Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Life’s Soundtracks – “Sun Clouds & Rain”

Today’s soundtrack is for those summer days, that are not too sunny at all ;) You know the mood of a gathering thunderstorm? The sun, the clouds and finally the rain… these tracks sound like all three together. A bit rainy (listen to the guitar riffs ;)) a little bit depressive but still ... hmmmm ... light.
Let’s start with Venice Queen. I was told that some people don’t even know this great song by the RHCP. Well, we’re here to change that, right? And it has the sound of a beginning thunder storm in it, so it’s perfect for being the first song of this compi.
After that Radiohead’s There There also sounds a bit like falling rain to me and is a proper no. 2.
Bush also has to appear on a soundtrack about erratic summer weather. I personally think that all of their tunes would fit here, but I chose the two I like best, which are Solutions and Head Full Of Ghosts.
When you think of gloomy but chilling music most people also think of Muse’s tunes and of course they are featuring here as well.
And when you think of Muse, Placebo immediately is in your head as well. I myself tend to mix them up all the time ..., so here they are on no. 10 with their remarkable You Don't Care About Us.
Also, some of you may probably not know the German band MCF. They unfortunately split up a few years ago, but their music (and especially their live gigs) are unforgettable. Their song Lullaby really fits in the mood of “Sun Clouds & Rain”, so enjoy it on no. 8.
On no 12 and 13 I placed two songs by QOTSA, just in the same order as they appear on "R". You know them, and you know that they fit in a windy, rainy mood and there is actually nothing more to say about them (except that QOTSA rock as noone else, but I’m sure you knew that as well).
Then we got a second little musical “couple” here. On no. 14 there is Franz Ferdinand covering Air’s Sexy Boy and after that, I thought, the original performers should have a word as well. So I picked Talisman by Air to be no 15. I love this song, I just love it! It lets the sun shine even if it rains, and I guess, that’s what everyone of us needs from time to time.
Last but not least this compilation is concluded by an astonishing song from the Soundtrack of “The 5th Element”. It’s Little Light Of Love performed by RXRA and should lift up you mood like the first sunny spells after a rain storm ...

1. RHCP - Venice Queen
2. Radiohead - There There
3. Bush - Solutions
4. R.E.M. - The One I Love
5. Muse - Hysteria
6. The Strokes - 12:51
7. Bush - Head Full Of Ghosts
8. MCF - Lullaby
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Red Eyes And Tears
10. Placebo - You Don't Care About Us
11. Keane – Bedshaped
12. QUOTSA – Autopilot
13. QUOTSA – Better Living Through Chemistry
14. Franz Ferdinand - Sexy Boy
15. Air- Talisman
16. RXRA - Little Light Of Love

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