Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Beth Ditto is just awesome

Her voice, her lyrics, her clothes, her style and that she sat down ON Hansi Hinterseer in the very popular German show "Wetten dass?"...

(picture taken from BZ online)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Songs for a spring-day - UK vs. Germany

Today, folks, I'd like to present you two songs, which both are perfect lifting up your mood on a sunny spring-day like today (we have 20 degrees! 20 degrees! In March!!). These two songs belong to my absolute favourits, but still, I think the best season their tunes "fit" in is Spring. So which are those?
The first one should be known to most of you. It's Whippin Piccadilly Tonight performed by the UK-band Gomez. Back in 1998/1999 this piece was on top the Alternative Charts, and I think it also appeared in the popular Charts as well. Anyway, it's an activating fresh tune and gives us a very true statement for every nice spring-day: "There's not enough hours in our day." - Oh, how right they are....
Well, secondly, we have "Gekommen um zu bleiben" by the German band Wir Sind Helden ("We are heroes"). This song also sounds very unique and definitely outstanding. And, there is also a very true phrase for a spring-day in it. "Gekommen um zu bleiben" means "We've come to stay" or "It has come to stay" - so, in case of the sunny weather, the birds, the flowers and the butterflies we of cause hope that spring's here to stay, right?
Well, you may now decide by yourself, which one makes the perfect background-tune for your perfect spring-day. Enjoy!

PS: Sorry, this is not the original version of the musicvideo… this is the ”dance”version – the band is the right one though ;)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

2 videos - 1 song - OK Go!

Most of you will have noticed it already: the OK Go virus is spreading in the net again. Facebookers, MySpacers and Bloggers are putting the new OK Go video "This too shall pass" on their profiles and websites. Mostly they are posting the Rube Goldberg Machine version of this video, but there's actually an earlier version to be found on the net - the "normal" version.
So all fans of OK Go now can argue now which one is better, more colourful or more authentic....
I personally like the normal version more than the Rube Goldberg Machine version. But anyway, I am posting both videos so you have a direct comparison and it's up to you now which one you like better:


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rainy Beatles Day Today

Spring's coming! And we know, this means that the snow is melting and the snowflakes are turning to rain just before the sun wins the battle against winter.
So folks, here's a lovely song for a grey, or even not so grey, day: "Rain" performed by The Beatles. It's not one of their very famous songs, however - but, as you know me, this makes it even better for ;)
The melodies are really beautiful and the bass guitar's tune and rhythm keep reminding me of the Oceans' 11 / 12 / 13 soundtracks - keep listening closely.
The music video for this song is just nicely done - very authentic and very " Beatles" although it's not pushy nor very colourful as some other Beatles videos may be considered as. I discovered it on YouTube, enjoy it, folks:

Monday, 1 March 2010

My Little Heroine

Hi folks - and it's good to be back in the bloging business, I tell you! I'm trying to publish more news in the next couple of days - first on an irregular basis but I hope to get back to regular blogging soon.
So let's have a look at today's theme - shall we?
I found this video two days ago and it's featuring one of my most favourite songs by one of my very favourite bands: Fujiya & Miyagi and Knickerbocker Glory. Well, it seems that I am not the only person on this planet who loves this song: this little girl keeps singing the chorus over and over again - shy in the beginning but with really great enthusiasm towards the end -and with such a lovely lovely dialect ;) I bet she'd be headbanging at minute 3:00 of the song *lol*...
Anyway, enjoy this little video! I'm sure, she's gonna be a star soon.

Here's the original video, by the way - for those of you who haven't seen it, yet: