the real mind-blowing effect... but see for yourself! These are examples of twins, mother and sun, father and son, mother and daughter and sister and sister:
Mother & Son
Father and Son
Mother & Daughter

You can check out the whole series on and you can also order the book with the whole series on this website. Enjoy and thumbs up for this rocking photographic idea!!

Friday, 28 March 2014

HAPPY - We are from Munich! BANG!

So they did it, they did it! Her is goes, the Pharrell Williams Happy Video produces by the Munich International Friends.
As far as I can see, this is the third video from this internet hype actually coming from Munich. So maybe it's the last, but definitely not the least one. Infact, I personally like this best!
Why? Probably because of the colours ;-) But also because of the nice elements they use in there, like the split screen, because of the fact that they shot this in very famous and cool but also not too often seen places in Munich, like the Underground station "Münchner Freiheit" or the "Olympic Hill" from which you can see the whole Olympic Stadium as well as the city of Munich in the background.
Also you definitely get the flair of happy, cosy internationality in there and in my opinion, this is what the whole hype is all about: Happy around the world.

So find the whole world in Munich in this video and enjoy, folks!!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Munich goes HAPPY!

Berlin, Hamburg, London, Dublin, Krakow, Valencia, Sydney, Poland, Malta ... everybody is awesomely happy these days - thanks to Pharrell Williams ;-)
And everyone is in for the new internet hype of happy video filming! No wonder: the videos are jolly, colourful and very dancy - who would not love join in?

Video filming - Happy - Pharrell Williams
So naturally, Munich is going for it as well. The International Friends Munich are prepering something really big! I got some pictures of their Making-Of this video and these just look great if you ask me. Creativity and colours! The video was filmed at world famous sites of the city, like the Olympic Park, Marienplatz, Königsplatz, the Isar "beaches" or Münchner Freiheit underground station. And as you also see on the pictures, the non-participants joined in as well.

The Munich video will go online in about 2 weeks and I- will keep you updated of course. Until then - enjoy these impressions of the Making-Of :-)

Happy Video Munich - Pharrell WilliamsHappy video filming Munich - Pharrell Williams
 Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams
 Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams 

Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams

Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams

Making of the Munich video version of Happy

making-of the Munich Happy video

Pharrell Williams in spiring the Munich International Friends
Making-of: Happy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams

Happy making of video Munich - Pharrell WilliamsHappy Video Munich - Pharrell Williams Munich Olympic Park - Making of Happy Video

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Raving on the (Benny) Hill - Awakefest 2013

Hehe, I really can't remember the last time when an amateur video montage made me laughing my a** off like this one ;-)
Whoever got the idea of dubbing this scene from a Dutch techno festival ("Awakenings Festival") with the well-known theme song from "The Benny Hill Show" ... well done to you!

Like these guys hadd been their performance for months! Brilliant, really. And if you feel down, sad or stressed - watch this! I am sure it will make you feel happy again in no time :-)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Skapunk + Brass instruments = Awesome! Interview with The Prosecution

"What happens if you combine punk-rock, ska and hardcore tunes with ... brass instruments?!"
Well, when you think of the skacore guys from "The Prosecution", I can assure you: "Awesome things are happening!"
The Bavarian eight piece gave me an insightful interview about how and why their music sounds so well-tuned and ass-kicking after all and what exactly makes their "Kind of Art" ;-)

The Prosecution Band

How did you get the idea of mixing the elements of a “classic” rock-band with brass instruments, like trumpet, trombone or sax?

Simon: Actually this was not an idea, it was just a lucky coincident. When founding the band we didn't think about any genre or instrumentation. It was all aimless at that point. The mixture of ska and punk appeared just step by step. In the beginning we happened to be a 5 piece band, all without brass instruments. As years went by we suddenly became an 8 piece band and got a brass section. We were just a bunch of good friends that were keen on playing music and jammed from time to time and now you can see what evolved out of it.

How did you guys originally get together as a band and were there any crew changes since then?

