Thursday, 16 December 2010

And another smooth Christmas song: MOON - Redwood National Spark

A beautiful, brand-new Christmas song from Ireland. MOON just put Redwood National Spark online. Lean back and enjoy this terrific, dreamy tune ....
Redwood National Spark by moonband

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Another lovely Christmas-video - Must be Santa!

Let's continue this series of extraordinary Christmas-videos with another piece from Irelad: The "El Hombre Jokes" with their dedication to Santa Claus: Must be Santa. Very worth watching :) Enjoy!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Great Christmas Song from Ireland: Clockwork Noise - Lonely this Christmas

"It will be lonely this Christmas...." - even if so, this song will definitely make you feel good, warm and cosy ;) Clockwork Noise's Christmas song for this year is a remake of the Christmas classic ‘Lonely This Christmas’ and should definitely be part of your Christmas MP3-compilation for this year. And oh, by the way: They're giving us the MP3 for free. Just follow this link
And here's the video:

Enjoy Clockwork Noise live on stage on December 18 that Whelans upstairs. They will be supporting the El Hombre Jokes and this is not to be missed ;)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Hard Rock from the bottom of the beer bottle – Interview with “Sons of Hollister”

Some of you may already have seen this upcoming ass-kicking five-piece from Ansbach live on stage. And for those of you who haven’t: you should know what your plans are for this weekend after reading this blog post. The “Sons of Hollister” (Jack von Kuliberda – Vocals, Dani Gee – Guitars, Markus – Guitars, Toni – Bass and Simon – Drums) gave me a “fluffing” interview about their upcoming shows and releases as well as their short but thriving band-history...
Since when is your band existing and how did you get together as a band?
Officially, we founded our band on 4 July 2010, so not really that long time ago. Most of the guys, however, had known each other before. They played in bands like Blood Inspired and Under Bottom together. When Simon, the drummer, joined the Under Bottom gang (Dani, Markus and Toni) in 2009 the band took a turn away from questionable death metal to a thing we now call Booze’n’Roll. Joining of a new singer in mid 2010 was the result of that turn, so we got ourselves a freshly imported Polish drunk to complete the group ;)

Is there a story behind your band name?
Sure there is! It’s a cool story happening in the 1940’s. On 4 July 1947, in Hollister, CA, there was a motorcycle rally planned. There are quite many versions of the story, but the version brought to the public by the media was pretty damn cool. Let us quote a passage from a song of ours, Onepercenter, where we actually took the headlines and quotes from local newspapers (i.e. San Francisco Chronicle) telling crap about this rally:

Latest news from Hollister bad time: / The outrage of terrorism, wrecking of bars / They piss on the street and rampage the town / Town overrun by filthy, lawless drunks

The story told is actually quite far from truth, because the town of Hollister organized the rally normally one year later, without taking concern about those alleged riots. The story however emerged to be the first really legend about outlaw bikers in the US and we found the name Sons of Hollister pretty cool.

What was the greatest story happening to you as a band?
You know, just now, we are recording the demo and we’re fuelling our engines for a goddamn concert hellride in the upcoming year. The greatest story is that we do what we love and that we manage to convince people to come round to our gigs and listen to some good old rock’n’roll!

And what was the most disappointing situation?
No beer in the studio!! A fluffing disaster, we gotta say! There is only one dude responsible for this crime against rock’n’roll, our drummer Simon wasn’t there to bring us some Beer! Why would a band have drummer, if he wouldn’t organize Beer? Yeah, to organize vodka, but still, there wasn’t any vodka either ;)

Any new gigs planned?
Right now we’re in the process of booking for the next year, so right now there’s only one gig certain:
11 December 2010 – Weißenburg – Local Vision Band Contest in Casablanca.
Apart from that we’ll be playing at the Anton Rock Fest in the fall of 2011.

You are studio-recording at the moment - what can fans expect from your upcoming demo?
Imagine a scorpion, a Doberman and a fluffing anaconda closed in one small bag and fighting the sh** out of each other. Who will win? Who cares! But it’s gonna be one hell of a show!

Their demo is to be released in early 2011 and, as the boys promised me: It’s gonna get dirty, it’s gonna get old school and it’s gonna ROCK! So keep an eye on the Sons of Hollister!