Monday, 21 November 2011

More Than Conquerors EP: Boots & Bones

I recently discovered a new musical pearl from Ireland and am happy to introduce their new EP to you, my dear readers: "Boots & Bones" from the passionate four-piece More than Conquerors - and I really really enjoy listening to their tracks. Playful, devoted and melodic indie-rock music awaits you, best described as "Rapture-style punk-funk" ;) I warmely recommend you to listen to their new tracks and download them here:

Cool, ain't they? My personal favourites are "Oh My Son" and "A Lion, A Man" :)
Their new EP draws from that same well of inspiration but also broadens the band’s sonic palette. There are audible elements of their much-missed hometown heroes Six Star Hotel on tracks such as ‘A Lion A Man' - watch the music video here:

Right now More Than Conquerors are touring the UK on a mission to turn many more heads and make new friends along the way, so if you're round: don't miss them :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Kicking tunes with Handsome Paddy

Hi all, just discovered this guy - he is doing awesome remix sessions that can be downloaded free and directly to your stereo from here.

For everyone haning around near Dublin: DJ Handsome Paddy will be joining This Club at the Sugar Club in Dublin on Nov 25th. Until then: Enjoy his tunes here:
Handsome Paddy - Kick Out The Jams by ChoiceCuts