Simon: We were all 12 years old and best friends, knowing each other since kindergarden.
Music seemed to be an escape from our small town traditional influenced lives. We did not want to be members of a footballclub or take part in any church related activities, we just wanted to step on our skateboards or make some noise in our basements by turning our amps to fucking 10(!) and we were not alone with that idea so suddenly there were 8 of us. As time went by some expectations and views within the band changed and we had no choice but change the line-up a bit. Our guitarist Dennis and Andrew on trumpet were no founding members but now we couldn't go on without them and they own a big part of our hearts. Oh, last but not least there is Spanky on the bass. He`s in for one year now and makes a great job. One thing I also have to say to that point is, that the band is like a family, there are no "old" or "new" members 'cause everybody is a simlar part of it.

You call yourself “100% Skacore” – would you say this musical style was invented by you?

Simon: No way! The pioneers of that genre are the Mighty Mighty Bosstones that are big idols for us. Our interpretation of skacore is that beside of ska there are many other musical styles involved, not only punk-rock. we all are listening to different styles of music. The result of it happens to be our kind of skacore. Elements of punk, ska, hardcore, jazz, metal, reggae. You can find everything in it)

Looking back, what was the most memorable moment in your band history so far?

Simon: That is a very difficult question, because every member has own impressions and feelings with the band so far. In my mind the best moment I had was when Dicky of the The Mighty Mighty Bosstones said he would  sing on our album.We couldn't believe it till we had the track.
Moments that still give me goosebombs were our support shows for bands like NOFX and the Donots, that we all used to listen to when we were kids, or beeing backstage on a festival when suddenly Chris#2 from Anti Flag walks by and smiles directly into your face while you are taking a sip of beer almost paralysed. Of course, those people are no superhumans but you catch yourself thinking "holy crap, something that started as a little jamsession now leads to support shows with our favorite bands!".

Your lyrics brim over with political statements against extensive capitalism, the dulling of the society by the misuse of medial power, etc. Is music the most important political engagement for you or is anyone of you also active in politics in a different way?

Simon: Music is a great tool to present your own values and points of view to other people. It`s our weapon of choice to tell how we feel and give our view related to different subjects the right space. Nevertheless our mind is that you should be part of a certain movement, if you want things to change and if you are able to combine your music with that, that's even better.
Recently for example we appeled for a food donation for the local Tafel e.V. In front of one of our shows. We were quite happy to see so many visitors bringing food.
We have also good connetions to an human-rights organisation called Pro Asyl that is really important for us. During a festival we collected cans worth 2000 Euros and donated the sum to this organisation. Also we take part in petitions, demonstrations and play charity concerts.

What’s up for The Prosecution in 2014? What can your fans be expecting? Festivals, live gigs, new releases?
Simon: We are planning to play a lot of shows and festivals again this year. A gig we are really looking forward to is the Mighty Sounds Festival in the Czech Republic. Also there will be some surprises and news that we are going to announce within the next few weeks. It might look like we are not really busy right now and that we are recovering from the latest tour, but there are definately things going on in the band. The recording date for the next album is already set.

Thanks a lot for the interview, guys!

And for everyone curious about what The Prosecution sound like, check out my favourite song "Our Kind of Art" here (awesome video!) and another masterpiece called "Ironic Phases" just here:

For more info visit :-)

Sunday, 16 February 2014

The wrecking ball disaster - in Irish

The guys from Epic News did a fantastic addendum to my recent post about Miley Cyrus' video. I am still crying with laughter - and total agreement ;-) Great stuff, lads!


