Thursday, 16 December 2010

And another smooth Christmas song: MOON - Redwood National Spark

A beautiful, brand-new Christmas song from Ireland. MOON just put Redwood National Spark online. Lean back and enjoy this terrific, dreamy tune ....
Redwood National Spark by moonband

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Another lovely Christmas-video - Must be Santa!

Let's continue this series of extraordinary Christmas-videos with another piece from Irelad: The "El Hombre Jokes" with their dedication to Santa Claus: Must be Santa. Very worth watching :) Enjoy!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Great Christmas Song from Ireland: Clockwork Noise - Lonely this Christmas

"It will be lonely this Christmas...." - even if so, this song will definitely make you feel good, warm and cosy ;) Clockwork Noise's Christmas song for this year is a remake of the Christmas classic ‘Lonely This Christmas’ and should definitely be part of your Christmas MP3-compilation for this year. And oh, by the way: They're giving us the MP3 for free. Just follow this link
And here's the video:

Enjoy Clockwork Noise live on stage on December 18 that Whelans upstairs. They will be supporting the El Hombre Jokes and this is not to be missed ;)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Hard Rock from the bottom of the beer bottle – Interview with “Sons of Hollister”

Some of you may already have seen this upcoming ass-kicking five-piece from Ansbach live on stage. And for those of you who haven’t: you should know what your plans are for this weekend after reading this blog post. The “Sons of Hollister” (Jack von Kuliberda – Vocals, Dani Gee – Guitars, Markus – Guitars, Toni – Bass and Simon – Drums) gave me a “fluffing” interview about their upcoming shows and releases as well as their short but thriving band-history...
Since when is your band existing and how did you get together as a band?
Officially, we founded our band on 4 July 2010, so not really that long time ago. Most of the guys, however, had known each other before. They played in bands like Blood Inspired and Under Bottom together. When Simon, the drummer, joined the Under Bottom gang (Dani, Markus and Toni) in 2009 the band took a turn away from questionable death metal to a thing we now call Booze’n’Roll. Joining of a new singer in mid 2010 was the result of that turn, so we got ourselves a freshly imported Polish drunk to complete the group ;)

Is there a story behind your band name?
Sure there is! It’s a cool story happening in the 1940’s. On 4 July 1947, in Hollister, CA, there was a motorcycle rally planned. There are quite many versions of the story, but the version brought to the public by the media was pretty damn cool. Let us quote a passage from a song of ours, Onepercenter, where we actually took the headlines and quotes from local newspapers (i.e. San Francisco Chronicle) telling crap about this rally:

Latest news from Hollister bad time: / The outrage of terrorism, wrecking of bars / They piss on the street and rampage the town / Town overrun by filthy, lawless drunks

The story told is actually quite far from truth, because the town of Hollister organized the rally normally one year later, without taking concern about those alleged riots. The story however emerged to be the first really legend about outlaw bikers in the US and we found the name Sons of Hollister pretty cool.

What was the greatest story happening to you as a band?
You know, just now, we are recording the demo and we’re fuelling our engines for a goddamn concert hellride in the upcoming year. The greatest story is that we do what we love and that we manage to convince people to come round to our gigs and listen to some good old rock’n’roll!

And what was the most disappointing situation?
No beer in the studio!! A fluffing disaster, we gotta say! There is only one dude responsible for this crime against rock’n’roll, our drummer Simon wasn’t there to bring us some Beer! Why would a band have drummer, if he wouldn’t organize Beer? Yeah, to organize vodka, but still, there wasn’t any vodka either ;)

Any new gigs planned?
Right now we’re in the process of booking for the next year, so right now there’s only one gig certain:
11 December 2010 – Weißenburg – Local Vision Band Contest in Casablanca.
Apart from that we’ll be playing at the Anton Rock Fest in the fall of 2011.

You are studio-recording at the moment - what can fans expect from your upcoming demo?
Imagine a scorpion, a Doberman and a fluffing anaconda closed in one small bag and fighting the sh** out of each other. Who will win? Who cares! But it’s gonna be one hell of a show!

Their demo is to be released in early 2011 and, as the boys promised me: It’s gonna get dirty, it’s gonna get old school and it’s gonna ROCK! So keep an eye on the Sons of Hollister!

