Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hoarsebox are celebrating 250 Years of Guinness with a NEW Video!

Hoarsebox will only be one of many confirmed bands to play at the 250 Years Of Guinness Celebrations next week in Dublin. But they're spreading the word about that very nicely with a new video. "Hoarsebox with a Guinness head" - wanna have a look at that? Here you go:

But as I said, there quite a few other great bands playing in Dublin on Sept 24th. Amonst the confirmed headliners are Tom Jones, Kasabian(Kasabian!), The Kooks, Estelle and The Black Eyed Peas. More info here:

Hoarsebox will be playing two shows, together with the Coronas at The Bank on College Greenand together with the Capters at the Pygmalion.
The whole line-up can be read at But no matter what bands you are going to see on Arthurs Day, it'll surely be an unforgettible event.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Head-Banging Lessons with The Rapport

The Irish Indie-Rock band from Dundalk/Louth recently put a new music video online. The first non-live music video on their MySpace! "Solid Gold" is one of their most popular songs and the videoclip for it is also quite rocking. I particularly like the shots in the dark underground carpark (is it an underground carpark??) just before the "concert" begins. Really really well done, guys! And, as I'm reading that the band "has been described akin to a riot in a nightclub", I have to say: quite authentic as well ;)
And for you, my dear readers, have a look here, and don't forget to bang your heads:

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Fragile Child are releasing their album "Feuertaufe"

Finally the time has come for Fragile Child: The Ansbach based Goth-Rock band ( releasing their debut album on September 25th. The release party will take place at the well-known Vertigo in Fürth and should be very well-worth being there. Eventually the band managed to produce the album all by theirselves and can definitely be proud of it.
After all it has been quite a long way for them: from the one-man-project of Dennis Klinke who is arranging and writing most of the songs till the well-matiching three-piece band they are now.
Anyway, if you're not too busy with getting sober after the global 250 years of Guinness celebrations (yes, I kinda heard of that!), GO THERE and support good, unique, handmade and quite dark music ;)

Feuertaufe (Promo Trailer 2)