Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Anne's Saw of the Day

"It's not how you fall, it's how you LAND!"

Thanks to the guys from Asian Dub Foundation to remember me of this very true phrase! - Taken from "La Haine"

Sunday, 15 November 2009

"Band in the Hand" - NEW iPhone App

For all those iPhoners amonst you: A new iPhone app was released recently. It's called "Band in the Hand" and is perfect for music-lovers, as it lets bands stay in direct contact with their fans and vice versa.
The first band to utilize this app are Hoarsebox! Hoarsebox-fans who download "Band in the Hand" can expect quite something:
Currently, the app includes Hoarsebox news, songs, biographies and videos, and offers features such as ‘Ask The Band', which allows fans to send questions directly to the band. These questions are then answered by the band in a weekly video which is released via the application.
I guess there are even more features to come and also more bands using this app to communicate with their fans.
I think zealous Music-fans should definitely keep an eye on this.....
PS: This app is FREEEEEE!

Flowjob & Ihmes gig ahead

Long time no see, folks ;)
But here I am, back with some news. Fist of all: Flowjob & Ihmes are back on stage after a six-months' break. All fans of good, handmade acrobatic HipHop say "yeaah!" and you are all invited to join the party.
The gig is kickin' off next Saturday, Nov 21st at 9pm at the Speckdrumm, Ansbach.
Come one come all and be prepared for some bumpin' beats ;)