Monday, 1 November 2010

AnTon Finals

Nein, ich habe es nicht vergessen, euch von den Gewinnern des diesjährigen AnTon zu erzählen, musste aber meinen Bericht krankheitsbedingt leider zurückstellen.
Aber auf konntet ihr, falls ihr nicht bis zur Siegerehrung da ward, die Gewinner ja bereits sehen:

1. Platz: Super Dance Orchestra
2. Platz: Uritup
3. Platz: Spirit of Cronos
4. Platz: Tinituz
und den 5. Platz teilen sich Beide und My Hero failed

Die "Glitzerleut" haben also gewonnen, meiner Meinung nach auch verdient: mal was anderes. Die Kreativität ihrer "Shows" war dabei natürlich herausstechend....
Herausstechend waren auch Uritrup und auch sie haben "mal was anderes geboten" (was man ja bei einer Experimental-Band auch erwartet). Über die Platzierung auf dem zweiten Platz kann man sich gerade bei dieser Band mehr als streiten, denn etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig ist ihr Sound meiner Meinung nach schon. Und so gingen auch die Meinungen beim Publikume, was ihre Musik anbelangt, ziemlich auseinander...
Dritter Platz: Spirit of Cronons. Passt. Punkt.
Auch dass Tinituz es ins Finale geschafft haben, freut mich - lange haben sies versucht und sind von Jahr zu Jahr besser geworden. Was lange währt wird also auch gut und laut ;)
Gratulation an alles Gewinner und bis zum AnTon 2012!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Spooky Videos for a spooky evening

Take the challenge and try to watch those until the end. Some really spooky music videos I found recently, pop, electronica and metal....booohh!

Friday, 29 October 2010

AnTon Finals TONIGHT!

Und schon ist es wieder fast vorbei: der AnTon 2010 neigt sich seinem spannenden Ende zu.
Die Finalisten, die wir heute Abend auf die Ohren kriegen sind in alphabetischer Reihenfolge:

- Beide (spielten gestern)
- My Hero failed (spielten am Mittwoch)
- Super Dance Orchestra (spielten am Mittwoch)
- Spirit of Cronos (spielten gestern)
- Tinituz (spielten gestern )
- Uritup (spielten gestern)

Ihr habt euch übrigens nicht verschaut - es sind diesmal wirklich sechs Finalisten. Wegen Punktegleichstand. Faire Jury würd ich sagen.
Leicht hatte es die Jury dieses Jahr anscheinend also nicht. Die Qualität der dargebotenen Bands sei durchweg besser als beim letzten AnTon. Einige Besucher waren vielleicht auch deswegen mit dem Urteil der Jury nicht 100%ig zufrieden und hätten teilweise andere Bands ins Finale gewählt. Was soll man sagen? Der AnTon war dieses Mal wirklich sehr bunt gemischt und der persönliche Geschmack spielt natürlich auch immer noch eine kleine (gemeine?) Rolle.
Deswegen bin ich persönlich trotzdem mehr als gespannt und freue mich auf heute Abend. Lasst es krachen und mögen die Besten siegen :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Punkrock with friends - Interview with My Perfect Mistake

For 9 years now, My Perfect Mistake ( have been rocking Franconia over and over again and have become a household-name for the local Punkrock-Scene and great live-gigs.
Marty (bass) and Stephan "Steps" (lead-guitar) gave me an insight into their yeasty band-history and their future musical plans.

Looking back at your band-history, what was the greatest story in your band history? Your best memories?

Marty: One thing I certainly remember was a gig in a tiny little club in Dinkelsbühl. That was way back in 2004 or something. There were only about 12 people there but they were partying like a hundred. I never experienced so much passion and honesty from such a small crowd.
Steps: I definitely agree with Marty! We already played in Dinkelsbühl two years before this gig and it was suprising to us that people still remembered us and our songs- especially "I'll burn your mum". People took Dd's mic and sang the chorus of this song. Unbelievable! Spending time with the band is generally a great thing since we are all friends and not only band members.

And what was the biggest turn-down?

Marty: A big disappointment was our show at Townquake festival. We were really psyched we could play an actual festival in our home town. With a really big stage and loads of people and all. But things didn’t turn out that good, our playing time was cut for no apparent reason and people were scattered all over the site…but no one was in front of the stage! Other things I kind of have bad memories about is never being able to make the An-TON finals and also that our long-time drummer quit in a very surprising way!
Steps: Marty is right when he says that our last drummer quitted all of a sudden. But having a second thought on it, it couldn't have been better/we couldn't have been luckier. His successor is definitely worth his money! ;-)

Any other outstanding story you'd like to tell?