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

She has it all! Interview with singer/songwrtiter Deetrich from Ireland

When I heard her songs for the first time I just was amazed! Singer/Songwriter Dee Doyle a.k.a. ‘Deetrich’ from Ireland really knows how to enchant her audience with her beutiful, gentle voice and passionate tunes.
"With her gutsy voice she has an intoxicating style. With a sweet but very confident and crisp tone, she has it all!" - I think this quote from Irish Unsigned sums it up terrifically! So, folks, fasten your seat belts - here comes Deetrich ;-)

Singer / Songwriter Deetrich

Dee, you were a member of several Irish bands before includiung the well-known Kilkenny four-piece Dali. When did you decide to start your solo career as a singer/songwriter and what were the reasons?
Ever since I began writing songs I’ve wanted to record my own album.The opportunity presented itself with producer Leo Pearson in 2009 and I grabbed it with both hands.

“No job, no money” – was the title of your first release. Sounds like a personal experience. What inspires you to write inspiring texts – dreams or real life?
Sometimes real, sometimes dreams, sometimes mixture of the two without realising it! No job, no money now looking back was definitely a real experience although I didn’t realise it at the time. That tends to happen a lot, I think I’m not writing about myself and my own experiences and then it becomes so obvious to me what the song was about when I listen back. In general though I’m inspired mostly by other people and objects, I try not to write too much about how I’m feeling as that is so common in pop music but yes the odd time it slips out!

Looking back, what was the greatest episode in your singer/songwriter history?
It’s hard to choose as there has been lots of great moments in all of the bands I’ve played with. As a solo artist I guess the best buzz for me so far was playing on stage with John Martyn’s backing band singing two John Martyn covers. The band was out of this world and an experience I will never forget.

And what was the biggest letdown?
Ah there has been a few alright, it’s a given with the music industry, I’ve learned to only believe things when they are actually happening and that way you never get let down too badly when it doesn’t happen!

Any other outstanding story you'd like to tell?
Supporting ‘Donovan’ in Set Theatre in Kilkenny last summer was also pretty cool. It was a seated gig, the balcony and floor were completely full. I sang and played songs off my album ‘Tug of War’ acoustically, it was nerve racking, you could hear a pin drop during the songs. But again a great experience and an honour to have supported a such a widely known and acclaimed star.

What’s the story behind your band name? An allusion to the German name Dietrich?
It was a nickname and an obvious choice! The unique spelling makes it easy to find me on the internet. I learned that lesson after we called our first band ‘Dali’…no one could find our music

What are your plans for 2014? Any new releases?
Record album number two! I have the songs written, the band and I are just going through them at the moment and we’ll start with recording a live demo of the songs soon. I’m very excited about it, as I’m playing electric guitar again and I’ve upped the bpm’s to make for a more upbeat live performance.

Yey, best of luck with that and thanks a million for the interview!

And if you are curious now, what Dee's tunes sound like, check out this live performance of my favourite Deetrich-song "Happy" :-)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Miley Cyrus, a wrecking ball and me

There is this terrible terrible pop song playing in German radio stations since a few months now....

Well, you know German mainstream radio stations! Once they fall in love with a new pop song, it stays in their rotation for what seems like ages. Then they play it like every ten minutes until your ears start bleeding and suddenly (after the mentioned period of several months!) it vanished from the playlist and never gets played again. At least this is how it seems to me. Am I running off the track? Good! My day was terrible - music-wise. 

So, actually I wanted to tell you about this terrible song, right? When I asked my colleague today to turn it off (as I couldn't stand the singer's agonies any longer), she told me "Yey, this song is really unnerving. But do you know the mortally embarrassing music video that comes with it?"

No I didn't. Until just now - Miley Cyrus' master piece "Wrecking Ball". Geez, Miley, are you serious? Really? I guess this is another one for you then. Another scandal video maybe. Bad publicity for sure. But on the other hand pop stars need to be kept in the press, right?

In my opinion this video is really just embarrassing - starting from the "spit strings" in her mouth, the following hammer licking (get a boyfriend!) and climaxing in Miley riding a freakin wrecking ball without clothes?! Wow, girls can really be proud of such a role model flickering over the screens... But moreover I personally feel really embarrassed for her. And I was once again reminded of my disappointment regarding the mainstream music industry...

Just to hope that some boys might fancy this video anyway ;-) Ehm, yes, and sure I am posting it here!