Sunday, 18 November 2012

Punk Rock for a Sunday afternoon

Oh, guys, this is brilliant!

Ansbach's local punk rock kings My Perfect Mistake bring you a cover of Rainhard Fendrich's masterpiece "Weus'd a Herz Hast Wia a Bergwerk" - this is Bavarian for "Because you have a heart like a colliery (I like you)".
Nice one! So hey, this is Bavarian punk rock at its finest - perfect for a lazy, blurry, hangover Sunday afternoon (you know, what I mean, don't you ;-)).

Apart from this new song, My Perfect Mistake recently announced quite touching news: their singer DD - one of the founding members of MPM - has left the band. Their new singer is Basti "Käthe" Völler, who was the front man and bass player of the former punk rock band "No Rivet".

Here they are in their new band set:

Enjoy, people and have a rocking Sunday!