Marty: One story that comes to my mind is one special gig we played. A friend of the band asked us to play a gig at her living room for her birthday! So we brought all our stuff to this living room, which was not big by any means, to play. We thought it would be good to finish at least half our set before the police shows up. Actually they never did and we had great fun. Our friend took it a little to far by drinking a Jägermeister shot after every song lol…We also recorded that gig, which is our first live recording entitled “Live at the Wohnzimmer”. It was never released in any way however. Another classic is pretty simple: hangovers! Steffen and me already had to cancel band practice several times due to bad hangovers!
Steps: The "Wohnzimmer-Gig" was amazing! From stage-diving to wall of death- everything was included! A next gig is already planned for 2011.
Boozers- that's what one should call you! ;-)

Your band is exsisting for 9 years now. How did you originally get together as a band? And what has changed since then?

Marty: The band started out as N.O. A.S.S. in 2001. The only original member left of that line-up is Stephan. The band has always and still is rehearsing in his basement. Steps: The original band consisted of schoolmates and friends. I think Dd joined the band in 2001. After several different bass players had joined the band - there was a big change going on during several years - Marty became a fixed member of the band in 2002 (Originally he was only meant to be a temporary band member!) and the band was completed for the following years.
Marty: It was kind of your classic school-band thing I guess. Obviously loads of things changed over the time. First the name was changed to “Minus One” and DD was hired as a new singer. Other big changes were adding a second guitarist (Steffen), and the last important change was at the drums…Rüdi joining us about a year ago. We decided to change the name onceagain about 4 or 5 years ago to “My Perfect Mistake”. As far as musical styles go the band started out as strictly punkrock then having more of a crossover phase. We returned to the punkrock roots as soon as I joined the band. Over the years we added a lot more Metal and hardcore influences to our punkrock concept, but it’s still heading in that direction. Plus our basement turned from a simple room to rehearse into a makeshift studio with loads of equipment Stephan bought!

When you changed your band name to MPM, how did you get that idea? What's the story behnd it?

Marty: It’s actually a bit of a sad story… We chose the name “Minus One” initially because we were practicing in the basement (one floor below so to say.) We grew tired of it and after we found out there was actually an American band using the name (AND having the copyright to it) we opted for a change. One of our friends always told us, if he had a band he would call it “My Perfect Mistake”. Me personally, I didn’t like the name. Then however our friends died in a car accident. And since we were still looking for a name, we decided to use the one he proposed to us.
Steps: It was actually the day of his burial when we decided to pick that name.
Marty: And we don’t regret it, the name has really grown on us.

One of your older songs is "I'll Burn Your Mum". Apart from the quite interesting title, it seems to be a real "classic" to some of your fans. What's the story behind it?

Marty: All I know is it goes back to the boys teasing each other at practice all the time, resulting in the phrase “I’ll burn your mum!” I have no idea why the song is so popular and quite a few remember it so well!
Steps: I'll burn your mum- well, I didn't really get that either. There was something going on with "Mutterwitze" ("Dei Mutter kann net kochen", "Dei Mutter brennt") between DD and our former bass player. This song is really stupid, but at least everyone knows it Marty: I guess it is because of the catchy sing-along chorus and the -sort of- funny lyrics. From a musical standpoint we don’t consider this one of our strong songs…not even close! Anyway we just might play it on a special occasion, maybe our anniversary or if we can play a show in Dentlein at some point.

Any new releases?

Steps: The EP "The shape of things to come" is at the ready! For further information please contact us via We are always on the search for opportunities to perform on stage!
Marty: We have been working on that EP for over a year now! Somehow the work on it has constantly been slowed down, but we are now literally inches from finishing it! It will feature 6 songs and is definitely our best work so far. We might hit a professional studio later this year recording another 3 tracks! Hopefully this will work out as planned. After that we will focus on writing more songs for our next EP or LP!

