Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Hoarsebox song for free + new tour date

As you may or may not know, Hoarsebox have been based in Mississippi for almost a year now working on their debut album. As I was told, they all thought it would be done over the course of a weekend but, 12 months on, they're still there saying things like 'y'all', drinking bourbon and considering the mullet as the band's next 'do'.

So much has changed for Hoarsebox in the last year and this has had a considerable influence on their music. Do not be alarmed. This isn't like Dylan going electric. The core aim of Hoarsebox is still to get people moving their arses / asses / butts / culos with as much vocal acrobatics and lush harmonies as is humanly possible. One of their new songs is called "Add It Up" and you can download it for FREE on their Facebook page. This song is so definitely Hoarsebox - I love it :)

In November Hoarsebox returning to home soil to play at Whelan's, Dublin. This will be the first time they play the new songs in front of an audience so this could be quite a fresh and exciting turning point for the band. So join them for a sweaty night of dancing and bopping. Check out this video they produced not onlyfor announcing the gig but also for promoting their new song "Add It Up". Enjoy!

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