Tuesday, 21 September 2010

And another one: Moon - Corrode The Night - music video

Another great new four-piece alternative-psycadelic-melodic-drifting-band from Ireland: MOON, who have recently released a great EP with five songs on http://soundcloud.com/wearemoon.
"Corrode The Night" is an extra goodie to the EP and is a very melodic, mellow and unforgettable piece of music. Interesting how they did the music video which seems like a couple of videos one projected above the other:

Oh and yes, if you realized familiar faces within the band, you are right: Spud Murphy and Keith Byrne from the former Wicklow band Hybrasil!
For more info check out http://moonband.info and http://www.facebook.com/wearemoon

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  1. creat video anne. I like it!


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