Thanks a million for the interview, guys! And here's the band performing their ass-kicking piece "Red Skies". Enjoy :)

New Fujiya & Miyagi album coming January 2011!

and they come up with a pretty cool trailer for it. Their new album "Ventriloquizzing" is to be released in January 2011.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rocken um zu Rocken: Dying Turnschuhs

"Uns geht's nicht um's Bekannt-sein. Wir machen Musik, weil uns das was gibt." - die Einstellung eines echten Musikers!
Marc von den Dying Turnschuhs beschreibt, was man bei den Live-Auftritten dieser Newcomer-Band aus Ansbach aus jedem Song heraushört: Leidenschaft und Spaß. Und Punk. Richtig guten Punk.
Die Dying Turnschuhs - das sind Flo am Gesang, Luci am Bass, Katja am Schlagzeug und Marc an der Gitarre und als zweite Stimme.
Im Oktober 2009 war die Band erstmals am Start und seit Mai diesen Jahres spielen sie in der jetzigen Besetzung. Von den ursprünglichen Band-Mitgliedern sind aber nur noch Katja und Marc dabei.
Ihre Texte handeln hauptsächlich über Gefühle und interessante Erlebnisse - ich sage nur "Forever Wanderstiefel" ;)
Wenn es ums Berühmt-werden geht, ist das Motto der Dying Turnschuhs Punk pur: "DIY forever." - kein Kommerz, keine Homepage, keine MP3-Downloads, kein MySpace, kein Facebook. Live erleben heißt also die Devise.
Und das könnt ihr: am Mittwoch, den 27.10. um 19:30 beim AN.Ton-Vorentscheid und hoffentlich am Freitag dann im Finale!
Zum Abschluss noch das einige Video, dass man im Web über die Dying Turnschuh findet - bisserl was zum Anschauen. Und die schlechte Qualität einfach ignorieren ;) Enjoy it, folks!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fragile Child: heute CD Release Party!!

An alle Freunde des gepflegten Goth-Rocks: Fragile Child aus Ansbach (spielen auch am ANTON, Hörproben unter releasen heute Abend ihre neue EP "Suicide Moments" mit einem Live-Konzert in Bechhofen im Gasthaus Stern - Dinkelsbühler Str. 24. Der Auftakt zu ihrer Woeful Winter Tour.
Die ersten Riffs gibts ab 21.30 und wer sich die neue EP unter den Nagel reißen woll, sollte schnell sein: das gute Stück is im Moment auf 25 Stück limitiert!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Dublin Gospel Choir - Doing Their Thing - a review

A nice review by the German Magazine

With “Doing Their Thing” the Dublin Gospel Choir is to be mentioned in the same breath as the other big European gospel choirs, like the great Oslo Gospel Choir. Here already the similarity of their names is a pointer to the music presented. But still, the Dublin Gospel Choir is different, as one is bethinking its Irish heritage and one can perceive influences of the traditional music of their home country here and there. This is becoming their over-all sound greatly.
Amongst traditionals like “Pass Me Not” the v is presenting tracks by genius Kirk Franklin as well as pop-songs in Gospel sound, e. g. the opener “You and Me“ (Cranberries), “Ain’t No Mountain“ (Ashford & Simpson) or “Something Wonderful“ (Eleanor McEvoy). And so, you are not getting the typical same old story / typical mishmash / typical monotony of the “classic” gospel choirs, but a lot of new influences and an enhancement of the repertoire.
The 11 members are wowing their audience with their singing at any time and the accompanying musicians are grooving along smoothly and easily. And anytime Eamon Galladubb is playing the low whistle, a part of Ireland is becoming alive within the gospel music. “Doing Their Thing” is a beautiful album with a choir, that’s intonating precisely and confidently, but is never lacking the joy of singing. Gospel fans should not miss out on the Dublin Gospel Choir.
See more info at

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

ANTON Band Contest - Letzte Chance - Last Chance

Hi ihr alle! Der ANTON steht wieder vor der Tür. Vom 27.-29.10. werden in Ansbach wieder die besten Nachwuchskünstler der Region gesucht.
Und für die Spätentschlossenen ist die Anmeldefrist bis zum 15.10. (also diesen Freitag) verlängert worden!
Also: ANMELDEN, liebe Leute! Der ANTON kommt schließlich nur alle zwei Jahre, also sollte man die Chance nicht missen. Wir wollen schließlich sehen, was der musikalische Nachwuchs Ansbachs so zu bieten hat, nicht wahr ;) Der Ruhm ist euer!
Einen kleinen multimedialen Rückblick auf den letzten Contest gibts natürlich auch noch:

Dazy Nerds


Bleibt nur zu sagen: lasst es auch 2010 wieder gebührend krachen!
Mehr Infos wie immer auf

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

New Hoarsebox song for free + new tour date

As you may or may not know, Hoarsebox have been based in Mississippi for almost a year now working on their debut album. As I was told, they all thought it would be done over the course of a weekend but, 12 months on, they're still there saying things like 'y'all', drinking bourbon and considering the mullet as the band's next 'do'.

