Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Youtube Germany starts blocking music videos

Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it? About two weeks ago youtube started blocking music videos in the UK due to contractual disagreements with the English PRS.
Now nearly the same things are happening in Germany: YouTube's contract with the German collecting society GEMA is ending today and for the new one the GEMA are demanding 1 Cent per play of each music video (of GEMA artists). Too much for YouTube Germany, though. They claim that they would have financial losses with every play.
So YouTube will block all music videos on its German site until further notice.

So where to go now to watch some rockin' videos? Luckily some guys from Ireland had a good idea last year and established a video plattform just for music bands and their fans and called it MUZU.TV. They have no contracts with collecting societies, but direct ones with the artists resp. their (major) labels. Everyone is welcome to join and watch and upload music videos, interviews, fan videos, etc. MUZU. TV was an immediate success in Ireland last year and can now be watched from nearly everywhere (whereas the access to the site had been limited to Ireland and the UK for quite a time last year). And with the developements on YouTube it is becoming even more important as a platform for music lovers.
So why not have a look there? Click:

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