Monday, 7 March 2011

News from underground - Interview with FragileChild

Today I bring to you a little interview with the Ansbach Goth-Rock band FragileChild ( Dennis Klinke (Programming, Lyrics, Vocals) started this underground band project about six years ago and meanwhile – after various changes of the band members – his close friend Mex (guitar) has completed the band set up. FragileChilds tunes sound like a mixture of Goth-Rock with a lot of electronic elements, sometimes they even may remind you of the beats in a major dance club. Their influences come from Blutengeland Solar Fake to Guns N Roses and Muse – also quite a mixture ;-) I had the honor to speak to Dennis about everything between the origin of FragileChild and their future plans.
What was the original idea of the band FragileChild? Why and when did you establish FragileChild as a band and what has changed since then?
Dennis: I wanted to create an image of everything I feel inside and convert my past. From the first second on (in 2005), I wanted to create electronic music, with guitars and female vocals but I think that FragileChild is still a project (maybe a little band ;-) FragileChild was founded April in 2005 as solo project of mine. The cast more often changed to 2008. Since Mex is present we had two female-vocalist changing. Then we have resolved to make only further music.

What's the story behind your band name?
Dennis: the name is still a reflection of my inner. FragileChild is a part of me. When I look back in 2005 I was very weak and more depressive as today. The meaning (or a part of it) is actually written down in the lyrics of our song "Fragile Child". The times when I cut myself while I can´t stand the pain of life. The fact that no one asks you if you actually want to live but everyone tells you how you have to live.

You recently signed up for a record-label - what does this mean for FragileChild? What are your plans and what can fans be expecting?
Dennis: For FragileChild it’s a big step! It means that we can release our CDs officially and get a larger public. Fans can expect that the songs will be more danceable, atmospherically and harder than the first ones! We have learned out of our mistakes we made on our release "Feuertaufe".

What was the greatest story ever happening to you as a band so far?
Dennis: the whole band history ;-) so really starts it since Mex in addition came. Some highlights are definitive: our friendship for what I am very thankful! The first live concert, to present our debut album in local radio and that FragileChild after 6 years of band history got a label and management.

And what was the most disappointing moment?
Dennis: FragileChild would almost have gone to the ground in 2010 from private reasons... we had a complete burn-out!! But luckily we managed to pull ourselves together and after a break we were back to business.

What are the themes of your songs and how do you get the ideas for your lyrics?
Dennis: I write about life, suicide and death, how it feels to be loved and to be unloved. Mostly I write the lyrics when I’m down or pissed off!

Any upcoming releases?
Dennis: Yes, definitely. In March we will be releasing our new EP "Selfhate" as limited CD- edition, not on label. In May our first single and in summer or late summer our second-album is to be released.

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