Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fragile Child are releasing their album "Feuertaufe"

Finally the time has come for Fragile Child: The Ansbach based Goth-Rock band ( releasing their debut album on September 25th. The release party will take place at the well-known Vertigo in Fürth and should be very well-worth being there. Eventually the band managed to produce the album all by theirselves and can definitely be proud of it.
After all it has been quite a long way for them: from the one-man-project of Dennis Klinke who is arranging and writing most of the songs till the well-matiching three-piece band they are now.
Anyway, if you're not too busy with getting sober after the global 250 years of Guinness celebrations (yes, I kinda heard of that!), GO THERE and support good, unique, handmade and quite dark music ;)

Feuertaufe (Promo Trailer 2)

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