Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Life's Soundtracks - Guitar Summer in German

It should be summer at the moment, right? But somehow July 2011 feels like April 2011 today :(
Luckily there are quite a number of songs to get true summer flair at least for your head. Below I have compiled three of my favourite summer-somersongs from great German bands to make the sun shine our of your speakers ;) They were all released during 2006 and - exept for the FiFa World Champinship of course - that summer really sucked as well. Throughout my complete summer holidays it was cold and rainy - but those guys below helped me to stand it ;) Enjoy!

Pohlmann - Wenn jetzt Sommer Wär' ("If it was summer now")

Sebstian Hämer - Der Sommer unseres Lebens ("The Summer of our Life", and yes, you'll remember it from here)

Revolverheld - Mit dir chill'n (Live) ("Chill out with you")

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