Wednesday, 27 May 2009

LCD Soundsystem about history and future

Mobile texts are the future Electronic Pop rocks!
Any doubts? Well I am sure, this interview with James Murphy and Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem can sort them out...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

ROSEY for your screen ;)

Hoarsebox's first single - ROSEY finally has a music video. Colourful and funny and, again I have to say it, very very Hoarsebox ;)
Hoarsebox - ROSEY music video

Sanity on appro?

I don't see any reason for a different post title am just too shocked about some reports I've just read.
The biggest German TV channel RTL is planning to kick off a show next week where parents "lend" their babies and infants to teenagers. Those youngsters are to look after them (in front of the live camera of course) in order to "test" how "adulthood" feels and what family life is about.
It's not only shocking for me how somebody could even think of such a format and that this idea was actually formed to a TV show. I think, that the fact, that after all there are some real, living, thinking people who are willing to "lend" their helpless infants to some youngsters, is even more alarming.
At least, I don't seem t be the only one enraged about this upcoming TV show. Various German authorities, associations and organizations were going to the barricades against "Adulthood on appro", the title of the show (see more info here)I even found an online campaign to collect signatures to hamper the broadcast at this page
. So far so good, a glimmer of light after all, but still I am asking myself

"Where is our society going anyway, when you have to tell people that such a thing is not right?"