Tuesday, 27 September 2011

MPM rock the pub

Last Saturday Ansbach five piece My Perfect Mistake went down to the Flyers Pub Ansbach to rock the walls. My dear readers, I was really impressed! They get better on every gig they play (although they are practising even less, as they keep telling me ;-) )

As always when they play at the Flyers, they also were performing a complete new song this time as well, named "Like a Lifetime". Didn't catch the name at first, but I guess this is secondary anyway - much more important: that "world premiere" kicked ass! Just as their other punkrock tunes.

I've fetched some impressions for you...enjoy! Oh and before you wonder, why they are wearing dresses .............. If you fancy some MPM tunes for your stereo, here's a free song from the band: Weapon X

More Info and gig dates to be found on: www.myperfectmistake.de