Monday, 21 November 2011

More Than Conquerors EP: Boots & Bones

I recently discovered a new musical pearl from Ireland and am happy to introduce their new EP to you, my dear readers: "Boots & Bones" from the passionate four-piece More than Conquerors - and I really really enjoy listening to their tracks. Playful, devoted and melodic indie-rock music awaits you, best described as "Rapture-style punk-funk" ;) I warmely recommend you to listen to their new tracks and download them here:

Cool, ain't they? My personal favourites are "Oh My Son" and "A Lion, A Man" :)
Their new EP draws from that same well of inspiration but also broadens the band’s sonic palette. There are audible elements of their much-missed hometown heroes Six Star Hotel on tracks such as ‘A Lion A Man' - watch the music video here:

Right now More Than Conquerors are touring the UK on a mission to turn many more heads and make new friends along the way, so if you're round: don't miss them :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Kicking tunes with Handsome Paddy

Hi all, just discovered this guy - he is doing awesome remix sessions that can be downloaded free and directly to your stereo from here.

For everyone haning around near Dublin: DJ Handsome Paddy will be joining This Club at the Sugar Club in Dublin on Nov 25th. Until then: Enjoy his tunes here:
Handsome Paddy - Kick Out The Jams by ChoiceCuts

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

MPM rock the pub

Last Saturday Ansbach five piece My Perfect Mistake went down to the Flyers Pub Ansbach to rock the walls. My dear readers, I was really impressed! They get better on every gig they play (although they are practising even less, as they keep telling me ;-) )

As always when they play at the Flyers, they also were performing a complete new song this time as well, named "Like a Lifetime". Didn't catch the name at first, but I guess this is secondary anyway - much more important: that "world premiere" kicked ass! Just as their other punkrock tunes.

I've fetched some impressions for you...enjoy! Oh and before you wonder, why they are wearing dresses .............. If you fancy some MPM tunes for your stereo, here's a free song from the band: Weapon X

More Info and gig dates to be found on:

Monday, 15 August 2011

I Won't Worry - Music Video

Here we go folks, the official music video for This Club's single "I Won't Worry". Colourful and dancy, shot in the streets of Dublin - Just awesome!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

This Club release their Debut Single THIS FRIDAY!

Yep, you can easily guess, it's my personal highlight of this month: This Club (formerly Hoarsebox) are releasing their first single "I won't worry" ’ through Warner Music Ireland on Friday August 12th - Definitely one of the summer-hits of 2011 - dancy, edgy and energetic! Just have a listen the full track on
Mixed by Joe Zook (an LA-based mixing engineer who has worked on tracks by people like Katy Perry, Pink, Mika and Timbaland) their new tune ‘I Wont Worry’ is an addictive, upbeat hook laden track that will rock your summer (and also the weeks after ;) )!
This Club's debut album was produced by Dennis Herring, who has produced seminal albums from bands such as Modest Mouse, The Hives and Counting Crows. His input has had uite an impact on the music of the band, so fans should expect some departures from the Hoarsebox of old. One thing that certainly won’t be missing though is the huge sense of fun and energy that the band always brings to their live shows.

Speaking about live shows: There are a number of gig dates coming up for This Club - I'll definitely keep you updated ;)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Alternative Punk lessons with Event Horses

The Northern Irish punk-rock band Event Horses just started their summer tour across Ireland - teaching people what real head-banging tunes sound like.
Like a mixture of the D4 and Downset - those guys are just rocking - live on stage as well as from your stereo.

On their bandcamp homepage you can find four of their songs for free download. And those of you, who'd like to see them live - smashing stages in Ireland - you should mark the following dates in your calender:

12/08/11 - Retro Bar - Portrush
13/08/11 - North South Festival - Dundalk
19/08/11 - Auntie Annies- Belfast

And one more goodie: here's my favourite song of their digital album for you:

So lang, keeo it rocking, Horses!

Monday, 18 July 2011

The guy who sang a girl's song: Star Wars back in 1930

Anyone remember the song "Your Woman" from the UK synthie band "White Town"? It was quite a blast in 1997/1998 but also a classic One Hit Wonder for White Town.
I've loved this song since I first listened to it and it still is one of my alltime favourites. The lyrics are beautiful and tragic and I somehow find it funny, that a man is singing "I could never be your woman" - it's not the first time a gilr's song is performed by a boy, I know, but still I find it quite striking here.

Find the music video on MyVideo.

Oh and yes, do the tunes sound like Star Wars?! Yes they do indeed - this song was inspired by Al Bowlly's "My Woman", a jazz song from the 1930s. And obviously this song also gave some inspiration for the Star Wars soundtrack as well. You agree?

