Monday, 18 July 2011

The guy who sang a girl's song: Star Wars back in 1930

Anyone remember the song "Your Woman" from the UK synthie band "White Town"? It was quite a blast in 1997/1998 but also a classic One Hit Wonder for White Town.
I've loved this song since I first listened to it and it still is one of my alltime favourites. The lyrics are beautiful and tragic and I somehow find it funny, that a man is singing "I could never be your woman" - it's not the first time a gilr's song is performed by a boy, I know, but still I find it quite striking here.

Find the music video on MyVideo.

Oh and yes, do the tunes sound like Star Wars?! Yes they do indeed - this song was inspired by Al Bowlly's "My Woman", a jazz song from the 1930s. And obviously this song also gave some inspiration for the Star Wars soundtrack as well. You agree?

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  1. Great Song Anne Lina.
    And yes star wars defenately used parts from it for their music.


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