So much has changed for Hoarsebox in the last year and this has had a considerable influence on their music. Do not be alarmed. This isn't like Dylan going electric. The core aim of Hoarsebox is still to get people moving their arses / asses / butts / culos with as much vocal acrobatics and lush harmonies as is humanly possible. One of their new songs is called "Add It Up" and you can download it for FREE on their Facebook page. This song is so definitely Hoarsebox - I love it :)

In November Hoarsebox returning to home soil to play at Whelan's, Dublin. This will be the first time they play the new songs in front of an audience so this could be quite a fresh and exciting turning point for the band. So join them for a sweaty night of dancing and bopping. Check out this video they produced not onlyfor announcing the gig but also for promoting their new song "Add It Up". Enjoy!

Monday, 27 September 2010

A new OK Go video - and guess what ....?!

.... it's viral! This time the band has some animal friends helping them in making the video viral and crazy enough to get the label "100% OK Go". All in all another great example of proper band promotion online ;)
And - here - we - GO!

Successful band promotion using Web 2.0

News on my own account: My book "Successful band promotion online using Web 2.0: Introduction and exploration of relevant strategies and instruments" is finally available in English.
It is based on a scientific thesis I wrote in German.
You can by it at
Have fun, enjoy reading and thanks in advance for all positive rewievs ;)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

And another one: Moon - Corrode The Night - music video

Another great new four-piece alternative-psycadelic-melodic-drifting-band from Ireland: MOON, who have recently released a great EP with five songs on
"Corrode The Night" is an extra goodie to the EP and is a very melodic, mellow and unforgettable piece of music. Interesting how they did the music video which seems like a couple of videos one projected above the other:

Oh and yes, if you realized familiar faces within the band, you are right: Spud Murphy and Keith Byrne from the former Wicklow band Hybrasil!
For more info check out and

The Looks put their second music video up

Hey Folks, check out the new video from The Looks. It's their debut single "Enemies" eventually put in motion pictures ;) Quite funny to watch - grown-ups who are price-fighting like small children on a birthday party - makes you feel young again... oh, and, of corse, awesome music!

Monday, 30 August 2010

Time for some some real rock music - Live N Breathe!

I'll make this one quick and loud: The guys from Live N breath just ROCK. They rock, rock, rock. Pure hard rock at its finest performed by a very talented four piece from the US. They already released two albums and it's just such a shame, that they are not playing the major European festivals already. So give it a listen and I'm sure you'll have their two albums in your collection soon:

Dead End Street von Live N Breathe
Seein's Believin' von Live N Breathe

PS: One more goodie from the band: Download their song "Blood" for free:
BlankBand website design

Loveparade 2010 - 6 mins documentary

an 6 mins documentary about the Loveparade desaster 2010 - This documentary was created to clarify and explain how the situation in Duisburg escalated and 21 people lost their lives completely unnecessarily.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Jonathan Mann and the iPhone 4

Yep, meanwhile we all know about the reception problems with some iPhone 4 smartphones. And now, we also have a brilliant, humorous song about how to handle these problems:
"Get over it and go on - if you don't want an iPhone4 - don't buy it! And if you bought one and you do't like it - bring it back!"
This is the chorus of Jonathan Mann's song number 561. This guy writes one song a day and - well he seems to like Apple ;)
No seriously, he seems to be pretty right with his song, if you know that just 0.55% of iPhone 4 users complained about the reception problems after all. So Apple unceremoniously presented this song at the beginning of their extra press conference on Friday. Well, I think they were right to use this song to calm the waves - don't you agree?

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Saw of the Day

"The Black Keys are like a cool version of the White Stripes."
René. A. describing the American rock-duo. True.

Pic taken from

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dakota Moon and me

Another Day Goes By performed by the Californian band Dakota Moon. I re-discovered this song recently on YouTube and remembered it to be my absolute favoutire in - when was it? - 1998. Aaaw - good times ;)
Well, anyway, this piece still gives me good vibrations and I also understand the lyrics now! And I like them - even more since I also had to "spread my wings" and move to a different place away from home to live my future - geez I am so dramatic!
Here are the lyrics and the video. Give it a listen and enjoy :)

Mr. Greene asked me yesterday
boy what do you want to be
with some workin ten years or so
you could be sitting here just like me
he said your future looks crystal clear I just gotta get away from here

I want to be an eagle soaring high
sign my name across the sky
I gotta break free before I die
before another day
before another day goes by

My mother said just the other day
boy get your feet on the ground
she looked at me in such a way
I said Ma
please don't bring me down
I said my future is crystal clear
just gotta get away from here

Before I waste another minute
live my life without me in it

I want to be an eagle soaring high
sign my name across the sky
I gotta break free before I die
before another day
before another day goes by

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Looks - Second music video online!