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Life's Soundtracks - Guitar Summer in German

It should be summer at the moment, right? But somehow July 2011 feels like April 2011 today :(
Luckily there are quite a number of songs to get true summer flair at least for your head. Below I have compiled three of my favourite summer-somersongs from great German bands to make the sun shine our of your speakers ;) They were all released during 2006 and - exept for the FiFa World Champinship of course - that summer really sucked as well. Throughout my complete summer holidays it was cold and rainy - but those guys below helped me to stand it ;) Enjoy!

Pohlmann - Wenn jetzt Sommer Wär' ("If it was summer now")

Sebstian Hämer - Der Sommer unseres Lebens ("The Summer of our Life", and yes, you'll remember it from here)

Revolverheld - Mit dir chill'n (Live) ("Chill out with you")

Monday, 11 July 2011

What song are you listening to, Ansbach?

Such a nice little, very musical, film from my hometown in Bavaria. They asked people on the street who wore headphones, which song they were listening to right now. The result is a quite diversified soundtrack - from QOTSA and Rammstein to Rhianna and Colette.
The Soundtrack of Ansbach 2011 :-)

Track List:

Bruno Mars - The Lazy Song
3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
Colette - Think You Want It
Pietro Lombardi feat. Sahra Engels - Miss You
Berlins Most Wanted - Sie Wissen Wer Wir Sind
Jambazi & Fike & Papalam - Minimum
Rihanna - California King Bed
Kool Savas & Olli Banjo - Techno Piloten
Marmaduke Duke - Fall At Your Feet (Crowded House Cover)
Pitbull, Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything
Queens of The Stone Age - First It Giveth
Radio Galaxy - 105,8
Rammstein - Liebe Ist Für Alle Da
Lil Wayne - A Milli
Sum 41 - The Hellsong
The Sounds - Living in America
K.I.Z. - Einritt
Lil' Wayne - A Milli
Sum41 - The Hellsong
The Sounds - Living in America
K.I.Z. - Einritt

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Welcome Back!

After a perfect holiday abroad, you sometimes can get a little blue when you arrive at your home airport (like me at the moment ;) ). Luckily T-Mobile has arranged some little "musical moments" to lift up the mood of homecomers. Perfect perfect. Enjoy!

Monday, 7 March 2011

News from underground - Interview with FragileChild

Today I bring to you a little interview with the Ansbach Goth-Rock band FragileChild ( Dennis Klinke (Programming, Lyrics, Vocals) started this underground band project about six years ago and meanwhile – after various changes of the band members – his close friend Mex (guitar) has completed the band set up. FragileChilds tunes sound like a mixture of Goth-Rock with a lot of electronic elements, sometimes they even may remind you of the beats in a major dance club. Their influences come from Blutengeland Solar Fake to Guns N Roses and Muse – also quite a mixture ;-) I had the honor to speak to Dennis about everything between the origin of FragileChild and their future plans.
What was the original idea of the band FragileChild? Why and when did you establish FragileChild as a band and what has changed since then?
Dennis: I wanted to create an image of everything I feel inside and convert my past. From the first second on (in 2005), I wanted to create electronic music, with guitars and female vocals but I think that FragileChild is still a project (maybe a little band ;-) FragileChild was founded April in 2005 as solo project of mine. The cast more often changed to 2008. Since Mex is present we had two female-vocalist changing. Then we have resolved to make only further music.

What's the story behind your band name?
Dennis: the name is still a reflection of my inner. FragileChild is a part of me. When I look back in 2005 I was very weak and more depressive as today. The meaning (or a part of it) is actually written down in the lyrics of our song "Fragile Child". The times when I cut myself while I can´t stand the pain of life. The fact that no one asks you if you actually want to live but everyone tells you how you have to live.

You recently signed up for a record-label - what does this mean for FragileChild? What are your plans and what can fans be expecting?
Dennis: For FragileChild it’s a big step! It means that we can release our CDs officially and get a larger public. Fans can expect that the songs will be more danceable, atmospherically and harder than the first ones! We have learned out of our mistakes we made on our release "Feuertaufe".

What was the greatest story ever happening to you as a band so far?
Dennis: the whole band history ;-) so really starts it since Mex in addition came. Some highlights are definitive: our friendship for what I am very thankful! The first live concert, to present our debut album in local radio and that FragileChild after 6 years of band history got a label and management.

And what was the most disappointing moment?
Dennis: FragileChild would almost have gone to the ground in 2010 from private reasons... we had a complete burn-out!! But luckily we managed to pull ourselves together and after a break we were back to business.

