Monday, 30 August 2010

Time for some some real rock music - Live N Breathe!

I'll make this one quick and loud: The guys from Live N breath just ROCK. They rock, rock, rock. Pure hard rock at its finest performed by a very talented four piece from the US. They already released two albums and it's just such a shame, that they are not playing the major European festivals already. So give it a listen and I'm sure you'll have their two albums in your collection soon:

Dead End Street von Live N Breathe
Seein's Believin' von Live N Breathe

PS: One more goodie from the band: Download their song "Blood" for free:
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Loveparade 2010 - 6 mins documentary

an 6 mins documentary about the Loveparade desaster 2010 - This documentary was created to clarify and explain how the situation in Duisburg escalated and 21 people lost their lives completely unnecessarily.