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Punkrock with friends - Interview with My Perfect Mistake

For 9 years now, My Perfect Mistake (www.myspace.com/myperfectmistakeger) have been rocking Franconia over and over again and have become a household-name for the local Punkrock-Scene and great live-gigs.
Marty (bass) and Stephan "Steps" (lead-guitar) gave me an insight into their yeasty band-history and their future musical plans.

Looking back at your band-history, what was the greatest story in your band history? Your best memories?

Marty: One thing I certainly remember was a gig in a tiny little club in Dinkelsbühl. That was way back in 2004 or something. There were only about 12 people there but they were partying like a hundred. I never experienced so much passion and honesty from such a small crowd.
Steps: I definitely agree with Marty! We already played in Dinkelsbühl two years before this gig and it was suprising to us that people still remembered us and our songs- especially "I'll burn your mum". People took Dd's mic and sang the chorus of this song. Unbelievable! Spending time with the band is generally a great thing since we are all friends and not only band members.

And what was the biggest turn-down?

Marty: A big disappointment was our show at Townquake festival. We were really psyched we could play an actual festival in our home town. With a really big stage and loads of people and all. But things didn’t turn out that good, our playing time was cut for no apparent reason and people were scattered all over the site…but no one was in front of the stage! Other things I kind of have bad memories about is never being able to make the An-TON finals and also that our long-time drummer quit in a very surprising way!
Steps: Marty is right when he says that our last drummer quitted all of a sudden. But having a second thought on it, it couldn't have been better/we couldn't have been luckier. His successor is definitely worth his money! ;-)

Any other outstanding story you'd like to tell?

Marty: One story that comes to my mind is one special gig we played. A friend of the band asked us to play a gig at her living room for her birthday! So we brought all our stuff to this living room, which was not big by any means, to play. We thought it would be good to finish at least half our set before the police shows up. Actually they never did and we had great fun. Our friend took it a little to far by drinking a Jägermeister shot after every song lol…We also recorded that gig, which is our first live recording entitled “Live at the Wohnzimmer”. It was never released in any way however. Another classic is pretty simple: hangovers! Steffen and me already had to cancel band practice several times due to bad hangovers!
Steps: The "Wohnzimmer-Gig" was amazing! From stage-diving to wall of death- everything was included! A next gig is already planned for 2011.
Boozers- that's what one should call you! ;-)

Your band is exsisting for 9 years now. How did you originally get together as a band? And what has changed since then?

Marty: The band started out as N.O. A.S.S. in 2001. The only original member left of that line-up is Stephan. The band has always and still is rehearsing in his basement. Steps: The original band consisted of schoolmates and friends. I think Dd joined the band in 2001. After several different bass players had joined the band - there was a big change going on during several years - Marty became a fixed member of the band in 2002 (Originally he was only meant to be a temporary band member!) and the band was completed for the following years.
Marty: It was kind of your classic school-band thing I guess. Obviously loads of things changed over the time. First the name was changed to “Minus One” and DD was hired as a new singer. Other big changes were adding a second guitarist (Steffen), and the last important change was at the drums…Rüdi joining us about a year ago. We decided to change the name onceagain about 4 or 5 years ago to “My Perfect Mistake”. As far as musical styles go the band started out as strictly punkrock then having more of a crossover phase. We returned to the punkrock roots as soon as I joined the band. Over the years we added a lot more Metal and hardcore influences to our punkrock concept, but it’s still heading in that direction. Plus our basement turned from a simple room to rehearse into a makeshift studio with loads of equipment Stephan bought!

When you changed your band name to MPM, how did you get that idea? What's the story behnd it?

Marty: It’s actually a bit of a sad story… We chose the name “Minus One” initially because we were practicing in the basement (one floor below so to say.) We grew tired of it and after we found out there was actually an American band using the name (AND having the copyright to it) we opted for a change. One of our friends always told us, if he had a band he would call it “My Perfect Mistake”. Me personally, I didn’t like the name. Then however our friends died in a car accident. And since we were still looking for a name, we decided to use the one he proposed to us.
Steps: It was actually the day of his burial when we decided to pick that name.
Marty: And we don’t regret it, the name has really grown on us.

One of your older songs is "I'll Burn Your Mum". Apart from the quite interesting title, it seems to be a real "classic" to some of your fans. What's the story behind it?

Marty: All I know is it goes back to the boys teasing each other at practice all the time, resulting in the phrase “I’ll burn your mum!” I have no idea why the song is so popular and quite a few remember it so well!
Steps: I'll burn your mum- well, I didn't really get that either. There was something going on with "Mutterwitze" ("Dei Mutter kann net kochen", "Dei Mutter brennt") between DD and our former bass player. This song is really stupid, but at least everyone knows it Marty: I guess it is because of the catchy sing-along chorus and the -sort of- funny lyrics. From a musical standpoint we don’t consider this one of our strong songs…not even close! Anyway we just might play it on a special occasion, maybe our anniversary or if we can play a show in Dentlein at some point.

Any new releases?

Steps: The EP "The shape of things to come" is at the ready! For further information please contact us via myspace.com/myperfectmistakeger We are always on the search for opportunities to perform on stage!
Marty: We have been working on that EP for over a year now! Somehow the work on it has constantly been slowed down, but we are now literally inches from finishing it! It will feature 6 songs and is definitely our best work so far. We might hit a professional studio later this year recording another 3 tracks! Hopefully this will work out as planned. After that we will focus on writing more songs for our next EP or LP!

Thanks a million for the interview, guys! And here's the band performing their ass-kicking piece "Red Skies". Enjoy :)

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