Thursday, 1 July 2010

We Like Drisco

New Video and new Version of “I Like Disco” Some interesting (old) news from the Irish alternative/rock band ITO:
I recently saw on their MySpace that they obviously are not called ITO anymore. They now call themselves after their lead singer: J.(ohnny) R. (Rayge) & The Imaginary Travelling Orchestra – nice one! I actually never could get something out of the abbreviation name ITO.
But, there’s more – you remember their song “I Like Disco”? Sure you do. One of my absolute favourites. And some time back this year ITO composed a new version of this song. The song I Like Disco is a homage to a Irish sporting hero and international rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll – with new lyrics and new musical elements and tunes here and there. This song was composed for charity – to raise money for the people from Haiti with every download. Really really nice and it actually got quite popular in Ireland I was told...
Also, they also produced a music video for “Drisco”! A really stylish one (with Drisco in it of course)! I love it!

Now, I assume, you are probably very curious about this song? So here it is! Enjoy and share!

PS: Sorry for not letting you know earlier! Shame on me I did't know earlier! But I think the song and video are so great, it’s still worth watching!

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