Thursday, 19 March 2009

We Like Disco - Yeah - Yeah - Yeah!

... there simply is no way around singing along with ITO's new single "I Like Disco".
Everyone who ever saw one of their live gigs since last year (when they started to include "I Like Disco" in their live shows) will surely agree that this is one of the best tunes this Dublin four-piece band has ever been performing.
And actually it's not too "Disco" after all .... no synths, no violins, if you were thinking of something like that. Just the overall avid, handmade and ass-kicking sound that makes a great alternative rock-band.
This Sunday (Mar 22nd) ITO are celebrating the release of "I Like Disco" with a special Lauch Party at Whelan's. Say "I like disco" at the entrance and you only pay admission of €5 (instead of €10).

More info at ITO's MySpace.

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