I can't help it - these guys just rock! The Looks posted a new video on their YouTube channel. This time it's their single "Enemies".
Great song - sounds best in full volume! Enjoy!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

We Like Drisco

New Video and new Version of “I Like Disco” Some interesting (old) news from the Irish alternative/rock band ITO:
I recently saw on their MySpace that they obviously are not called ITO anymore. They now call themselves after their lead singer: J.(ohnny) R. (Rayge) & The Imaginary Travelling Orchestra – nice one! I actually never could get something out of the abbreviation name ITO.
But, there’s more – you remember their song “I Like Disco”? Sure you do. One of my absolute favourites. And some time back this year ITO composed a new version of this song. The song I Like Disco is a homage to a Irish sporting hero and international rugby captain Brian O’Driscoll – with new lyrics and new musical elements and tunes here and there. This song was composed for charity – to raise money for the people from Haiti with every download. Really really nice and it actually got quite popular in Ireland I was told...
Also, they also produced a music video for “Drisco”! A really stylish one (with Drisco in it of course)! I love it!

Now, I assume, you are probably very curious about this song? So here it is! Enjoy and share!

PS: Sorry for not letting you know earlier! Shame on me I did't know earlier! But I think the song and video are so great, it’s still worth watching!

New Noise – The Looks from Ireland

Yeah – see who’s blogging again! I am back on Noisy Crumb with quite a bunch of new stories.
For a start, I’d like to introduce you a new band from the Shamrock Island – The Looks from Dublin. An four piece Indie-Punk band who – in my opinion – really stand out of the crowd of all those local Punk bands flooding the planet. Don’t get me wrong – I like this kind of music, but a lot of those bands just sound completely alike and quite boring after some time.
But not the Looks. “Rasping Indie-Punk guitar riffs and biting lyrical observations” – that’s exactly how I would describe their music and that’s what I like about them. And what you will probably like as well ;) In July 2010 The Looks release their debut single which will be a double a-side affair, Enemies / Romeo.
I already had a listen to the demos of these songs some time back and of course I also know the final versions and I just can say: Well done, guys!
You can have a listen to Enemies and Romeo on their MySpace:
Luckily – for all of us – the Looks have also released a music video for “Romeo” recently. Here you go:

Enjoy, folks and make sure to tell your friends!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Music Marketing, PR and the Red Hot Chili Peppers - Interview with Klaus Fischer, ARGO Konzerte

Klaus Fischer, Manager of the PR- and Press Department at ARGO Konzerte, talks about why PR is so important for the success of music-events, why PR can be identically equal to Marketing in general and what (quirky) situations a PR Manager for music events has to deal with.ARGO Konzerte is one of the most important concert promoters in Germany.

Was sind Ihre wichtigsten Aufgaben im Tagesgeschäft bzw. vor Ort bei Veranstaltungen?
Die wichtigste Aufgabe als Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeiter in einer Konzertagentur ist im Prinzip ganz einfach. Nämlich dafür Sorge zu tragen, dass über die Konzerte und Shows die ARGO Konzerte veranstaltet, in der Presse berichtet wird. D. h. es muss gelingen viele bis sehr viele Artikel, sprich umfangreiche Veröffentlichungen, zu generieren. Dies ist bei einer Veranstaltung wie „Rock im Park“ einfacher zu bewerkstelligen als etwa bei einer Show mit Florian Silbereisen. Dennoch muss man beides mit der gleichen Professionalität angehen. Denn womit verdient eine Konzertagentur ihr Geld? Durch den Verkauf von Karten. Wie wird der Kunde aufmerksam auf eine Veranstaltung? Indem er einen Artikel oder Ankündigung in der Zeitung liest. Am Tage der Veranstaltung heißt es für den Pressemitarbeiter sich im in erster Linie um die Redakteure und Fotografen zu kümmern. Der Redakteur erhält die aktuellsten Infos zur Veranstaltung. Die Fotografen werden in den Pressegraben geführt, von wo aus sie ihre Bilder schießen dürfen. Und spätestens zwei Tage nach der Show heißt es die Zeitungen auszuwerten, um zu erfahren, was die Presse über die Veranstaltung geschrieben hat.