What are the themes of your songs and how do you get the ideas for your lyrics?
Dennis: I write about life, suicide and death, how it feels to be loved and to be unloved. Mostly I write the lyrics when I’m down or pissed off!

Any upcoming releases?
Dennis: Yes, definitely. In March we will be releasing our new EP "Selfhate" as limited CD- edition, not on label. In May our first single and in summer or late summer our second-album is to be released.

Monday, 24 January 2011

The Prosecution - Punk, ska and wind instruments

Awesome, awesome, just an awesome band, I've discovered this Saturday on an Underground-Festival in my hometown. 7 guys rocking on the stage, not only playing guitars and drums, but also saxophone, trumpet and trobone. A Skapunk band of the rarer kind I'd say ;) They played 1,5 hours and the people just couldn't get enough. Here's their video for "Our Kind Of Art" - Enjoy and celebrate :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

"Throwing Vespas off the roof" - Interview with The Looks from Ireland

Back to blogging - back with another great interview: Graham from the Dublin newcomer band The Looks (I introduced them on Noisy Crumb here)gave me a nice interview about their band life, their upcoming releases and gigs and, of course, their future plans. Yey, those guys want to get famous and they definitely are on a good way, with their tunes. All I can say about them, is, that if you support The Looks, you support good, extraordinary handmade rock-music and now, have fun reading :)

How did you guys originally get together as a band?
Well we were kids with guitars who enjoyed playing music together. We just haven't stopped yet. About two years ago now we got a kick and got some musical direction. Since then we've found a sound and style that gets us all very excited in all the right places.

You’re recording your album at the moment – when will it be released and what should fans be expecting?
Fans? Holy shit we have fans, I gotta go tell my mum... Well we started working with a very talented musician, Johnny Murphy [aka Spud Murphy] on pre production for a few tracks before we released our first single, Romeo/Enemies. That worked really well. Then we met critically acclaimed producer Pete Meighan and we did the final production on those arrangements. We loved this work flow. I feel it helps us get the best sound out of the songs we have. We are still constantly writing new stuff. The second single is out in February and hopefully the album will follow toward the end of the year. None of us our happy releasing an album with anything other than banging track after banging track. It'll be worth the wait.

What’s the story with your music video for “Enemies”? How did you get the idea with the “sports”-competition?
Enemies was made with a great film company, here in Dublin, called Krank. They're brilliant and came to us with this fun idea. When someone asks you to be part of a sports day you gotta say, hell yeah. So we and a load of people showed up looking wonderful/ridiculous. And the rest is the beauty you see. I can't wait to work with Krank again.

What was the best story happening to you as a band?
- Living together, living on bread and wine in London. - Having a full crowd sing back our songs. - Supporting great bands like New Young Pony Club. - The success of our first single. - Walking into a night club and hearing my song playing. Sorry I couldn't pick one thing. I love being in this band playing our music to whoever will listen. It's a drug addiction.

And what was the most unpleasant or disappointing story that happened to you as a band?
I'm not standing on top of a hotel somewhere in Europe throwing a Vespa off the roof, with our manager trying to coax me down from my euphoric rage. This is what I imagine to happen when we are a massive band. So my biggest disappointment is that we're not at that stage yet, and when we are that big, I'm sure I’ll be disappointed we're not bigger. I just want more.

Any other outstanding story you'd like to tell?
The story I want to tell is one that starts with “when we were playing a gig in Germany” , but we haven't being invited yet. HINT HINT. Oh when that story of stories is told, how we'll both look back and laugh at the parts you couldn't print.

Any upcoming gig-dates?
We're playing night clubs in Dublin this month but the next big one for us is the single release at the end of February. Hopefully we get to tour outside this island again very very soon.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

New Single from Irish band Pilotlight

Irish four-piece Pilotlight will be hitting the UK/Irish music scene with their new single "South". The single will be released through Glasstone Records on January 31st and will be available as download only. Pilotlight have just finished their Irish tour and are back to follow up their critically acclaimed album “The Post War Musical” with this new single.

The band were “conceived with the premise of creating an escapism through music that the listener could soundtrack their daily lives to. Their use of perspective, tonality and dynamic have allowed them to pioneer their own style of despondent alternative rock.” That’s what the official press release tells about their music style, and I couldn’t have given a better statement about it. "South" just sounds like that: Smooth but still cutting tunes with beautiful lyrics and I really really like it. Pilotlight do remind me of that German band Palestar who call their musical style Shoegaze.

So, after all, give a listen to Pilotlight on their MySpace page and download their new single "South" - I'm sure you'll not regret it ;)