Monday, 19 July 2010

Jonathan Mann and the iPhone 4

Yep, meanwhile we all know about the reception problems with some iPhone 4 smartphones. And now, we also have a brilliant, humorous song about how to handle these problems:
"Get over it and go on - if you don't want an iPhone4 - don't buy it! And if you bought one and you do't like it - bring it back!"
This is the chorus of Jonathan Mann's song number 561. This guy writes one song a day and - well he seems to like Apple ;)
No seriously, he seems to be pretty right with his song, if you know that just 0.55% of iPhone 4 users complained about the reception problems after all. So Apple unceremoniously presented this song at the beginning of their extra press conference on Friday. Well, I think they were right to use this song to calm the waves - don't you agree?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Saw of the Day

"The Black Keys are like a cool version of the White Stripes."
René. A. describing the American rock-duo. True.

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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dakota Moon and me

Another Day Goes By performed by the Californian band Dakota Moon. I re-discovered this song recently on YouTube and remembered it to be my absolute favoutire in - when was it? - 1998. Aaaw - good times ;)
Well, anyway, this piece still gives me good vibrations and I also understand the lyrics now! And I like them - even more since I also had to "spread my wings" and move to a different place away from home to live my future - geez I am so dramatic!
Here are the lyrics and the video. Give it a listen and enjoy :)

Mr. Greene asked me yesterday
boy what do you want to be
with some workin ten years or so
you could be sitting here just like me
he said your future looks crystal clear I just gotta get away from here

I want to be an eagle soaring high
sign my name across the sky
I gotta break free before I die
before another day
before another day goes by

My mother said just the other day
boy get your feet on the ground
she looked at me in such a way
I said Ma
please don't bring me down
I said my future is crystal clear
just gotta get away from here

Before I waste another minute
live my life without me in it

I want to be an eagle soaring high
sign my name across the sky
I gotta break free before I die
before another day
before another day goes by

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Looks - Second music video online!

I can't help it - these guys just rock! The Looks posted a new video on their YouTube channel. This time it's their single "Enemies".
Great song - sounds best in full volume! Enjoy!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

We Like Drisco

New Video and new Version of “I Like Disco” Some interesting (old) news from the Irish alternative/rock band ITO:
I recently saw on their MySpace that they obviously are not called ITO anymore. They now call themselves after their lead singer: J.(ohnny) R. (Rayge) & The Imaginary Travelling Orchestra – nice one! I actually never could get something out of the abbreviation name ITO.
But, there’s more – you remember their song “I Like Disco”? Sure you do. One of my absolute favourites. And some time back this year ITO composed a new version of this song. The song I Like Disco is a homage to a Irish sporting hero and international rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll – with new lyrics and new musical elements and tunes here and there. This song was composed for charity – to raise money for the people from Haiti with every download. Really really nice and it actually got quite popular in Ireland I was told...
Also, they also produced a music video for “Drisco”! A really stylish one (with Drisco in it of course)! I love it!

Now, I assume, you are probably very curious about this song? So here it is! Enjoy and share!

PS: Sorry for not letting you know earlier! Shame on me I did't know earlier! But I think the song and video are so great, it’s still worth watching!

New Noise – The Looks from Ireland

Yeah – see who’s blogging again! I am back on Noisy Crumb with quite a bunch of new stories.
For a start, I’d like to introduce you a new band from the Shamrock Island – The Looks from Dublin. An four piece Indie-Punk band who – in my opinion – really stand out of the crowd of all those local Punk bands flooding the planet. Don’t get me wrong – I like this kind of music, but a lot of those bands just sound completely alike and quite boring after some time.
But not the Looks. “Rasping Indie-Punk guitar riffs and biting lyrical observations” – that’s exactly how I would describe their music and that’s what I like about them. And what you will probably like as well ;) In July 2010 The Looks release their debut single which will be a double a-side affair, Enemies / Romeo.
I already had a listen to the demos of these songs some time back and of course I also know the final versions and I just can say: Well done, guys!
You can have a listen to Enemies and Romeo on their MySpace:
Luckily – for all of us – the Looks have also released a music video for “Romeo” recently. Here you go:

Enjoy, folks and make sure to tell your friends!