Warum wird die Presseabteilung bei ARGO gleichzeitig Marketing/PR-Abteilung genannt?
Weil sie auch für Marketingaufgaben zuständig ist. Dies beinhaltet zum einen die Abschlüsse von Präsentationsvereinbarungen. D. h. das Medium, in der Regel Tageszeitung oder Radio, stellt Medialeistung zur Verfügung. Bei einer Tageszeitung erhält der Veranstalter Anzeigenraum, über den er in einer bestimmten Form verfügen kann, im Radio sind es Sendeminuten. Im Gegenzug erscheint das Logo des Präsentators (=Medium) auf Plakat und Flyer. Eine Marketingmaßnahme kann aber auch sein, mit Öffentlichkeitsarbeit einer Veranstaltung in den Medien zu mehr Präsenz zu verhelfen. Das kann die Vermittlung eines Interviews sein, Verlosungen von Merchandisingartikeln, Einladungen zu Pressereisen, Verlosungen von Meet & Greets und vieles mehr.

Was macht gute Pressearbeit für einen Veranstalter wie ARGO Konzerte aus?
Eine gute Pressearbeit in der Konzertbranche zeigt sich dadurch, dass die oben genannten Maßnahmen greifen und so zu einem vollen Konzert oder einer ausverkauften Show beitragen. ARGO ist ein privat geführtes Unternehmen, das selbstverständlich auf seine Wirtschaftlichkeit achten muss. Aufgrund der guten Kontakte in der bundesdeutschen Tourneebranche gelingt es ARGO, Künstler zu veranstalten, die sofort Anklang in der Öffentlichkeit finden, weil jeder ihre Namen kennt. So z.B. Sting, Linkin Park oder Herbert Grönemeyer. Umso schöner ist es dann, wenn kleinere und weithin noch unbekannte Bands mit Hilfe von guter PR-Arbeit vor vollem Haus spielen, wie uns dies bei Die Ohrbooten im Dezember 2006 im Würzburger Soundpark Ost gelungen ist.

Warum ist es nicht immer gerechtfertigt, als Grund für das Floppen einer Veranstaltung schlechte Presse-/Marketingarbeit anzuführen?
Das Publikum entscheidet. Ich glaube an den selbstbewussten, aufgeklärten Konsumenten, sprich an den Käufer einer Eintrittskarte, der genau weiß, warum er sich ein Ticket besorgt oder auch nicht. Es hilft die beste Pressearbeit nichts, wenn der Künstler vom Publikum nicht angenommen wird. Eine solche Erfahrung mussten auch schon Bands wie die Rolling Stones und andere machen.

Wodurch zeichnen sich "schwierige" und "umgängliche" Medienvertreter aus?
Bei Argo Konzerte unterscheiden wir nicht in schwierige und umgängliche Medienvertreter. In Deutschland haben wir Pressefreiheit. Das ist richtig so und soll auch so bleiben. Wenn ein Medienvertreter sich entscheidet, über den einen oder anderen Künstler nicht berichten zu wollen, dann ist dies sein gutes Recht. Vielleicht hat die eine Zeitung oder Radio jetzt gerade nicht unbedingt Lust Merchandisingartikel zu verlosen, dann ist sie aber vielleicht beim nächsten Mal mit Begeisterung dabei, wenn es um ein Meet & Greet für ihr Publikum geht. Es ist ein Geben und Nehmen.

Was war das Skurrilste, das Ihnen in Ihrem Posten bei ARGO passiert ist
Es gibt Anekdoten, die gehören nicht in die Öffentlichkeit. Und es gibt Anekdoten, die vergisst man nicht. Wie diese: Bei einer Pressekonferenz zu „Lord Of The Dance“, der bekannten irischen Stepp-Tanz-Show, wollte ein Journalist dem „Herrn des Tanzes“ eine Frage stellen. Damit meinte er nicht Michael Flatley, der bei der Pressekonferenz anwesend war und der Erfinder der Show ist. Der Journalist war fest davon überzeugt, hinter „Lord Of The Dance“ stecke eine real existierende Person. Was natürlich Unsinn ist, er war aber nicht davon abzubringen. Oder bei „Rock im Park 2004“, da brachten die Red Hot Chili Peppers einen eigenen Koch mit. Anscheinend hat es den Peppers aber nicht geschmeckt, was dieser ihnen servierte, denn plötzlich tauchte die gesamte Band im allgemeinen Künstler-Catering auf und machte sich übers Büffet her...

