Friday, 14 January 2011

"Throwing Vespas off the roof" - Interview with The Looks from Ireland

Back to blogging - back with another great interview: Graham from the Dublin newcomer band The Looks (I introduced them on Noisy Crumb here)gave me a nice interview about their band life, their upcoming releases and gigs and, of course, their future plans. Yey, those guys want to get famous and they definitely are on a good way, with their tunes. All I can say about them, is, that if you support The Looks, you support good, extraordinary handmade rock-music and now, have fun reading :)

How did you guys originally get together as a band?
Well we were kids with guitars who enjoyed playing music together. We just haven't stopped yet. About two years ago now we got a kick and got some musical direction. Since then we've found a sound and style that gets us all very excited in all the right places.

You’re recording your album at the moment – when will it be released and what should fans be expecting?
Fans? Holy shit we have fans, I gotta go tell my mum... Well we started working with a very talented musician, Johnny Murphy [aka Spud Murphy] on pre production for a few tracks before we released our first single, Romeo/Enemies. That worked really well. Then we met critically acclaimed producer Pete Meighan and we did the final production on those arrangements. We loved this work flow. I feel it helps us get the best sound out of the songs we have. We are still constantly writing new stuff. The second single is out in February and hopefully the album will follow toward the end of the year. None of us our happy releasing an album with anything other than banging track after banging track. It'll be worth the wait.

What’s the story with your music video for “Enemies”? How did you get the idea with the “sports”-competition?
Enemies was made with a great film company, here in Dublin, called Krank. They're brilliant and came to us with this fun idea. When someone asks you to be part of a sports day you gotta say, hell yeah. So we and a load of people showed up looking wonderful/ridiculous. And the rest is the beauty you see. I can't wait to work with Krank again.

What was the best story happening to you as a band?
- Living together, living on bread and wine in London. - Having a full crowd sing back our songs. - Supporting great bands like New Young Pony Club. - The success of our first single. - Walking into a night club and hearing my song playing. Sorry I couldn't pick one thing. I love being in this band playing our music to whoever will listen. It's a drug addiction.

And what was the most unpleasant or disappointing story that happened to you as a band?
I'm not standing on top of a hotel somewhere in Europe throwing a Vespa off the roof, with our manager trying to coax me down from my euphoric rage. This is what I imagine to happen when we are a massive band. So my biggest disappointment is that we're not at that stage yet, and when we are that big, I'm sure I’ll be disappointed we're not bigger. I just want more.

Any other outstanding story you'd like to tell?
The story I want to tell is one that starts with “when we were playing a gig in Germany” , but we haven't being invited yet. HINT HINT. Oh when that story of stories is told, how we'll both look back and laugh at the parts you couldn't print.

Any upcoming gig-dates?
We're playing night clubs in Dublin this month but the next big one for us is the single release at the end of February. Hopefully we get to tour outside this island again very very soon.

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