Friday, 3 February 2012

Gotye and me - an Interpretion

If you listen to mainstream radio from time to time (*lol*) you might have stumbled over "Gotye" and his Somebody I Used To Know - a song played all over in the charts since last year. Well, think of the song what you like - for me it's not the ultimate "burner", but compared to the other 20 German mainstream radio top songs which are continously being repeated hour after hour until your ears start bleeding due to the never-ending monotony, it's the far best at the moment.

And just don't bother about the, ehm, "weird" music video when it appears on your screen - it's art, you know.... ;)

Anyway, what this post actually should be about - the coolest, wittiest (*e-hem*) interpretation of Somebody I Used To Know so far: done by the German comedians Joko & Klass (and friends):

Enjoy and sing along people - it's not that bad, remember: it's art!

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