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Anne's Saw of the Day

"The Beginning of the song "Devil" by the Rapture (Album: Pieces Of The People We Love) sounds like the beginning of a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movie..."

picture taken from nickystardust

Friday, 2 April 2010

New version of "Seventeen"

Auralian rock band JET just put up a new video version of their Single "Seventeen" on YouTube/Facebook. Quite an interesting video actually with a lot of "clips" from their band history - e.g. you can see how the Shaka Rock truck is torched to get the cover photo of their latest album...
All in all a really nice video! Have a look at it and enjoy:

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Beth Ditto is just awesome

Her voice, her lyrics, her clothes, her style and that she sat down ON Hansi Hinterseer in the very popular German show "Wetten dass?"...

(picture taken from BZ online)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Songs for a spring-day - UK vs. Germany

Today, folks, I'd like to present you two songs, which both are perfect lifting up your mood on a sunny spring-day like today (we have 20 degrees! 20 degrees! In March!!). These two songs belong to my absolute favourits, but still, I think the best season their tunes "fit" in is Spring. So which are those?
The first one should be known to most of you. It's Whippin Piccadilly Tonight performed by the UK-band Gomez. Back in 1998/1999 this piece was on top the Alternative Charts, and I think it also appeared in the popular Charts as well. Anyway, it's an activating fresh tune and gives us a very true statement for every nice spring-day: "There's not enough hours in our day." - Oh, how right they are....
Well, secondly, we have "Gekommen um zu bleiben" by the German band Wir Sind Helden ("We are heroes"). This song also sounds very unique and definitely outstanding. And, there is also a very true phrase for a spring-day in it. "Gekommen um zu bleiben" means "We've come to stay" or "It has come to stay" - so, in case of the sunny weather, the birds, the flowers and the butterflies we of cause hope that spring's here to stay, right?
Well, you may now decide by yourself, which one makes the perfect background-tune for your perfect spring-day. Enjoy!

PS: Sorry, this is not the original version of the musicvideo… this is the ”dance”version – the band is the right one though ;)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

2 videos - 1 song - OK Go!

Most of you will have noticed it already: the OK Go virus is spreading in the net again. Facebookers, MySpacers and Bloggers are putting the new OK Go video "This too shall pass" on their profiles and websites. Mostly they are posting the Rube Goldberg Machine version of this video, but there's actually an earlier version to be found on the net - the "normal" version.
So all fans of OK Go now can argue now which one is better, more colourful or more authentic....
I personally like the normal version more than the Rube Goldberg Machine version. But anyway, I am posting both videos so you have a direct comparison and it's up to you now which one you like better:


Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rainy Beatles Day Today

Spring's coming! And we know, this means that the snow is melting and the snowflakes are turning to rain just before the sun wins the battle against winter.
So folks, here's a lovely song for a grey, or even not so grey, day: "Rain" performed by The Beatles. It's not one of their very famous songs, however - but, as you know me, this makes it even better for ;)
The melodies are really beautiful and the bass guitar's tune and rhythm keep reminding me of the Oceans' 11 / 12 / 13 soundtracks - keep listening closely.
The music video for this song is just nicely done - very authentic and very " Beatles" although it's not pushy nor very colourful as some other Beatles videos may be considered as. I discovered it on YouTube, enjoy it, folks:

Monday, 1 March 2010

My Little Heroine

Hi folks - and it's good to be back in the bloging business, I tell you! I'm trying to publish more news in the next couple of days - first on an irregular basis but I hope to get back to regular blogging soon.
So let's have a look at today's theme - shall we?
I found this video two days ago and it's featuring one of my most favourite songs by one of my very favourite bands: Fujiya & Miyagi and Knickerbocker Glory. Well, it seems that I am not the only person on this planet who loves this song: this little girl keeps singing the chorus over and over again - shy in the beginning but with really great enthusiasm towards the end -and with such a lovely lovely dialect ;) I bet she'd be headbanging at minute 3:00 of the song *lol*...
Anyway, enjoy this little video! I'm sure, she's gonna be a star soon.

Here's the original video, by the way - for those of you who haven't seen it, yet: